segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Inner swan Hustle & Flow2,901 ft53 ft1449187693
2Start to Clearing Hustle & Flow4,128 ft56 ft91553957
3Rapid Wanton Hustle & Flow2,292 ft43 ft840101555
4Climb, Climb, Climb... TREE!!! Joy Ride807 ft44 ft837106585
5Swan Creek Downhill/Flow Track Hustle & Flow1,458 ft51 ft810101947
6Inner swan Hustle & Flow2,901 ft53 ft773942212
7First big downhill BUDU course Ticket To Ride1,058 ft115 ft71042691
8Ticket to Ride - Start to first split Ticket To Ride1,900 ft118 ft70942364
9Don't be a wuss, ride the hills like hell! Ticket To Ride1 mile125 ft68538821
10Ticket to Ride - First add-on loop to Extra Credit Ticket To Ride2 miles110 ft62537276
11The 2nd 1/2 Ticket To Ride1 mile138 ft62035992
12Budu Tight and Twisties Ticket To Ride2 miles118 ft59827137
13Light Rail Murphy's Law968 ft48 ft54642684
14Final climb BUDU course East Wing Access1,610 ft97 ft51821070
15outer loop Hustle & Flow1 mile86 ft51819022
16outer loop Hustle & Flow1 mile86 ft50019011
17Sprint Hustle & Flow2 miles72 ft46427932
18Murphy's with later start Murphy's Law2,623 ft18 ft45629460
19Know It All Kid Know It All Kid1,522 ft49 ft44821144
20Feedback Feedback1,170 ft47 ft40840117
21SC pump track Hustle & Flow2 miles86 ft40720023
22Night Crawler Nightcrawler3,308 ft86 ft40514036
23Electric Avenue Quick Release1,755 ft63 ft40322015
24Major Tom Hustle & Flow1,373 ft49 ft40330331
25Murphy's Law Murphy's Law3,225 ft34 ft39718543
26Feedback Loop - Bottoms Up Feedback1,627 ft44 ft38939034
27Feedback Loop Feedback1,759 ft48 ft37831553
28swan creek xc loop Hustle & Flow1 mile87 ft3678734
29LIttle Bit of Gas, Little Bit of Brake Braking Bad1,620 ft35 ft35523830
30Better than the Road The East Wing5,207 ft119 ft35119155
31Swan Creek run-up Back To School181 ft31 ft33210580
32Extra Credit-360 Jump Line Extra Credit2,360 ft66 ft29416815
33Boundary Trail Boundary Trail2,475 ft24 ft2747111
34Waterfall East Wing Access1,619 ft78 ft23612823
352015 CXR #2 - Ascent Swan Creek Valley197 ft46 ft2148030
36RCA Murphy's Law1,349 ft17 ft20810170
372016 CXR #5 Ascent Swan Creek Valley196 ft52 ft1875480
38Jump Line Jump Line - Intermediate1,052 ft55 ft16211602
39Switchback Reverse Switchback1,032 ft7 ft14210160
40Switch Back Switchback1,151 ft10 ft1277060
41Extra Credit Murphy's Law1,156 ft17 ft902211
42Clark's Climb Bubbling Spring1,131 ft78 ft774330
43Hoyt Road Trail Hoyt Road Trail2,533 ft51 ft61810
44Multi-use Climb Bubbling Spring4,169 ft177 ft532130
45Clarks Creek main trail climb Bubbling Spring5,133 ft180 ft512612
46360 park 360 Main Trail2 miles90 ft462151
47Clarks Creek main trail descent Bubbling Spring1 mile175 ft391301
48inner xc loop Hustle & Flow2,982 ft52 ft24380
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