segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Back Side Single Track Thermalito4,975 ft77 ft1602114525
2Ball Buster Thermalito1,000 ft28 ft1596105566
3The Three Humpty Dumpties South Ridgeline1,599 ft98 ft125659274
4Godzilla Ridgeline569 ft122 ft122362606
5The Real Wall Ridgeline1,021 ft128 ft122261635
6lower christmas Christmas4,168 ft11511131229
7The "Beast" Ridgeline441 ft76 ft112181276
8Christmas Speed Trap #1 Christmas1,043 ft150 ft110788923
9Upper Christmas Christmas2,295 ft457 ft942933233
10Singlespeed death sprint Thermalito209 ft40 ft69219250
11Alviso Adobe DH Courdet2 miles919 ft42522799
12Castleridge Price of Admission = Steep Courdet1,633 ft210 ft2949192
13CastleRidge - map to post Courdet2 miles930 ft28387915
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