segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1River Legacy post north loop East Loop1,957 ft1 ft35683449116Arlington
2River Legacy finish line East Loop1,025 ft10 ft35623738517Arlington
3West Loop Sprint West Loop268 ft3 ft32182816213Arlington
4River Legacy prairie Prairie Loop2 miles6 ft3140280322Arlington
5P2 Prairie Loop4,452 ft5 ft30402777512Arlington
6River Legacy short loop East Loop2,257 ft2 ft2832266092Arlington
7River Legacy Gordan's loop East Loop1,858 ft8 ft26252476612Arlington
8Indy's Run Indy Loop1,647 ft20 ft2550182355Warda
9River Legacy beginning South Loop5,165 ft11 ft24521922612Arlington
10Short technical East Loop1,578 ft0 ft22332078011Arlington
11River Legacy short south loop East Loop1,581 ft1 ft21922160512Arlington
12Seconds of Gnarnia Erwin Park447 ft24 ft2091265742McKinney
13Sara's Swoosh East Loop3,527 ft6 ft2048189425Arlington
14river legacy north loop East Loop2 miles1976171668Arlington
15Slip N' Slide Horseshoe1,299 ft11 ft1976164173Grapevine
16Mockingbird Horseshoe1,362 ft25 ft1954143132Grapevine
17Prairie MkII East Loop2 miles6 ft1951173375Arlington
18From the start to the first crossing Horseshoe4,196 ft24 ft1949145417Grapevine
19Sorry Circle to the end Horseshoe1 miles27 ft1904153806Grapevine
20AED outer looop EKG2,644 ft12 ft18831021312Arlington
21Home Stretch Horseshoe1 miles26 ft1881131403Grapevine
22Pedro's Playground Erwin Park2,669 ft48 ft1875221344McKinney
23Pine Climb (AP to PP) West Fenceline1,858 ft37 ft182782573Smithville
24Cemetery to Expert Erwin Park2 miles80 ft1784204507McKinney
25Erwin - Lower Loop DH to road Erwin Park1,402 ft35 ft1780207924McKinney
26First crossing to the West end Horseshoe4,341 ft16 ft1779154607Grapevine
27Forest Horseshoe3,447 ft20 ft1766125182Grapevine
28Into The Void Thunder Road North984 ft33 ft1747148535Fort Worth
29West End to Sorry Circle Horseshoe2 miles23 ft1732151847Grapevine
30Erwin - Expert Section Erwin Park2,437 ft22 ft1664193746McKinney
31Upper parking lot to Expert Start Erwin Park5 miles114 ft1663184712McKinney
32Starting Gate Thunder Road Start1,384 ft19 ft16511471111Fort Worth
33NE Horseshoe Horseshoe3 miles18 ft1604121274Grapevine
34downhill double kickr Lone Wolf727 ft77 ft15531347616Fort Worth
35Horseshoe loop Horseshoe4 miles39 ft1549947239Grapevine
36Funtown to Finish No Bypass East Loop4 miles28 ft1531138989Arlington
37DH sector Dam Drop - Lot to Waterfall1,546 ft102 ft14891294813Fort Worth
38CCW 1 DLRA Trail2 miles34 ft148995647Coldsprings
39Ridge Ride Lone Wolf839 ft39 ft1482109713Fort Worth
40LW dwnhill over pallett bridge Lone Wolf1,059 ft96 ft1445108039Fort Worth
41Sprint for postion DLRA Trail749 ft16 ft1417102176Coldsprings
42DH sector (long version) Dam Drop - Lot to Waterfall1 miles146 ft14151225714Fort Worth
43Double drop Lone Wolf2,086 ft62 ft1386100905Fort Worth
44EKG-No Bypass EKG1 miles16 ft1383860324Arlington
45Front Nine Lone Wolf2 miles131 ft136099493Fort Worth
46Coyote Run Coyote Run1,977 ft28 ft135142870Smithville
47Vortex Down Vortex775 ft76 ft1321871412Waco
48Just the Horseshoe Loop Horseshoe4 miles38 ft131387726Grapevine
49Wolf Tooth Lone Wolf1,154 ft50 ft130396682Fort Worth
