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Access to Greenhill parkingKing's Forest
1,213 ft-6 ft
Albion Falls to Kings Forest ClimbKing's Forest
596 ft-4 ft
Albion Hill climbKing's Forest
1,703 ft
Another Way DownKing's Forest
689 ft
3,398 ft-168 ft
ArthabanDundas Valley
2,186 ft-10 ft
Back Wood LotFelker's Falls
3,231 ft-9 ft
Barton to Lake OntarioKing's Forest
1.4 miles-26 ft
Beckett TrailDundas Valley
1,700 ft-7 ft
Bee StingOakridge Road
1,709 ft-92 ft
Behind WalmartWaterdown
648 ft-11 ft
Big ButtWaterdown
288 ft
Birkley's CrossingWaterdown
1,337 ft-40 ft
Blue TrailWaterdown
851 ft-9 ft
Blue TrailEramosa Karst Conservation Area
4,558 ft-19 ft
1,061 ft
256 ft-5 ft
Bruce LoopDundas Valley
3,468 ft-120 ft
Bruce TrailDundas
1.1 miles-214 ft
Bruce Trail - Dewitt to McNeillyFruitland Falls
2.4 miles-275 ft
Bruce Trail - Felker's to HWY 20Felker's Falls
4,511 ft-219 ft
Bruce Trail - Fifty to WoolvertonFruitland Falls
2.4 miles-262 ft
Bruce Trail - Hamilton East EscarpmentKing's Forest
1.7 miles-85 ft
Bruce Trail - HWY 20 to OakridgeOakridge Road
1.5 miles-267 ft
Bruce Trail - Kenilworth AccessKing's Forest
2,509 ft-13 ft
Bruce Trail - McNeilly to FiftyKing's Forest
1.6 miles-148 ft
Bruce Trail - Oakridge to DewittOakridge Road
1.3 miles-104 ft
Bruce Trail Near HWY 6Waterdown
2,520 ft-74 ft
Bruce Trail Rocky BitsWaterdown
1,510 ft-48 ft
Bruce Trail Up GrindstoneWaterdown
1.1 miles-26 ft
Bruce Trail West of SnakeWaterdown
4,594 ft-98 ft
Canterbury (Bruce Trail)Dundas Valley
5,155 ft-240 ft
Canterbury Falls ShortcutDundas Valley
975 ft
Chickadee WayDundas Valley
1,621 ft-12 ft
Child's PlayWaterdown
3,403 ft-377 ft
Clearview TrailDundas Valley
1,173 ft-43 ft
CocoKing's Forest
1,339 ft-29 ft
Cougar AlleyWaterdown
1,799 ft-82 ft
Cougar Alley ShortcutWaterdown
257 ft-30 ft
Crook's Hollow connectorChristie Lake
1,322 ft-18 ft
Crooks Hollow TrailChristie Lake
1.2 miles-54 ft
Cut to BruceWaterdown
162 ft
Cut to RidgelineWaterdown
718 ft-36 ft
Cut to SpectatorWaterdown
259 ft
DakTechKing's Forest
1,895 ft-2 ft
Dan and Ruth's TrailWaterdown
709 ft-29 ft
Dead EndWaterdown
637 ft-13 ft
Deer LegDundas Valley
1.2 miles-61 ft
Deer RunDundas Valley
2,146 ft-83 ft
Deer Trail to ArizonaIroquoia Heights
3,489 ft-108 ft
Devil's PunchbowlChristie Lake
2,752 ft-57 ft
Drop InWaterdown
307 ft
Drunken FitWaterdown
997 ft-6 ft
Ebb and FlowChristie Lake
4,247 ft-56 ft
Ebb and Flow Alternate ExitChristie Lake
77 ft-3 ft
Ebb and Flow SouthChristie Lake
4,834 ft-78 ft
Enchanted ForestChristie Lake
394 ft-3 ft
Extra ContentWaterdown
552 ft-3 ft
Fa TinaFelker's Falls
1,055 ft-10 ft
Felker's Falls Paved PathFelker's Falls
2,664 ft-60 ft
Felker's to Valley Park East Paved PathFelker's Falls
4,405 ft-55 ft
Felker's to Valley Park Paved PathFelker's Falls
1.5 miles-10 ft
Felkers Falls LoopFelker's Falls
1.3 miles-107 ft
Fence to FunWaterdown
247 ft-3 ft
Field AWaterdown
644 ft
Field BWaterdown
770 ft-46 ft
Field CWaterdown
710 ft
Fleker's Falls TrailFelker's Falls
3,874 ft-126 ft
ForeKing's Forest
1,363 ft-5 ft
Forest BypassWaterdown
684 ft-17 ft
G Donald TrailDundas Valley
3,931 ft-83 ft
Gary's GruntWaterdown
223 ft
Glendale FallsFelker's Falls
2,512 ft-83 ft
Grassy MeadowWaterdown
1,079 ft-5 ft
Gravel Pit TrailDundas Valley
725 ft-4 ft
Griffin CutDundas Valley
682 ft-4 ft
Grindstone EntranceWaterdown
480 ft
Groundhog HillDundas Valley
852 ft-4 ft
Groundhog to MonarchDundas Valley
2,019 ft-94 ft
Hamilton Bayfront TrailHamilton
2.0 miles-38 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Beckett to ChedokeHamilton
5,166 ft-132 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Beckett to Chedoke (upper section)Hamilton
1,374 ft-15 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Chedoke to Iroquois HeightsHamilton
1.4 miles-37 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Iroquois Heights to HWY 403 BridgeIroquoia Heights
1.1 miles-10 ft
Hamilton Bruce Trail - Upper James to BeckettHamilton
2,348 ft-87 ft
Hamilton Escarpment Rail TrailKing's Forest
4.9 miles-103 ft
Hamilton to Brantford Rail TrailDundas Valley
24.4 miles-481 ft
Happy HawthornChristie Lake
2,324 ft-74 ft
Headwaters Field TrailDundas Valley
2,520 ft-68 ft
Headwaters TrailDundas Valley
4.2 miles-454 ft
Heritage TrailDundas Valley
1.1 miles-119 ft
Hidden Valley Road ExtensionWaterdown
1,085 ft
Highland Road Entrance PathEramosa Karst Conservation Area
846 ft-4 ft
Hill and DaleChristie Lake
3,551 ft-95 ft
Hilltop Link TrailDundas Valley
1,365 ft-20 ft
Hilltop TrailDundas Valley
3,075 ft-102 ft
HomesteadDundas Valley
3,315 ft-45 ft
Homestead LinkDundas Valley
522 ft-17 ft
Horning Road ExtensionWaterdown
1,280 ft-15 ft
Impossibly Rocky, Rooty and Steep ClimbWaterdown
341 ft-20 ft
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