segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1fire road delta to woods Access Road4,116 ft146 ft85364973
2fire road alpha to switchback Access Road1,616 ft90 ft81940641
3fire road bravo to switchback Access Road4,186 ft274 ft71448042
4Right up the shit pipe Access Road1,536 ft117 ft66629142
5fire road charlie to switchback Access Road1,934 ft50 ft61932360
6charlie horse Charlie Horse744 ft22 ft40520142
7black widow hand built788 ft151 ft38916523
8hard climb under pylon to stables Charlie Horse2,344 ft163 ft2514631
9Bike Doctor TT Top Loop Access Road1 miles90 ft22011014
10in the gutter to fire road Charlie Horse658 ft24 ft2193751
11Rocky Road The Killer1,438 ft258 ft1584931
12Bike Doctor TT top loop Access Road1 miles87 ft1545460
13Windys way Windys Way851 ft134 ft831141
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