segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Belle Isle Lost Garden West Belle Isle Access311 ft10 ft2062245512
2IMBA Gateway Trail/Hand-cycle trail Gateway 12,275 ft16 ft20531327411
3Buttermilk East-Flow Section Buttermilk Proper3,135 ft49 ft2030173305
4Sprint up from Reedy Creek Buttermilk Proper912 ft45 ft18471307114
5Grandaddy Heights North Bank549 ft75 ft1830200094
6Northbank - Texas Beach Descent North Bank1,584 ft60 ft1797193654
7From rocks to riverside dr Forest Hill Park1,634 ft31 ft1784209466
8LV2 ReturnClosed Lakeview Too1,048 ft10 ft1743102051
9Forest Hill - Western hill climb Forest Hill Park1,032 ft72 ft1742191145
10North Bank - Maymont Gravel Road North Bank1,042 ft1705158112
11North Bank - Maymont stretch North Bank3,528 ft76 ft1670151816
12Blurry Fast Buttermilk Heights448 ft15 ft1636133944
13Pipeline to Neighborhood Climb on Northbank North Bank572 ft65 ft1590144752
14Canal to Kansas North Bank823 ft73 ft1586144101
1522nd to reedy creek Buttermilk Proper4,297 ft44 ft144796503
16I eat water bottles and skinny tires for breakfast Wilkinson Forest Trail2,961 ft41 ft142773623
17FHP Real Downhill-Like Part Forest Hill Park993 ft24 ft1415133565
18Northbank Switchback Decent North Bank735 ft29 ft1402126711
19Maymont Sprint North Bank2,243 ft14 ft1318107532
20Forest Hill Descent NorthboundRX Forest Hill Park2,677 ft68 ft1312136784
21FHP Best Downhill Forest Hill Park1,956 ft81 ft13031313912
22Dogwood Blitz. Dogwood Dell Loop2,357 ft39 ft1287165664
23twisty downhill around stone staircase on buttermilk west Buttermilk Heights931 ft67 ft128399813
24Cardiac Hill Forest Hill Park1,295 ft100 ft1280127619
25Morgan Trail head to Parking Lot Crostic Forest Trail1,995 ft30 ft127367325
26Dogwood Climb Dogwood Dell Loop887 ft67 ft1253138192
27Buttermilk West Buttermilk Heights1 mile87 ft1242959216
28Uphills uphill Dogwood Dell Loop2,245 ft75 ft1223132452
29Bell Built Flow Trail Loop Forest Trail2,930 ft108 ft12191096137
30Blue Green Finish Box Turtle Trail2,377 ft31 ft11671093914
31Loop A creek - Alternate Fendley Station Loop1,506 ft33 ft116151621
32double hill on loop #1 Lakeview 13,940 ft93 ft112065842
33Straight Down Dogwood Dogwood Dell Loop881 ft65 ft107995301
34Gravel Road to End of LV 3 Lakeview 12,832 ft59 ft107065172
35Eagles View Sunsetter1,038 ft17 ft106845192
36Final LV Segment Lakeview 11 mile68 ft101858464
37Just the Trail - Southbound Lost Trail1,666 ft5 ft101788745
38green trail to bailout Box Turtle Trail4,723 ft82 ft100562067
39Lakeview Connector (in) Lakeview Spur Trail4,066 ft72 ft100450455
40Green DH Box Turtle Trail615 ft51 ft99060934
41the real flood wall Slave Trail1,958 ft37 ft98980950
42Green Only Box Turtle Trail2 miles80 ft989601016
43River Run to Slave Trail Slave Trail1,757 ft6 ft98881555
44Fendley Station Loop A Fendley Station Loop1 mile56 ft97640183
45the gravel road Slave Trail1,822 ft44 ft95262474
46Paved Section Next to the Floodwall Slave Trail1,484 ft26 ft95062682
