segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Cemetery Bypass Cemetery By-Pass1,386 ft112 ft1425926012
2Queen V Queen V1,987 ft131 ft1230843515
3A Section of CDT Coal Discovery Trail738 ft31 ft103933432
4Deadfall to 4Corners Deadfall3,559 ft144 ft102945027
5Kiddie-Up! Kiddie Up2,126 ft168 ft95052897
6Sidewinder Downhill - NEW Sidewinder5,145 ft433 ft743264411
7Vortex Broken Hip aka Space Unicorn259 ft20 ft69621992
8Real Kush Kush1,871 ft147 ft68315990
9Kush Kush1,976 ft132 ft68116032
10R-Trail to Deadfall R-Trail2,106 ft34 ft58115463
11Sidewinder to ecoterr Sidewinder5,138 ft416 ft57618805
12Eric's, no kidding around Eric's Trail3,358 ft456 ft55120149
13Lower Kid's Stuff to Eric's start Kids Stuff2,316 ft79 ft54016753
14Cemetery By-pass DH Cemetery By-Pass1,024 ft93 ft51922496
15Lower Contra Contra2,620 ft239 ft5009940
16Contra - Fernie Flow Trail Contra4,653 ft431 ft4969660
17Contra Contra4,125 ft435 ft4969700
18arctic walrus Contra3,656 ft411 ft4919864
19What's up Doc climb What's Up Doc1,975 ft177 ft48815725
20Eco Terrorist to Ridgemont Rd. Climb Kiddie Up1,730 ft174 ft48317431
21Kid's Stuff Up Kids Stuff2,792 ft116 ft43812611
22Splitting Bears Splitting Bears5,039 ft704 ft4329181
23Lower Eco-Terrorist DH Kiddie Up1,620 ft164 ft39410351
24upper kids stuff grunt Kids Stuff Upper1,568 ft129 ft3637181
25Road climb to uppper SB entry Kids Stuff Upper1,602 ft135 ft3528860
264 Corners to Deadfall Start Deadfall3,727 ft145 ft3288702
27Scary Trail Up Scary Trail354 ft38 ft2895771
28Lower Kids Stuff Loop Kids Stuff2,747 ft110 ft2885372
29What's Up Doc DH What's Up Doc1,974 ft174 ft2168023
30Cokato Ripper River Road3,023 ft239 ft1963491
31Eric's Trail Climb Eric's Trail3,258 ft452 ft1211671
32Straight Line Catch Carter's Featured Segment July 16th - July 23th Eric's Trail4,191 ft406 ft1051421
33Face Shots Faceshots1,213 ft401 ft831913
34Flow Wrkr 3 FloWrkr5,140 ft269 ft76901
35Big $$$ Big Money2 miles2,000 ft75983
36Unnamed Road Climb River Road2,039 ft284 ft63920
37hsuK Kush2,104 ft142 ft41450
38Ich Bin Sofa Ich Bin Sofa (king Good)1,357 ft349 ft31511
39Coal Creek Rd Climb Hessian2,485 ft401 ft550
40R-Trail from 4Corners R-Trail2,373 ft32 ft000
41Cokato Rd Climb River Road3,791 ft306 ft000
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