segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Over the rail shoreline trail Reservoir Ridge1,719 ft105 ft4623338928
2North Dam going north Reservoir Ridge2,675 ft148 ft45503201940
3reroute OTR Reservoir Ridge1,303 ft100 ft2896244727
4North Descent to Shoreline Parking Foothills (RR Main)686 ft59 ft112595172
5Michoud - New Reroute from the intersection to the trailhead split Foothills (RR Main)4,769 ft289 ft94839973
6Michaud Rock Garden Descent Foothills (RR Main)551 ft74 ft70944351
7Foothills Rocky Descent-Post to Post Foothills (RR Main)2,603 ft79 ft70251870
8Foothills Trail Rocky Descent Foothills (RR Main)1,110 ft74 ft70051951
9New Michaud Upper Descent Foothills (RR Main)1,269 ft88 ft62733930
10Foothills South Downhill Foothills (RR Main)1,604 ft211 ft50115022
11Foothills S. to Saddle (regardless of trailhead) Foothills (RR Main)1 miles324 ft42611084
12I know I can clean this segment Foothills (RR Main)734 ft142 ft3066272
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