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Afon Clearwen BywayLlandrindod Wells
2.6 miles-300 ft
Better Late Than NeverDyfi Forest
2,915 ft-158 ft
Big DipperDyfi Forest
4,357 ft-223 ft
Cabin CochDyfi Forest
2,436 ft-96 ft
ClimachX Section 8Dyfi Forest
1.9 miles-710 ft
Coed y FronMachynlleth
1,900 ft-71 ft
Cwm Coch descentLlandrindod Wells
2.9 miles-801 ft
CwmcelliDyfi Forest
2.3 miles-717 ft
Dead mansDyfi Forest
1.0 miles-623 ft
Down to MWGDyfi Forest
2,741 ft-228 ft
Easy RiderDyfi Forest
1,138 ft-45 ft
ElephantDyfi Forest
1,872 ft-280 ft
Elephant ShortcutDyfi Forest
606 ft-102 ft
Enduro Dick-o'sDyfi Forest
3,341 ft-429 ft
Ffar SideRevolution Bikepark
FreerideRevolution Bikepark
Freshly bakedDyfi Forest
603 ft-156 ft
Garreg Duu DescentLlandrindod Wells
4,119 ft-547 ft
Gessail quarryMachynlleth
1.1 miles-284 ft
Ghetto TrackRevolution Bikepark
Golf Course DecentRhiwlwyfen
1.2 miles-750 ft
GoshawksDyfi Forest
4,096 ft-518 ft
Hazel BuilthDyfi Forest
2,875 ft-324 ft
L1Revolution Bikepark
Llanerchi wood descentLlandrindod Wells
1.4 miles-561 ft
Lower Star WarsDyfi Forest
568 ft-44 ft
Main LineRevolution Bikepark
Mushroom House TrailDyfi Forest
1.3 miles-491 ft
Mushroom house trail loopDyfi Forest
1,186 ft-169 ft
NemisisDyfi Forest
2,000 ft-262 ft
Oak Tree WoodDyfi Forest
3,470 ft-530 ft
Over Tarren to Rhyd yr OnenDyfi Forest
5.5 miles-1,347 ft
Rhyd yr OnenDyfi Forest
4.9 miles-1,174 ft
Righthand BuilthDyfi Forest
2,233 ft-356 ft
Round the backDyfi Forest
2,498 ft-136 ft
SidewinderDyfi Forest
1,509 ft-81 ft
Star WarsDyfi Forest
2,197 ft-477 ft
T1Dyfi Forest
2,414 ft-82 ft
that old double trackDyfi Forest
2,477 ft-34 ft
The ArtistDyfi Forest
575 ft
Three Lords Gravity EnduroDyfi Forest
1.0 miles-461 ft
Va-va-voomDyfi Forest
3,456 ft-147 ft
Warm Up DescentDyfi Forest
1.0 miles-561 ft
2.6 miles-807 ft
Where's My BallDyfi Forest
4,064 ft-147 ft
White stones 1Dyfi Forest
1.1 miles-533 ft
WhiterocksDyfi Forest
2,088 ft-404 ft
Windy AlleyDyfi Forest
1,842 ft-84 ft
World CupDyfi Forest
2,838 ft-461 ft
ZigDyfi Forest
1,186 ft-169 ft
Zig ZagsDyfi Forest
4,014 ft-237 ft
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