segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Dirty Betty Betty Bell1,192 ft40 ft145481034
2Blair Witch Betty Bell1,109 ft66 ft143276168
3Betty Bell Betty Bell2,228 ft49 ft142678899
4Down with Betty Bell Betty Bell2,001 ft73 ft140374764
5Dry Creek Bed [POST FINISH] Dry Creek Bed Track1,945 ft88 ft130083398
6The Dipper In The Dog1,691 ft85 ft126459976
7Dam Run Dam Run Full3,181 ft109 ft122779485
8Direct out of the rabbit hole Port Lane Descent358 ft29 ft116046822
9Ride the plank In The Dog1,270 ft42 ft115554745
10Uni Hillside part 2 In The Dog3,917 ft108 ft113052294
11In the dog In The Dog2 miles105 ft988452916
12DH towards the River DH Towards The River2,351 ft138 ft95845396
13Jess's Track Jess's Track2,664 ft104 ft955449411
14To the tank via bottom bush Port Lane Descent4,204 ft181 ft93241114
15Off Camber Corners Get Some!!! Crop Circles756 ft43 ft85734455
16Force the Front Crop Circles1,763 ft40 ft85136502
17Andy's Disdain In The Dog657 ft76 ft83726255
18Goat Track Nth Goat Track2,402 ft50 ft83430944
19My Penis microsoft Crop Circles256 ft66 ft82126074
20Am I lost - Reverse Am I Lost1 mile108 ft81835657
21Bridge Twist Up Outta The River507 ft94 ft81832619
22Thanks for visiting the N O R G E. See you again soon. Black Snake304 ft43 ft81634042
23Dam Run Full Dam Run Full3,247 ft96 ft79548279
24Welcome to the N O R G E. Enjoy your ride. Black Snake164 ft36 ft70324281
25warm up track Mr Lincoln's Twisty1,928 ft46 ft65727834
26Mr Lincolns Twisty Mr Lincoln's Twisty1,082 ft25 ft64027002
27I'm BACK The Long & Winding Trail1,325 ft49 ft63630733
28Goat Track Sth Goat Track2,275 ft104 ft60019386
29Up outta the river - with the tricky corner Up Outta The River2,287 ft49 ft59131972
30to silvereye Glass Onion2,656 ft45 ft57728560
31Twisty Linclons Mr Mr Lincoln's Twisty1,176 ft10 ft56826411
32Riding Me Round The Twist Mr Lincoln's Twisty3,264 ft75 ft50718121
33The Long and Winding Trail The Long & Winding Trail3,471 ft79 ft50120784
34Warm up Mr Linclon Mr Lincoln's Twisty3,790 ft61 ft43815111
35Time for a mars bar Fire Road North Side Western1,837 ft43 ft3727601
36Shortcut... kinda Fire Road North Side Western247 ft69 ft3717330
37Ozymandias Ozymandias2,242 ft54 ft35710540
38Blue in the face Blue Lake Loop1,967 ft159 ft34611104
39Just get to the road Myxomatosis1,410 ft29 ft2566600
40Plenty steep Connector722 ft120 ft2456094
41B L A C K S N A K E Black Snake2,430 ft78 ft1965220
42Zara Exit Climb Fire Road South Side Western605 ft74 ft1702861
43Around Blue Lake Blue Lake Loop5,250 ft158 ft1132443
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