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Alex's AmbleThe Big Red Barn
3,084 ft-23 ft
Are Those Legs Warm Yet?Wolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
3,692 ft-125 ft
Back Of The MoonThe Big Red Barn
1.3 miles-82 ft
Bo PlaasRosemary Hill Farm
1.2 miles-44 ft
BoomslangWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
2,192 ft-3 ft
Boomslang to S BendersWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
4,304 ft-133 ft
BosbokBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1,894 ft-2 ft
Boschkop Park Section 1Boschkop MTB Park
1.2 miles-49 ft
Boschkop Park Section 2Boschkop MTB Park
4,146 ft-22 ft
Boschkop Park Section 3Boschkop MTB Park
3,699 ft-21 ft
Bridge LinkThe Big Red Barn
199 ft-6 ft
BridgetecGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,441 ft-31 ft
Bundu BashBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
3,383 ft-27 ft
Cameron's Crazy CatwalkThe Big Red Barn
4,367 ft-49 ft
Cement ClimbBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1.0 miles
Climb from Floating BridgeRosemary Hill Farm
4,282 ft-15 ft
Climb From The StartWonderboom MTB Trails
2,050 ft-8 ft
Croc TrailBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1.4 miles-63 ft
CrosslinkWonderboom MTB Trails
253 ft
Dam Intersection To PumphouseRosemary Hill Farm
1,763 ft-17 ft
Dylan's HoleThe Big Red Barn
749 ft-17 ft
Enjoy The ViewGroenkloof Nature Reserve
4,364 ft-9 ft
Fast DownhillGroenkloof Nature Reserve
2,723 ft-127 ft
Fenceline to Southern ClimbGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,860 ft-1 ft
Floating BridgeRosemary Hill Farm
314 ft-5 ft
Floating Bridge to PumphouseRosemary Hill Farm
777 ft-14 ft
Forest SectionRosemary Hill Farm
1,197 ft-5 ft
Forest Section to On The Way To The DamRosemary Hill Farm
1.5 miles-106 ft
Francis' FreerideThe Big Red Barn
1,436 ft-26 ft
Georgia's GorgesThe Big Red Barn
448 ft
GroenKloof 2Groenkloof Nature Reserve
1,405 ft-23 ft
Groenkloof 27aGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,326 ft
Groenkloof 29Groenkloof Nature Reserve
1,589 ft-2 ft
GroenKloof 4Groenkloof Nature Reserve
1,055 ft-42 ft
Groenkloof 5Groenkloof Nature Reserve
777 ft-9 ft
Groenkloof 7aGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,207 ft-5 ft
Groenkloof 7bGroenkloof Nature Reserve
582 ft
GroenKloof 8Groenkloof Nature Reserve
2,914 ft-100 ft
Groenkloof 9aGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,275 ft-1 ft
Halleluja TrailThe Big Red Barn
1.1 miles-122 ft
Hardekool DroogteHardekool Droogte
1,968 ft
Hardekool DroogteHardekool Droogte
2,068 ft-9 ft
Hardekool DroogteHardekool Droogte
4,921 ft-47 ft
Hello OnionGroenkloof Nature Reserve
2,311 ft
Hold on TightBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1,906 ft-66 ft
I Smell a PigRosemary Hill Farm
2,347 ft
Jackal's AdvancedThe Big Red Barn
459 ft-1 ft
Jackals DraaiThe Big Red Barn
1.1 miles-109 ft
Jessica's BridgeThe Big Red Barn
386 ft-10 ft
Jessica's Lazy MeanderThe Big Red Barn
1.4 miles-129 ft
John's TrailThe Big Red Barn
4,213 ft-59 ft
Jub Jub JabberwalkThe Big Red Barn
3,290 ft-17 ft
KlipspringerWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
3,130 ft-191 ft
Kraal Toe En TerugWonderboom MTB Trails
1.7 miles-161 ft
Kwagga ClimbBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
2.5 miles-123 ft
Link TrackWonderboom MTB Trails
2,480 ft-73 ft
Lovers LaneBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
3,084 ft-24 ft
Mandla's Power RideThe Big Red Barn
2,285 ft-8 ft
ManiyakBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1.6 miles-333 ft
Maria's Mini MahemThe Big Red Barn
1,738 ft-19 ft
Meet Your MakerGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,951 ft-130 ft
Monkey-Poo-Watch-OutBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
2,371 ft-15 ft
Monument XC TrackVoortrekker Monument
3.1 miles-481 ft
Muppets To Home StretchRosemary Hill Farm
2,228 ft-6 ft
Nelson Mandela Fenceline Single TrackGroenkloof Nature Reserve
2.6 miles-158 ft
New Track To FinishWonderboom MTB Trails
1.5 miles-276 ft
Nikita's Nature TrailThe Big Red Barn
2,996 ft-61 ft
Nyala DropBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
2,160 ft-79 ft
Off-CamberRosemary Hill Farm
1.4 miles-88 ft
On The Way To The DamRosemary Hill Farm
3,056 ft-45 ft
Onion HillGroenkloof Nature Reserve
2,226 ft-65 ft
Outbound FlowWonderboom MTB Trails
1.1 miles-159 ft
Outbound LoopWonderboom MTB Trails
4,559 ft-168 ft
Peacock's ParadiseThe Big Red Barn
1.1 miles-31 ft
Power Line FenceBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1,181 ft-80 ft
PuffadderWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
1,398 ft
PumphouseRosemary Hill Farm
1.2 miles-76 ft
Ride Across The WolfWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
789 ft-2 ft
Ride On The Far SideThe Big Red Barn
3.8 miles-217 ft
Rocks 2 CrocsBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1.7 miles-441 ft
Rooty RacewayGroenkloof Nature Reserve
3,363 ft-50 ft
Rooty Raceway to BridgetechGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1,378 ft-37 ft
Rosemary Hill FarmRosemary Hill Farm
6.0 miles-340 ft
Ryno's RidgeThe Big Red Barn
4,569 ft-64 ft
S BendersWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
3,679 ft-193 ft
Sable Leg BurnerGroenkloof Nature Reserve
3,473 ft-3 ft
Sam's SambaThe Big Red Barn
1.8 miles-84 ft
Secret ForestBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
4,221 ft-29 ft
Shortcut To FinishWonderboom MTB Trails
5,213 ft-190 ft
Snakey DownhillGroenkloof Nature Reserve
1.3 miles-142 ft
Southern ClimbGroenkloof Nature Reserve
2,955 ft-23 ft
Sprint HomeThe Big Red Barn
1,943 ft
SunsetWolwespruit MTB and Trail Park
1,238 ft-59 ft
SupertubeBuffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1.3 miles-293 ft
Supertube Sector 2Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park
1,869 ft-25 ft
The MuppetsRosemary Hill Farm
4,598 ft-58 ft
The ReedsThe Big Red Barn
3,719 ft-32 ft
The RockgardensRosemary Hill Farm
2.4 miles-103 ft
The VelodromeThe Big Red Barn
632 ft-9 ft
Unnamed TrailThe Big Red Barn
2,981 ft-31 ft
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