segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Nursery Road Climb Challenge Roadside1,379 ft75 ft94647897327
2Gotta Go - Barrpp Pohaturoa Road201 ft8 ft79364423715
3Nursery Rd Climb Katore Road1,779 ft334 ft74183978214
4Be Rude Not to - top section Be Rude Not Too2,964 ft160 ft72742361434
5Rollercoaster middle Roller Coaster2,002 ft55 ft70742963316
6Mad If You Don't Nursery Road2,549 ft77 ft68992915430
7Challange Part1 Challenge Roadside1,875 ft110 ft65523039215
8Rude not 2 - to low exit junction Be Rude Not Too3,260 ft43 ft64131484112
9Shuttle pickup to rollercoaster turnoff Hill Road2,769 ft243 ft6388368026
10Mad if You Don't Mad If You Don't2,741 ft68 ft63102231210
11Shuttle to Moerangi Road Hill Road4,553 ft465 ft6261367593
12Gunna Gotta short Katore Road1,278 ft131 ft6174327782
132nd part dipper Dipper1,634 ft40 ft6156244715
14Challenge roadside top section - sign exit Challenge Roadside755 ft23 ft61532861211
15Billy Pinch Tawa Road861 ft117 ft6151249797
16Poharturoa Rd to Dipper Pohaturoa Road4,017 ft95 ft6112254138
17Nursery Road TT Nursery Road4,038 ft49 ft6051232197
18challenge rd side jumps Challenge Roadside2,752 ft121 ft59752497033
19Potatoe Tops Challenge DH1,178 ft49 ft59102506712
20Dragons Tail first segment Dragon's Tail2,848 ft124 ft58222419622
21Corridor top jumps Tokorangi921 ft114 ft57762878919
22High line for the cup The Tickler561 ft19 ft5762203623
23Katore Road Climb Katore Road3,629 ft462 ft57482457318
24Redwoods Rollercoaster Roller Coaster1,936 ft53 ft57071556110
25The Dipper (Second Half of New Track) Dipper2,911 ft31 ft56022001414
26turkish from junction Turkish Delight1,835 ft87 ft55862442511
27Dipper Downhill Dipper2,861 ft59 ft5552168994
28Crinkle Cut Challenge DH1,284 ft119 ft5474226429
29Challenge Middle Challenge DH2,720 ft163 ft54262205526
30road beside MadIfYouDon't Nursery Road2,628 ft61 ft5357166311
31Tawa Rd Climb - Billy T to Shuttle Tawa Road1 miles386 ft5287320245
32Challenge to K2 Katore Road1 miles483 ft5260227389
33Dragontail Dragon's Tail4,753 ft136 ft52511782822
34Challenge Rhythm Challenge Roadside1,065 ft59 ft52171872610
35A-Trail Paddy's Run (A Trail)4,043 ft171 ft52171795119
36long mile climb Nursery Road1,309 ft156 ft52063204817
37Hill Road Waipa Bypass Road1 miles104 ft50521696614
38The Dipper (First Half of New Track) Dipper5,066 ft64 ft50201494013
39Sweet and Sour Last Section Sweet N' Sour930 ft71 ft4994160866
40Billy T Billy T1 miles597 ft48631293543
41G-Rock - Rotorua G Rock2,681 ft258 ft47961312224
42Sweet and Sour Sweet N' Sour1 miles126 ft47881302220
43long mile gate challenge start Nursery Road2,158 ft240 ft4719267557
44Nursery Road Hill Climb Nursery Road2,409 ft216 ft47152653213
45Direct Direct Road3,403 ft410 ft44931625915
46Frontal to shuttle Frontal Lobotomy4,312 ft351 ft44671635718
47Tickler after clearing The Tickler5,145 ft132 ft4428136844
48Lion Trail Climb Lion Trail2,613 ft140 ft44052009019
49Zen Corners. Corners1 miles671 ft44041196212
50Chestnut Link Bottom Chestnut Link1,357 ft115 ft4378114824
51Bottom half of corners Corners3,082 ft411 ft4370114349
52Corners Top Section Upper Corners2,425 ft286 ft41661151423
53e v s top Eagle vs Shark - with picnic table3,585 ft270 ft4060115676
54Tokkiringi Tokorangi1,761 ft131 ft4050122729
55Eagle vs Shark Eagle vs Shark - with picnic table1 miles651 ft39851117279
56Pondy New Pondy New1 miles271 ft39491298415
57100 Acre Wood Creek2,804 ft62 ft394691024
58Short Chop Suey Spring Roll1,363 ft16 ft390787487
59Corners Corners2 miles666 ft3898915938
60Half Eagle vs Shark Eagle vs Shark - with picnic table4,517 ft472 ft38681018717
61Bunnys down Pipeline / Windy Road838 ft109 ft3845115363
623D MTB STAGE Sprint finish Long Mile Road1,173 ft15 ft3821223004
63theultralifeCORNERZZZ Corners2 miles586 ft381892946
64Pipline Rd Climb Pipeline / Windy Road3,300 ft146 ft3811101473
65Moerangi Road Climb Tuhoto Ariki2,207 ft350 ft379177112