50TSP Switch Back Climb 2 Loop D836 ft55 ft130251188Tyler
51DLRA short cut DLRA Trail4,498 ft35 ft128267323Coldsprings
52Pipeline Downhill Rooty Twisties Loop D1,105 ft61 ft122649119Tyler
53Cahoba Climbin Lone Wolf324 ft45 ft118086192Fort Worth
54State Park Road 40 Chinquapin Trail2,475 ft48 ft116752986Huntsville
55TSP D-Loop Loop D2 miles112 ft115546086Tyler
56Around the Fence you go Rattler837 ft5 ft114846281Smithville
57FreeRoll Weber Run872 ft71 ft113392474Waco
58Kite Kite2,125 ft28 ft1123118605Waco
59weber roll Weber Run432 ft32 ft110185444Waco
60Weber Run Weber Run2,340 ft80 ft108377856Waco
61Super Happy fun time happy song Henry Lake North1 miles34 ft107457666Coldsprings
62HSP little descent with turns Chinquapin Trail1,366 ft41 ft105941999Huntsville
63Cliff's Cliff Up Cedars473 ft44 ft10581173211Waco
643-Fer Gladness Lone Wolf1,946 ft67 ft104967166Fort Worth
65Henry Lake North SB Henry Lake North2 miles51 ft103555355Coldsprings
66Full Lap Erwin with Expert Erwin Park7 miles118 ft1035725643McKinney
67HLN S sleigh ride Henry Lake North2,811 ft44 ft103253955Coldsprings
68hale bop up Hale Bopp2,566 ft102 ft1031686711Waco
69The Very Last McNugget Oxbow1,871 ft14 ft103181225Fort Worth
70Climb1 Chinquapin Trail1,571 ft52 ft101548265Huntsville
71Colorado (down) Cave of the Minotaur700 ft89 ft100974647Waco
72Bob & Wieve CCW 2 DLRA Trail1 miles48 ft100743115Coldsprings
73State Park Road 40 Chinquapin Trail1 miles53 ft100047085Huntsville
74Horseshoe Trail Rd to SW End Horseshoe2 miles29 ft100071161Grapevine
75Torquer but stop at Slinky Torquer787 ft49 ft99877233Waco
76Old CW 1 DLRA Trail2 miles49 ft98837215Coldsprings
77HSP CLIMBS Chinquapin Trail1 miles82 ft95845067Huntsville
78Section Three Oxbow2 miles30 ft95677703Fort Worth
79DLRA -Trail Inner CCW DLRA Trail3 miles43 ft95039056Coldsprings
80Section 1 Oxbow3,545 ft27 ft94477485Fort Worth
81Horseshoe Loop - Clean South Start/Finish Horseshoe4 miles31 ft93771366Grapevine
82Erwin 2014 Upper Lot Start Erwin Park8 miles125 ft9341026229McKinney
83Erect - Up Erect763 ft77 ft92845439Waco
84Horseshoe - Starting South End Horseshoe5 miles40 ft916696419Grapevine
85The Luge DLRA Trail4,513 ft55 ft87643474Coldsprings
86Prairie Branch Climb Chinquapin Trail3,642 ft92 ft85224182Huntsville
87the "hill" at HSP CCC Trail3,834 ft93 ft849425610Huntsville
88Final crowded uphill Chinquapin Trail1,660 ft38 ft84837813Huntsville
89Cal 56 Climb California 561,073 ft64 ft842625210Waco
90KY Sprint Visitor Center to Berends Landing1,402 ft5 ft83667935Wichita Falls
91Everything but EKG. Includes Funtown. East Loop8 miles35 ft819526423Arlington
92Horseshoe Loop (full) South End Horseshoe5 miles40 ft81052713Grapevine
93don't worry it's not real! Wendy's Wild West1 miles44 ft80227702Smithville
94EKG long loop EKG4,917 ft22 ft79824546Arlington
95OMG Loop EKG1,920 ft4 ft77434844Arlington
96Start Hill South Loop5,276 ft82 ft77038126Huntsville
97The Flat Twisty Top 18862,876 ft7 ft76587139Weatherford
98Rail it home DLRA Trail1 miles64 ft75131700Coldsprings
99Rail it home DLRA Trail1 miles64 ft75131700Coldsprings
100DLRA Trail to HLN DLRA Trail7 miles45 ft74323955Coldsprings
