Down the Hill
3,296 ft-244 ft
Down the Hill
3,296 ft-244 ft
Loose Moose Downhill
1,253 ft-58 ft
Lower Park Run
7.6 miles-847 ft
Mr. Goates
1.8 miles-123 ft
North Foothill Trail
2,408 ft-36 ft
North Park Loop
1.2 miles-105 ft
Nuckle Grinder
1,459 ft-219 ft
Plan B - the nastier way down.
444 ft-84 ft
Pulpit Rock Trail
2,369 ft-74 ft
Pulpit Rock, Lame Duck Downhill
4,757 ft-185 ft
Puplit Rock to Lame Duck Connector
3,456 ft-188 ft
Rimwood Ridge
4,002 ft-334 ft
Ring Around the Rim
4,377 ft-27 ft
Rock Bunny
705 ft-116 ft
Rockhurst Descent
3,367 ft-231 ft
Sherpa Trail
3,258 ft-249 ft
South Face Connector
238 ft-52 ft
South Face Trail/ Main Valley Access
1,461 ft-14 ft
South Hill
1.1 miles-27 ft
South Hill Connector
1,534 ft-7 ft
South Parking Lot Connector
1,392 ft
Stanton Street
3,752 ft
The Soft Touch
2,021 ft-267 ft
Western Main Trail
4,730 ft-50 ft
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