Mountain Bike
Brads Gay Trail
1,653 ft-241 ft8 ft
Broken Derailleur
2,612 ft29 ft
Coal Discovery Trail - Big Trouble to Fernie
1 mile-75 ft247 ft
Coal Discovery Trail From Golf Course
2,024 ft189 ft
3,724 ft-33 ft98 ft
Deadfall Downhill
2,785 ft-439 ft2 ft
2,451 ft-2 ft78 ft
Eric's Trail
4,580 ft-439 ft9 ft
Eric's Upper Entrance
512 ft-15 ft39 ft
3,957 ft-65 ft426 ft
341 ft-48 ft
Hessian Connector
340 ft-36 ft2 ft
Kiddy Down
965 ft-105 ft
Kids Stuff
2,841 ft-3 ft54 ft
Kids Stuff Upper
2,539 ft-150 ft124 ft
Lower Bear Chutes
4,951 ft-46 ft732 ft
Lower Eco-Terrorist
3,796 ft-206 ft15 ft
Oh Dear
3,832 ft-326 ft
Oh Dear Connector
433 ft-31 ft
Old Stumpy
2,976 ft-10 ft72 ft
Queen V
1,696 ft128 ft
2,461 ft-39 ft59 ft
Roxy Roller
1,850 ft-187 ft
2 miles-722 ft43 ft
Sidewinder to Eco connector
489 ft-36 ft
Space Unicorn Upper
246 ft-14 ft
Split Decision
1,644 ft-168 ft
Trans Canada Trail Spur
135 ft
Upper Kiddy Up
1,001 ft57 ft
Upper Splitting Bears
779 ft-183 ft
Upper What's Up Doc
1,322 ft-87 ft
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