101Little Chinquapin Creek Climb Chinquapin Trail3,700 ft72 ft73621302Huntsville
102Jeep Trail KOM @ BRT Pipeline Trail1,087 ft38 ft73332171Coldsprings
103DLRA - Trail of Woe WB Trail of Woe1,916 ft20 ft72223639Coldsprings
104HSP Just Shoot Me Hill CCC Trail844 ft52 ft71832084Huntsville
105Johnnie Johnie1,494 ft57 ft71541646Waco
106The Highfield Sprint South Loop1 miles89 ft70331878Huntsville
107Camping is fun! Visitor Center to Berends Landing1,530 ft12 ft69952081Wichita Falls
108Quanah Hill - Blue Loop Good Night Good Luck Trail3,258 ft46 ft69077747Weatherford
109Going up! Hill2,569 ft94 ft68539574Fort Worth
110Gateway South Side Climb Hill3,251 ft100 ft683394710Fort Worth
111High Speed Goodness 18862,849 ft95 ft680722114Weatherford
112Lost Boys - Kids Loop 18861,490 ft19 ft67077003Weatherford
113Quannah Start to Blue 18864,410 ft92 ft65151633Weatherford
114Wiggle South Loop3 miles62 ft64831705Huntsville
115Bankhead DH 1.0 Bankhead Trail1,608 ft72 ft640624210Weatherford
116Bankhead Section Bankhead Trail1 miles87 ft63060196Weatherford
117Start to Blue with Kids Loop 18861 miles92 ft62767871Weatherford
118The big climb Green4,828 ft175 ft61518941Glen Rose
119DVSP J-I Blue Purple1,989 ft37 ft60420304Glen Rose
120Faulkner Park Loop B Loop B3,870 ft23 ft601663919Tyler
121Poop Plant Climp Loop C640 ft18 ft59777180Tyler
122DVSP C-E White Yellow1,660 ft122 ft58617385Glen Rose
123DVSP Orange - Fence White3,616 ft148 ft57818903Glen Rose
124Home Run Alley Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail1,244 ft4 ft57361121Waxahachie
125Hooser Daddy CCC Trail Cutoff3,240 ft65 ft57215422Huntsville
126DVSP F-G White White2 miles184 ft54015672Glen Rose
127DVSP K-J Blue Purple1,651 ft40 ft53517431Glen Rose
128Now you see me.. Now you don't South Loop1 miles28 ft52624843Huntsville
129First Section Section A1 miles66 ft51050772Tyler
130Horseshoe 2 Full Laps Horseshoe10 miles54 ft50716766Grapevine
131Climb out! Section A744 ft51 ft50555393Tyler
132Highlander (up) Highlander1 miles98 ft48814553Waco
133Last section DLRA Trail2 miles59 ft48311320Coldsprings
134Acts of Faith Up Act of Faith1,751 ft101 ft481435512Waco
135California 56 (Down) California 564,953 ft70 ft45118707Waco
136Orange Start Point Vista1,032 ft38 ft43825661Aledo
13735 MPH Zone Section D1,551 ft45 ft43246358Tyler
138TH to the creek Point Vista4,972 ft51 ft42926404Aledo
139FP Smelly Switchbacks JUL2018 Loop C2,823 ft83 ft42741146Tyler
140Bearcat Bones Point Vista1 miles25 ft41325732Aledo
141Quannah Blue to the End 18862 miles111 ft41026324Weatherford
142South Loop Trail South-North South Loop3 miles79 ft40811116Huntsville
143Grey Loop Point Vista1 miles48 ft40722382Aledo
144Section 4 Section C1 miles79 ft40439724Tyler
145POA Blue Loop Point Vista4,702 ft20 ft39923603Aledo
146Tombstone Terrace Point Vista1,540 ft35 ft38822862Aledo
147Boucle Cachée White2,773 ft77 ft36810211Glen Rose
148Berarcat bones Point Vista2 miles46 ft36519501Aledo
149J2theK South Loop4 miles64 ft3588854Huntsville
150Bomb to Bridge South Loop1 miles93 ft33210007Huntsville
151Waterloo Asphalt Path to Dam Waterloo Lake Trail2,134 ft37 ft32226382Denison