47Gateway Trail Gateway 12,522 ft16 ft91549867
48Blue climb Tall Oaks Trail1,773 ft70 ft91143998
49Box Turtle Ridge Box Turtle Trail595 ft32 ft90549782
50Lakeview Connector (out) Lakeview Spur Trail3,853 ft70 ft85444851
51Gateway West Side Gateway 22,357 ft14 ft849394111
52Eagles Nest Lakeview 31,105 ft29 ft84647313
53back end hill Lakeview 33,513 ft115 ft82446015
54LVIII to Group Camp Lakeview 32 miles73 ft80943892
553855-7363 Moonshine Run1,112 ft57 ft80640817
56Backend Hill2 Lakeview 33,846 ft102 ft80043492
57Pirate's Cove counterclockwise Ancarrow's Landing2 miles9 ft77259712
58Lakeview Connector (out...from camp) Lakeview Spur Trail3,462 ft84 ft76931381
59Hop, skip, and a jump Brown Way2,598 ft27 ft72253672
60Dogwood Descent West Side Dogwood Dell Loop1,755 ft50 ft67532280
61Red Trail Morel Ravine2 miles67 ft654259411
62LV 1 Red downhill and climb Lakeview 11,833 ft57 ft64133013
63Pocahontas - Blue Trail - Last Loop Tall Oaks Trail2,860 ft92 ft63432174
64Lakeview 1.1 Lakeview 12 miles94 ft62432155
65Loop A Creek Fendley Station Loop1,109 ft23 ft61615680
66Whoop De Doo's Powhite Park Loop1,317 ft82 ft60950705
67Downhills Downhill Dogwood Dell Loop1,178 ft65 ft60427332
68Exit Climb Powhite Park Loop442 ft45 ft57933641
69Exit Stage Left Climb Powhite Park Loop341 ft31 ft57033760
70Smooth Flowy Downhill in Reverse Powhite Park Loop2,065 ft64 ft56944942
71Spoon Loop Brown Way2,253 ft18 ft55139331
72Granny Climb from Whoop De Doo's Powhite Park Loop288 ft26 ft54746572
73QuCk T's Powhite Park Loop901 ft63 ft54440480
74Pocahontas Qualla Road Trail Qualla Road Connector1,876 ft89 ft54146496
75Qualla connector up to lot Qualla Road Connector1,652 ft26 ft54046642
76Powhite Rooty Badlands Powhite Park Loop2,420 ft13 ft50528601
77Pocahontas - Green Trail - Qualla Entrance Box Turtle Trail3 miles82 ft498256910
78Qualla lot trail (In) Qualla Road Connector1,769 ft31 ft48143975
79Lake View 1 Lakeview 13 miles104 ft4488825
80Northside Hill Climb from Dam Millstone669 ft58 ft44813240
81A Graceful Descent Slave Trail247 ft1 ft43112651
82Creek crusher Fendley Station Loop1,230 ft26 ft40621840
83Loop A Creek reverse Fendley Station Loop1,148 ft24 ft36919170
84Powhite Park Outside Loop Powhite Park Loop2 miles107 ft337153210
85Dam Climb Clockwise Fendley Station2,965 ft94 ft2835700
86Switch Back Climn Switchback Climb862 ft66 ft26214390
87This will work. Other seg is off Millstone3 miles66 ft2474573
88Sssnake Handler Powhite Park Trail: Central Line645 ft66 ft1785931
89Lakeview 1 Lakeview 13 miles104 ft1554893
90Forest Exploration East-Down Forest Exploration Trail3,070 ft97 ft1033181
91LV2 RetReverseClosed Lakeview Too1,360 ft30 ft791390
92Loop road Whoops Gateway 22,080 ft14 ft691013
93Deerfield Forest - Up Deerfield Forest Trail2,325 ft54 ft581120
94Gateway Trail Clockwise Gateway 12,614 ft16 ft50770
95Flats, back to parking lot Poor Farm South Loop1 mile32 ft16221
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