segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sprint to Old Mill Heritage Trail1,305 ft3 ft1029101948
2Riverside Canal Cannonball Run Heritage Trail1 miles18 ft809789412
3Canal CannonBall Run #2 Canal Path1 miles9 ft71364257
4snakes reverse Heritage Trail634 ft25 ft60441544
5Riverside to Caroline Heritage Trail1 miles40 ft56842368
6Mini Bull Run Ridgeline Trail2,274 ft123 ft49546846
7Ridgeline Downhill ("Bull Run") Ridgeline Trail1,831 ft143 ft486445813
8Ridgeline Climb to Big Bill Ridgeline Trail1,148 ft111 ft33722824
9Pins and Needles Climb Pins & Needles492 ft49 ft33127256
10Pins and Needles Pins & Needles1,038 ft38 ft33026893
11Ridgeline - Big Bill to Pool Intersection Ridgeline Trail1 miles77 ft32822512
12Monolith Climb #2 (Just The Top) Dishwasher Trail625 ft37 ft32334125
13...Weakness leaving the body Fall Quarry Trail594 ft50 ft31927390
14Captain Hooks Revenge (Epiphany Loop) Epiphany Loop4,177 ft63 ft25416793
15Rollercoaster Downhill Dishwasher Trail312 ft55 ft25041303
16Dishwasher Trail Dishwasher Trail3,825 ft100 ft20521708
17Monolith DH Rumble! Monolith Trail1,114 ft97 ft1899602
18Naysayer, forward Naysayer Trail1 miles102 ft15914675
19His Name Was Big Bill Big Bill Trail616 ft102 ft1465084
20Big Bill Climb Big Bill Trail1,157 ft135 ft1145052
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