152HairPin Downhill White1,160 ft41 ft3208241Glen Rose
153The Cactus Climb!! Lone Wolf2,290 ft125 ft2929764Fort Worth
154Chinquapin 1 Chinquapin Trail7 miles114 ft2836201Huntsville
155Chinquapin Trail - Clockwise Chinquapin Trail7 miles148 ft2818720Huntsville
156Connect-East Red3,699 ft81 ft2809633Glen Rose
157Upper Bluffs Waterloo Lake Trail2,243 ft45 ft26919661Denison
158Main Trail Winding Woodland Trail2 miles111 ft2568984Smithville
159Orange Back 9 White2 miles52 ft2247540Glen Rose
160PK Rock Garden Dash Westward PK Rock Garden2,797 ft12 ft2173291Graford
161Sept2017_NewLoop3 Loop C2 miles85 ft21017654Tyler
162Binkley (Beatles Drop loop from main trail cut off to 180 right turn after power line 2 ) Binkley Park East1,656 ft23 ft20314353Sherman
163D&D TH split to Trail to the Top - Westbound LaVilla to Johnson Peak Connector1 miles136 ft1893121Graford
164Trail to the Top to LaVilla Rd TH - Wesbound LaVilla Loop North4,529 ft53 ft1892950Graford
1652nd climbing switchbacks Section D3,717 ft45 ft1868923Tyler
166PK Rock Garden Dash Eastward PK Rock Garden2,849 ft18 ft1692671Graford
167Stove Top Clockwise Stove Top4,129 ft7 ft16912646Waxahachie
168"Monster" logo switchbacks Section D2,995 ft49 ft1617604Tyler
169Binkley (Center big fallen tree after log jump) Binkley Park West3,623 ft31 ft1578825Sherman
170Henry Lake x-over NB Crossover4,587 ft29 ft1452310Coldsprings
171Barnes Bluff Inner Loop2,404 ft27 ft1378200Sherman
172Midway Park Lower Red Green2,329 ft25 ft13314061Waco
173Waterloo Dam To Asphalt Path Waterloo Lake Trail1 miles62 ft1312681Denison
174Trail to the Top - Going up! Redbird Downhill2,608 ft109 ft1301590Graford
175Midway Park Blue Blue2,012 ft36 ft12712763Waco
176Lindsey Park short Loop A From start of trail and back Section A2 miles74 ft1232476Tyler
177RCR Stage 3 Loop D1,479 ft93 ft1232180Tyler
178Lower Rail Bed Lower Railbed2,263 ft14 ft1098110Waxahachie
179Woodway 1 Red3,519 ft41 ft10310522Waco
180Orange Loop Point Vista2 miles51 ft841980Aledo
181CCC Crossover Trail Roosevelt's Cutoff2,291 ft62 ft792472Smithville
182Monkey Butt Bomber Cross Timbers356 ft79 ft631051Gordonville
183Binkley (short bridge loop) Connector1,356 ft16 ft613602Sherman
184Bent Tree extension Full Grown Tadpole4,363 ft13 ft613743Waxahachie
185FULL GROWN TADPOLE Full Grown Tadpole2 miles13 ft583462Waxahachie
186Lost Loop Big Climb Lost Loop1,469 ft80 ft511171Denison
187Point Vista Trail - Full Loop Point Vista5 miles114 ft501040Aledo
188Crosstimbers - Lost Trail Lost Loop3 miles87 ft38852Denison
189POA Yellow Loop Point Vista4,544 ft38 ft30380Aledo
190Main Track (M1) Bonham (M-1)2 miles57 ft29431Bonham
191Fatbike Sandy Slalom Run NW - Green1,989 ft50 ft29621New Waverly
192CT Ledge Drop Cross Timbers1,122 ft97 ft13200Gordonville
193Two NW- Blue Loop7 miles85 ft11330Montgomery
194Three NW- Blue Loop9 miles78 ft11380Montgomery
195Loop Lake (LL1) Bonham (A-1 Loop)1 miles28 ft560Bonham
196South Balloon Loop NW- Blue Loop9 miles81 ft551Montgomery
197North Balloon Loop NW- Blue Loop7 miles82 ft241Montgomery
198EP Airfield Sprint Erwin Park3,248 ft61 ft000McKinney
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