Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
2 miles-433 ft266 ft
1148 #1148Carbonado
1 mile643 ft
2-Tower LoopFort Steilacoom Park
3,704 ft-66 ft54 ft
360 to Gateway Connector360 Trails
2,157 ft-102 ft15 ft
Advanced Horse TrailPack Forest
1 mile783 ft
Alternate SW LoopFort Steilacoom Park
1,414 ft-13 ft60 ft
Angle LaneFort Steilacoom Park
2,106 ft
Angle Lane to WaughopFort Steilacoom Park
1,824 ft-5 ft
Back To SchoolSwan Creek Park
814 ft-13 ft
Banner Loop360 Trails
1,764 ft-71 ft68 ft
Baseball Field RouteFort Steilacoom Park
3,671 ft-9 ft2 ft
Bee Line360 Trails
561 ft-25 ft
Bell Hill South LLDupont
2,467 ft-13 ft5 ft
Blood Pressure360 Trails
1,535 ft-53 ft
Boundary TrailDash Point State Park
2,694 ft-37 ft
Boundary Trail - Bird ViewDash Point State Park
1,033 ft-44 ft25 ft
Braking BadSwan Creek Park
3,482 ft-231 ft249 ft
Brown Loop Trail KKDupont
1,991 ft-59 ft
Bubbling SpringClark's Creek Park
1 mile-213 ft442 ft
Bud Blancher Traileatonville
1 mile-88 ft3 ft
Cemetary LoopFort Steilacoom Park
1,519 ft2 ft
Central MeadowChambers Creek Regional Park
299 ft-3 ft
Central MeadowChambers Creek Regional Park
446 ft8 ft
Central MeadowChambers Creek Regional Park
292 ft-6 ft
Central Meadow - BridgeChambers Creek Regional Park
404 ft6 ft
Central Meadow Inner LoopChambers Creek Regional Park
1,099 ft-3 ft8 ft
Central Meadow Outer LoopChambers Creek Regional Park
2,169 ft-8 ft
Chambers Creek AccessChambers Creek Regional Park
663 ft-49 ft
Chambers Creek BridgeChambers Creek Regional Park
1,827 ft-95 ft64 ft
Chasing SquirrelsSwan Creek Park
531 ft-95 ft
Curve Ball360 Trails
1,296 ft-34 ft14 ft
Cushman Trail: 14th to OlympicDash Point State Park
2 miles-109 ft56 ft
Cushman Trail: Borgen to GrandviewDash Point State Park
3 miles-272 ft378 ft
Dash Point AccessDash Point State Park
838 ft-49 ft10 ft
Dash Point Highlands AccessDash Point State Park
658 ft-39 ft2 ft
Dead Man's TrailClark's Creek Park
3,560 ft-98 ft48 ft
Dissidents Trail360 Trails
2,707 ft-139 ft43 ft
Double DipDash Point State Park
1,205 ft-14 ft42 ft
East 56th ST EntranceSwan Creek Park
236 ft56 ft
East Rim TrailDash Point State Park
807 ft-25 ft
East Side to LakeFort Steilacoom Park
2,215 ft5 ft
East Side TrailFort Steilacoom Park
3,136 ft-10 ft2 ft
East SlopeChambers Creek Regional Park
3,169 ft-204 ft
East Wing Access360 Trails
1,704 ft-7 ft79 ft
Edmond Marsh Trail BBDupont
4,547 ft-2 ft8 ft
ESB LoopChambers Creek Regional Park
4,101 ft-22 ft10 ft
Extra CreditSwan Creek Park
531 ft-12 ft
Extra Credit360 Trails
2,210 ft-94 ft99 ft
Family Time360 Trails
843 ft9 ft
FeedbackSwan Creek Park
804 ft-40 ft
Foothills TrailPierce County
21 miles-65 ft670 ft
Foothills Trail (Carbonado - Fairfax Bridge)Pierce County
3 miles-8 ft88 ft
Foothills Trail (Cascade Junction - Wilkeson)Pierce County
4 miles-58 ft322 ft
Foothills Trail (Fairfax)Pierce County
4 miles-15 ft135 ft
Foothills Trail (Wilkeson-Carbonado)Pierce County
4 miles388 ft
Forest SingletrackFort Steilacoom Park
1,430 ft-32 ft
Fort Nisqually Trail GGDupont
2,224 ft-3 ft8 ft
Frank Herbert TrailPoint Defiance Park
2,684 ft-3 ft9 ft
Frigid AirSwan Creek Park
709 ft-34 ft
Grandview TrailChambers Creek Regional Park
1 mile-6 ft35 ft
Ground ControlSwan Creek Park
1,286 ft-91 ft6 ft
Half Pint360 Trails
961 ft-30 ft
Heart Attack HillDash Point State Park
1,009 ft108 ft
Historical Village Trail JJDupont
2,067 ft-16 ft
Hoffman Hill Trail HHDupont
1 mile-133 ft192 ft
Hustle & FlowSwan Creek Park
2 miles-124 ft121 ft
IMBADash Point State Park
1,274 ft-59 ft34 ft
Instant Larry360 Trails
1,043 ft-85 ft
Joy RideSwan Creek Park
584 ft-29 ft
Juice Box360 Trails
495 ft-16 ft
Jump Line (Advanced)360 Trails
1,269 ft-64 ft
Jump Line - Intermediate360 Trails
1,433 ft-64 ft11 ft
Jumpin' Zac FlashSwan Creek Park
377 ft-12 ft
Jurassic Park #1145Carbonado
3 miles-392 ft1,207 ft
Know It All KidDash Point State Park
1,454 ft-37 ft56 ft
Lake to DormitoryFort Steilacoom Park
958 ft36 ft
Light RailSwan Creek Park
876 ft-34 ft24 ft
Log JamDash Point State Park
3,429 ft-199 ft60 ft
Major TomSwan Creek Park
1,296 ft-86 ft10 ft
Maplewood SpringClark's Creek Park
912 ft67 ft
McLeod Marsh NNDupont
1,709 ft-4 ft24 ft
Meeker Creek TrailPuyallup
1,099 ft
Merry-Go-Round aka Pump Trail360 Trails
944 ft-38 ft14 ft
Middle Lake AccessFort Steilacoom Park
1,883 ft-9 ft
Milton Interurban TrailDash Point State Park
3 miles-273 ft513 ft
Ms.Fits LineGig Harbor
664 ft-33 ft10 ft
MTB / Hike Trail360 Trails
141 ft
Multi-Purpose Trail360 Trails
2,185 ft-50 ft54 ft
Multi-Purpose Trail360 Trails
1,251 ft-25 ft23 ft
Multi-Purpose Trail360 Trails
861 ft-18 ft35 ft
Multi-Purpose Trail360 Trails
907 ft-6 ft34 ft
Multi-Purpose Trail360 Trails
2,919 ft-47 ft71 ft
Murphy's LawSwan Creek Park
2,920 ft-32 ft15 ft
New East Wing360 Trails
1,102 ft-13 ft33 ft
New Forestry LoopPack Forest
3,599 ft446 ft
NightcrawlerDash Point State Park
2,900 ft-69 ft119 ft
North Bell Hill MMDupont
2,041 ft6 ft
North MeadowChambers Creek Regional Park
1,224 ft-12 ft3 ft
North SidewalkFort Steilacoom Park
5,259 ft-9 ft
North TrailFort Steilacoom Park
2,306 ft
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