Avoid the Tolman
1,215 ft-103 ft
Bus Stop
4,160 ft-273 ft
Dami Im
740 ft-1 ft
Down the Chimney Pot
1,288 ft-160 ft
Further down the Chimney Pot
447 ft-86 ft
1,730 ft-426 ft
Hall Street Singles
1,997 ft-3 ft
Head of the Serpent
1,136 ft-104 ft
Lower Pipeline
1.4 miles-490 ft
Lower Tolmans Descent
2,040 ft-156 ft
Outlet Climb
4,957 ft-7 ft
Pull up Stumps
916 ft
Quarry Trail
3,016 ft-14 ft
R18 Connector
660 ft
R18 Fire Trail
4,595 ft-28 ft
1,440 ft
Reservoir Dogs
2,288 ft-207 ft
Ribbon Track
3,235 ft-131 ft
Shaking the Serpent's Tail
1,227 ft-6 ft
Sixpence Cave Track
1,665 ft-219 ft
Sound of silence
919 ft-122 ft
The Blair Switchback Project
3,940 ft-531 ft
The Serpent
521 ft-15 ft
Upper Tolmans Descent
311 ft-21 ft
Waterworks Winner
2,061 ft-129 ft
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