segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Paul's 2nd Last Trees Newton's Theory777 ft52 ft50815740
2Huff and Puff Hill Sticks and Stones1,850 ft96 ft44013182
3Paul's Last Trees Newton's Theory1,639 ft69 ft39310461
4Pine Needles & Pins Gravity Cavity2 miles70 ft3338380
5Climbing the White Rabbit C Split Run1 miles122 ft3208531
6C Split Run C Split Run2 miles112 ft3208520
730 km loop: flowing single track + downhill Rimrunner1 miles138 ft3107082
8Blue Angel Blue Angel2,613 ft55 ft2806512
9Unnamed Road Climb Main St.1,726 ft274 ft2494661
10Foundation Trail Foundations Trail2 miles108 ft1241860
11In the Pines Gravity Cavity2 miles83 ft831380
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