segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Lowest Social Climber Social Climber630 ft5 ft26215693
2Lower Social Climber to Parking Social Climber1,076 ft17 ft25515644
3Kates Ridge to Road Wonderwall (Kate's Ridge)1,832 ft34 ft21910677
4Wonderwall to Kates Ridge Wonderwall1,427 ft64 ft21910623
5Schadenfreude to Wonderwall Schadenfreude1,941 ft42 ft21810495
6Magic Carpet Ride to Hot Tamale Hot Tamale2,053 ft69 ft1977212
7Bottle Drive Bottle Drive2,776 ft159 ft1917037
8Hot Tamale North Hot Tamale1 miles126 ft1896541
9Tangerine UP Tangerine Dream640 ft15 ft1889261
10Coal Pile East to Social Climber Coal Pile709 ft36 ft1655451
11Voodoo North Voodoo1,805 ft75 ft1607165
12Bombs Away Down Bushwacker700 ft14 ft1536763
13Bushwhacker Alley from Bushwhacker II to Bombs Away Bushwacker4,706 ft61 ft1536224
14Bushwhacker II North Bushwacker1,264 ft40 ft1525474
15Ripairian to Schadenfreude Ripairian2,107 ft89 ft1525771
16Bombs Away down full Bushwacker1,178 ft40 ft1475994
17Magic Carpet Ride downhill Hot Tamale1,932 ft78 ft1464703
18Raven (N to S) Raven4,290 ft195 ft1434625
19Tangerine Tangerine Dream682 ft41 ft1425413
20Spankys full Spanky and our Gang2,419 ft71 ft1385064
21Fireball to Bushwhacker II Fireball1,018 ft39 ft1384834
22RSW to Ripairian FNG3,838 ft167 ft1375400
23Unnamed before Tangerine Tangerine Dream (Part 2)2,088 ft38 ft1364823
24Social Climber to Coal Pile Social Climber1 miles272 ft1364492
25Black Hole Black Hole2,292 ft61 ft1334285
26Samba Samba2,639 ft66 ft1313622
27Black Jade Black Jade2,102 ft57 ft1284971
28Tangerine Part II Tangerine Dream (Part 2)1,850 ft33 ft1285650
29Coal Pile Coal Pile1,730 ft31 ft1233561
30Kates Ridge to Wonderwall Wonderwall (Kate's Ridge)1,767 ft35 ft1193094
31Schadenfreude to Ripairian Schadenfreude1,869 ft42 ft1193004
32Black Jade from Hot Tamale to Coal Pile Black Jade2,012 ft38 ft1182261
33Wonderwall to Schadenfreude Wonderwall1,502 ft62 ft1182914
34voodoo south Voodoo2,024 ft94 ft1154053
35Bushwhacker II South Bushwacker1,255 ft39 ft1102871
36Fireball to Panorama Ridge Fireball880 ft35 ft1072521
37Raven to Tangerine Black Hole2,433 ft62 ft1052883
38Bombs Away Up Bushwacker733 ft14 ft1052700
39Rimrunner to Nighthawk RimRunner1,871 ft33 ft1052677
40Bombs Away up full Bushwacker1,201 ft41 ft992120
41Beyond The Edge Beyond The Edge2,003 ft19 ft962220
42Ripairian to RSW Ripairian2,170 ft91 ft942303
43Fracture Line BFA to Spankys Fracture Line686 ft13 ft923195
44Beyond The Edge - back Beyond The Edge1,956 ft21 ft882150
45Black Jade South to Tamale Black Jade1,864 ft26 ft841912
46Raven North Raven2,983 ft122 ft721571
47Black-fly Alley (S to N) Black Fly2,243 ft96 ft701653
48Fracture Line north Fracture Line1,198 ft34 ft691891
49Black Fly Alley to Spankys Black Fly3,244 ft104 ft491283
50??? The Great White2,937 ft91 ft46901
51Corvus north to south Corvus1,793 ft104 ft42952
52Rimrunner to Raven RimRunner1,840 ft34 ft33832
53Waterline Climb Redux Waterline II1,232 ft53 ft23832
54Pipeline Wall Waterline II1,298 ft129 ft780
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