segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Dementor Climb Trail 8760 ft88 ft102341935
2creek to benetti Trail 82,325 ft148 ft102241163
3Trail 8 First Decent Trail 83,009 ft244 ft101540604
4Downhill to T8 Roundabout Trail 84,438 ft183 ft95836004
5Bench to Lot South Shore2 miles31 ft66326204
6Pucker Up Trail 8 Access901 ft98 ft48714511
7Sly Park Lake - 2nd Dam to First Bridge South Shore2 miles101 ft45610572
8Bridge to lot South Shore3 miles91 ft3619453
9Wrong Way (cropped) Wrong Way3,923 ft507 ft1073180
10? Wrong Way3,612 ft480 ft461011
11Trail 8 last DH to connector Trail 82,843 ft291 ft000
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