segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The final coutdown. Through The Forest3,502 ft16 ft36842389811
2OPen Downhill Through The Forest1,015 ft13 ft36832276510
3The Abattoir 101 The Watchmoor Loop1,152 ft6 ft3670226608
4Bustin through the trees! Through The Forest1,694 ft24 ft3659224009
5Super Rossi Through The Forest2,949 ft36 ft3637223428
6Feel The Burn Through The Forest3,954 ft35 ft3606214058
7I know Cole, he goes high !!! Through The Forest3,966 ft33 ft3587219086
8Blue route 3/3 Through The Forest2 miles22 ft31741659817
9Pedestrian Dodgem's [Fizzeek] The Corsican Circuit1,765 ft44 ft26221670512
10Moors Valley SIngletrack Through The Forest4 miles94 ft25731147998
11Roots and Needles [Fizzeek] Roots, I've seen a few832 ft27 ft2038642
12JRs Plumley Wood Singletrack Roots, I've seen a few2,331 ft38 ft1907484
13The not fizzeeks segment Catch me if you can1,293 ft31 ft1489491
14Our Segment [Fizzeek] :D Catch me if you can1,343 ft32 ft1469440
15Nice bit. Verwood sweeper1,243 ft65 ft1055351
16Needles & Roots [Fizzeek] Roots, I've seen a few770 ft26 ft902321
17Roots, I've seen a few! Roots, I've seen a few1,507 ft28 ft631690
18Twisting my melon man.. Twisting my Melon Man1,001 ft19 ft571712
19Plumley Wood Single Track - The Hard Way! Roots, I've seen a few2,311 ft38 ft551251
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