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60MoM StartBaakens Valley
4,388 ft-64 ft
Baakens single track (Target to 9th)Baakens Valley
1.3 miles-149 ft
Badminton Hall Park TrailBaakens Valley
866 ft-7 ft
Cliff Face TrailBaakens Valley
368 ft-42 ft
Gap Jump TrailBaakens Valley
3,699 ft-74 ft
Hold onBaakens Valley
567 ft-54 ft
Little Walmer Single TrackBaakens Valley
4,905 ft-101 ft
Long Loop - 30kmLongmore Forest
20.8 miles-3,601 ft
Loose ClimbBaakens Valley
249 ft
Lower Pump House ClimbBaakens Valley
463 ft-2 ft
Lower Pump House DownhillBaakens Valley
915 ft-57 ft
Mangold Verge Contour PathBaakens Valley
2.6 miles-319 ft
Middle CrossingBaakens Valley
1,058 ft-10 ft
Middle TrailBaakens Valley
3,574 ft-7 ft
Rocky RideBaakens Valley
754 ft
Short Loop - 20kmLongmore Forest
11.7 miles-2,115 ft
Switchback CrossingBaakens Valley
2,109 ft-64 ft
The CorkscrewNorm-Hudlin Trails
4,288 ft-27 ft
The S-BendBaakens Valley
1,746 ft-31 ft
Upper Crossing (Parking lot to 14th)Baakens Valley
3,604 ft-97 ft
Upper Pump House DownhillBaakens Valley
1,310 ft-88 ft
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