segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Blue Loop DH #1 Blue Nuit1,130 ft55 ft45351547Brookvale
2GL Rhythm Section Green Machine1,294 ft36 ft38235085Brookvale
3Wilmot Valley Rd to Rt. 2 Wellington to Hunter River3,668 ft18 ft2463640Wellington
4Rt.1 to Wilmot Valley Rd Wellington to Hunter River1 miles31 ft2433641Wellington
5Bail Trail Green Machine942 ft46 ft20719660Brookvale
6Switchbacks Switchback2,304 ft85 ft18214798Bonshaw
7Flat loop CCW Green Machine2,132 ft14 ft18215212Brookvale
8Wilmot Valley Rd to Rt. 1 Wellington to Hunter River1 miles31 ft1762812Wellington
9Kevin's Cruze Green Machine1,613 ft39 ft17315841Brookvale
10Rt. 2 to Wilmot Valley Rd Wellington to Hunter River3,643 ft19 ft1712712Wellington
11Hwy to Trail Wellington to Hunter River1 miles33 ft1682680Wellington
12Strathshaw Connector Ji'ka'we'katik1,003 ft15 ft1459631Bonshaw
13Beginner Loop to Double Track Green Machine4,374 ft51 ft14410241Brookvale
14to the double track climb Canopy Trail1,552 ft65 ft14111622Bonshaw
15Riverside Lower Leg Riverside Loop Access4,483 ft57 ft13011812Charlottetown
16Guts (No Glory) Hemlock Hills2,027 ft72 ft1296884Bonshaw
17Uppermost Rolly Track Riverside Loop958 ft27 ft12114261Charlottetown
18Climb from range The Dark Side Loop1,115 ft80 ft1206712Brookvale
19Rigid Ride from Lodge to VP Black Fly3,407 ft72 ft1105141Brookvale
20Hardwood Hills Hardwood Hills Trail3,151 ft89 ft1096644Bonshaw
21Saw Mill Saw Mill Trail2,427 ft70 ft1048273Bonshaw
22Get me the H outta Gairloch! Gairloch Road Access Trail1,272 ft57 ft964580Murray River
23Canada Games Climb Twisted Shifters2,299 ft173 ft902463Brookvale
24Top to Bottom Riverside Loop Access5,210 ft78 ft898322Charlottetown
25Bonshaw Outbound and Down St Catherines3,403 ft121 ft846131Bonshaw
26six ribs decent St Catherines833 ft102 ft836302Bonshaw
27Hell West and crooked to Hard Place St Catherines3,864 ft168 ft836242Bonshaw
28Skippy's Thread the Needle Riverside Loop1,240 ft11 ft806611Charlottetown
29Bail Trail Out Green Machine802 ft44 ft792230Brookvale
30Enormous Decent The Dark Side Loop297 ft26 ft782761Brookvale
31Flat loop CW Green Machine2,062 ft15 ft662261Brookvale
32CTO CTO1 miles123 ft623084Brookvale
33Out and back Bonshaw St Catherines7 miles194 ft561722Bonshaw
342012 Grunt Beginner Loop Green Machine1 miles69 ft51891Brookvale
35Down Rotary Woods Sugar Bush1,521 ft20 ft412432Summerside
36Bubbing Springs Trail Counter Clockwise Bubbling Springs1 miles36 ft38410Grand Tracadie
37PB&J Fox Run1,603 ft67 ft371960Bonshaw
38Farmlands Trail Clockwise Farmlands1 miles61 ft37560Grand Tracadie
39Farmlands Trail Counter Clockwise Farmlands1 miles61 ft36430Grand Tracadie
40CTO Backwards CTO1 miles129 ft351601Brookvale
41Dropping Watts - In Da Park! Pit Run1,732 ft11 ft301552Summerside
42Rock Garden Pit Run 21,274 ft4 ft231362Summerside
43Rock Garden Loop Pit Run 21,302 ft5 ft211240Summerside
44Riverside Upper Loop Riverside Loop1 miles38 ft131092Charlottetown
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