Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Acadian Forest TrailEast Royalty Acadian Forest
1 mile-3 ft76 ft
Al's OrchardBonshaw Trails
2,533 ft-81 ft61 ft
Alberton SpurPrince Edward Island
1,651 ft-7 ft
Appin East Alternate 1Bonshaw Trails
2,012 ft-112 ft4 ft
Appin East Alternate 2Bonshaw Trails
3,129 ft-115 ft55 ft
Appin Road to Green RoadBonshaw Trails
5,227 ft-148 ft20 ft
Appin Road Trail - EastBonshaw Trails
2 miles-406 ft147 ft
Appin Road Trail - WestBonshaw Trails
2 miles-155 ft369 ft
Appin West AlternateBonshaw Trails
1,552 ft-29 ft40 ft
Bait LineBrookvale Nordic
577 ft-44 ft
BB lineBrookvale Nordic
1,159 ft-58 ft8 ft
BeechesBonshaw Trails
2,279 ft-77 ft98 ft
Belle River to Wood IslandsPrince Edward Island
3 miles-23 ft61 ft
Black FlyBrookvale Nordic
2 miles-186 ft231 ft
Blue LoopBeck Trails
3 miles-88 ft86 ft
Blue NuitBrookvale Nordic
4,718 ft-81 ft76 ft
Bubbling SpringsPrince Edward Island National Park
1 mile-18 ft18 ft
Bubbling Springs LookoffPrince Edward Island National Park
338 ft-3 ft
Cabot Beach trailCabot Provincial park
3,181 ft-18 ft28 ft
Camp Tamawaby Demonstration WoodlotWellington
4,560 ft-13 ft11 ft
Campbell's Pond TrailPrince Edward Island National Park
3,458 ft-2 ft6 ft
Campbell's Pond TrailPrince Edward Island National Park
614 ft
Canopy TrailBonshaw Trails
2,619 ft-39 ft101 ft
Cardigan Junction to MontaguePrince Edward Island
6 miles-204 ft139 ft
Cavendish Beach TrailPrince Edward Island National Park
3,583 ft-7 ft32 ft
Cavendish DunelandsPrince Edward Island National Park
1 mile-10 ft32 ft
Cawnpore Ln PathPrince Edward Island National Park
2,021 ft15 ft
Clarks LanePrince Edward Island National Park
2,785 ft-48 ft5 ft
CoastlineBrookvale Nordic
4 miles-267 ft267 ft
Cotton Park TrailStratford
2,979 ft-30 ft14 ft
Cotton ValleyBonshaw Trails
1,207 ft-8 ft82 ft
Crab TrapsBrookvale
2,802 ft-175 ft2 ft
CreeksideBonshaw Trails
1,474 ft-43 ft16 ft
CTOBrookvale Nordic
1 mile-117 ft147 ft
Demonstration Woodlot TrailNew Harmony Road
1 mile-31 ft30 ft
East Royalty Nature PathwayCharlottetown
1 mile-33 ft10 ft
East Royalty Nature Pathway 2Charlottetown
1,970 ft58 ft
Elliott River RunBonshaw Trails
1 mile-65 ft118 ft
Emerald to Borden-CarletonPrince Edward Island
11 miles-228 ft317 ft
FarmlandsPrince Edward Island National Park
2 miles-40 ft43 ft
Fish LadderBrookvale
2,772 ft168 ft
Fox RunBonshaw Trails
1,672 ft-81 ft12 ft
Fox RunRotary Friendship Park
1,276 ft2 ft
Fox RunRotary Friendship Park
599 ft2 ft
Fox Run 2Rotary Friendship Park
3,184 ft
Fox Run 2 ExtensionSummerside
1,187 ft-3 ft3 ft
Front LawnBrookvale Alpine
1,616 ft-166 ft4 ft
Fullerton's Creek 1Stratford
2,520 ft-18 ft15 ft
Fullerton's Creek 2Stratford
3,694 ft-37 ft3 ft
Fullerton's Creek 3Stratford
2,657 ft-25 ft
Fullerton's Creek TCTStratford
5,010 ft71 ft
