Bo Plaas
1.2 miles-44 ft
Climb from Floating Bridge
4,282 ft-15 ft
Dam Intersection To Pumphouse
1,763 ft-17 ft
Floating Bridge
314 ft-5 ft
Floating Bridge to Pumphouse
777 ft-14 ft
Forest Section
1,197 ft-5 ft
Forest Section to On The Way To The Dam
1.5 miles-106 ft
I Smell a Pig
2,347 ft
Muppets To Home Stretch
2,228 ft-6 ft
1.4 miles-88 ft
On The Way To The Dam
3,056 ft-45 ft
1.2 miles-76 ft
Rosemary Hill Farm
6.0 miles-340 ft
The Muppets
4,598 ft-58 ft
The Rockgardens
2.4 miles-103 ft
Western Trails to Forest Section
2,456 ft-18 ft
Wimpie Home Stretch
2,105 ft-29 ft
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