Gairloch Road Access TrailGairloch Road Trails
1,350 ft-64 ft2 ft
Gairloch Road Trail - Section 1Gairloch Road Trails
1,361 ft-5 ft79 ft
Gairloch Road Trail - Section 2Gairloch Road Trails
5,274 ft-62 ft61 ft
Gairloch Road Trail - Section 3Gairloch Road Trails
1,724 ft-58 ft
Gairloch Road Trail - Section 4Gairloch Road Trails
1,171 ft-21 ft20 ft
Gairloch Road Trail - Section 5Gairloch Road Trails
1,932 ft-29 ft18 ft
Glades DHBrookvale Alpine
1,730 ft-161 ft1 ft
Goat TrailBonshaw Trails
3,948 ft-157 ft31 ft
Green MachineBrookvale Nordic
2 miles-81 ft82 ft
Green TrailBeck Trails
1,640 ft28 ft
Greenwich DunesPrince Edward Island National Park
3,906 ft-27 ft4 ft
Gulf Shore Way EastPrince Edward Island National Park
5 miles-19 ft10 ft
Gulf Shore Way WestPrince Edward Island National Park
5 miles-213 ft187 ft
Hardwood Hills TrailBonshaw Trails
3,462 ft-75 ft139 ft
Heather Moyse 1Heather Moyse Heritage Park
269 ft
Heather Moyse 10Heather Moyse Heritage Park
554 ft3 ft
Heather Moyse 11Heather Moyse Heritage Park
397 ft
Heather Moyse 12Heather Moyse Heritage Park
413 ft-3 ft3 ft
Heather Moyse 13Heather Moyse Heritage Park
823 ft3 ft
Heather Moyse 14Heather Moyse Heritage Park
364 ft
Heather Moyse 15Heather Moyse Heritage Park
210 ft
Heather Moyse 16Heather Moyse Heritage Park
62 ft
Heather Moyse 2Heather Moyse Heritage Park
1,594 ft3 ft
Heather Moyse 3Heather Moyse Heritage Park
95 ft
Heather Moyse 4Heather Moyse Heritage Park
138 ft
Heather Moyse 5Heather Moyse Heritage Park
236 ft
Heather Moyse 6Heather Moyse Heritage Park
285 ft
Heather Moyse 7Heather Moyse Heritage Park
197 ft
Heather Moyse 8Heather Moyse Heritage Park
72 ft
Heather Moyse 9Heather Moyse Heritage Park
203 ft
Hemlock HillsBonshaw Trails
2,963 ft-102 ft101 ft
Henry Wedge Acaian Forest TrailRotary Friendship Park
898 ft
Hillsborough Park PathCharlottetown
2,452 ft25 ft
Hillsborough River PathCharlottetown
4,081 ft-5 ft2 ft
Hollis Ave multi-use path TCTStratford
1 mile-39 ft30 ft
Homestead Tail - Macneill LoopPrince Edward Island National Park
3 miles-43 ft80 ft
Homestead Tail - Simpson LoopPrince Edward Island National Park
4 miles-81 ft79 ft
Howell's HollowBonshaw Trails
860 ft-32 ft2 ft
Howell's HollowBonshaw Trails
1 mile-63 ft66 ft
Hunter River to MorellPoints East Coastal Drive
40 miles-892 ft840 ft
869 ft-59 ft3 ft
Ji'ka'we'katikBonshaw Trails
6 miles-932 ft963 ft
Kensington Court PathCharlottetown
1,831 ft-12 ft
Meadow View TrailBonshaw Trails
2,259 ft-64 ft109 ft
Merry-Go-RoundBonshaw Trails
1,406 ft-27 ft32 ft
Merry-Go-RoundBonshaw Trails
671 ft-22 ft17 ft
Morell to ElmiraPrince Edward Island
34 miles-680 ft590 ft
Mt. Stewart to GeorgetownPrince Edward Island
21 miles-584 ft636 ft
New Harmony Junction to SourisPrince Edward Island
6 miles-157 ft295 ft
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