66Hot X From Track Junction Hot X Buns3,976 ft482 ft370193012
67Huckleberry Hounds Huckleberry Hound3,000 ft275 ft35311100027
68Moonshine Moonshine1,960 ft68 ft3473960310
69Rosebank (early exit) ex Rockdrop Rosebank2,265 ft75 ft346098523
70Puarenga Puarenga2,488 ft30 ft3420102516
71Ball and Chain down Waipa Bypass Road1,640 ft20 ft329097245
72Turkish Delight Turkish Delight2,895 ft93 ft32841171215
73Forestry Rd Climb Sidewinder1,536 ft279 ft3276101802
74Rosebank Rosebank2,950 ft72 ft3271850110
75Hot Cross Bunns Track Hot X Buns1 miles472 ft3252800822
76Eagle vs Shark 2019 - Extension around carpark EvS Extension2,128 ft47 ft319779583
77old exit downhill Old Exit815 ft160 ft3014121968
78Creek Track, Rotorua Creek3 miles62 ft3004655413
79Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road3,040 ft85 ft29941513517
80Gunna Gotta DH Gunna Gotta3,271 ft338 ft2847704514
81Cyclezone, Up & Down the Creek .. Creek1 miles97 ft281953645
82Tarawera Road Climb Pipeline / Windy Road1,649 ft281 ft277772344
83Be Rude Not to Smash a Red Dragon's Back Red Tank Road1 miles199 ft275865875
84HEMO HILL SPRINT Hemo Gorge Trail267 ft24 ft2747135859
85New Exit Trail New Exit2,876 ft188 ft27291094221
86A-Trail Short Paddy's Run (A Trail)3,464 ft207 ft266477655
87Underbilly to shortcut Tawa Road2,763 ft245 ft265169282
88underbilly Tawa Road1 miles411 ft264758767
89Little Red Riding Huck Little Red Riding Huck4,839 ft639 ft2608696521
90Flat out of Rock Drop Challenge Exit801 ft23 ft254298375
91Old Chev (last section) Old Chevy1,731 ft61 ft249954104
92No brakes pin it Radio Hut Road1,687 ft72 ft240066302
93Wide open Radio Hut Road1,687 ft72 ft240066300
94Thermal Explorer Hwy Climb Pohaturoa Road1,803 ft310 ft230836850
95Tihi O Tawa to Billy T Tihi o Tawa3,952 ft498 ft2269586311
96Challenge Climb Challenge Uphill1,276 ft90 ft202080886
97Time Warp (to Trig) Time Warp2,759 ft196 ft192142366
98Tikitapu Rd climb from Tangaroamihi Tikitapu Road2,829 ft160 ft189651102
99Boulderdash Boulderdash1,283 ft112 ft1823493813
100Yellow Brick Rd Return Yellow Brick Return2,767 ft75 ft181970940
101Last section of downhill Yellow Brick Return2,751 ft69 ft181468201
102Taura last section Yellow Brick Road2,887 ft89 ft180170296
103Yellow brick road better half Yellow Brick Return2,846 ft65 ft176867193
104Split Enz 2.0 Split Enz V21 miles541 ft1733335822
105Sprint Warrior: Top Berms & Drops Upper Sprint Warrior878 ft198 ft16571892211
106Chuck it in the WASH Paddys wash exit616 ft39 ft162450830
107K2 Trail K23,822 ft362 ft1611497723
108Larch Rd from Pond Larch Road1,971 ft117 ft157941000
109Bridge to Bridge Te Ara Ari - Thermal along Puarenga1,470 ft40 ft157134855
110Kung Fu Walrus Kung Fu Walrus4,742 ft500 ft1512378516
111KungFu W Kung Fu Walrus4,269 ft499 ft150837815
112EWS2015 R1, stage 2 Kung Fu Walrus4,686 ft515 ft150637692
113EWS2 Kung Fu Walrus4,273 ft563 ft149436791
114New Uphill Trail to Sidwinder Apumoana (Climb Track)3,969 ft222 ft147445200
115Sidewinder uphill Sidewinder2,120 ft278 ft146729364
116Official Hipster track Hipster3,876 ft318 ft139566673
117Katore DH Turns Kataore1,995 ft466 ft1366343110
118rockdrop Down Rockdrop2,060 ft110 ft133824430
119Nice Road Climb to Sweet & Sour Nice Road4,888 ft79 ft133332790
120New uphill, Windy or Pipeline entry to Direct Road Apumoana (Climb Track)1 miles346 ft133239720
121Tekotukutuu Te Kōtukutuku2 miles186 ft127329430
122Yellow Brick Road Loop Yellow Brick Road1 miles94 ft123143448
123Te Kotukutuku Te Kōtukutuku2 miles238 ft122129359
124Moerangi Road Moerangi Road2 miles661 ft115025632
125Ball and Chain Down Puarenga2,234 ft28 ft112024530
126CLIMB outof the BLUE Feeder1,291 ft135 ft111321651
127Cyclezone winter series - Enduro S1 Taura4,141 ft225 ft107927520
128Kung Fu Ext CZ Kung Fu Walrus Extension1,988 ft251 ft102722724
129Bridge to town Te Ara Ari - Thermal along Puarenga1 miles20 ft102223171
130Taura Complete (Tikitapu rd - Sandy Skid rd) Taura1 miles299 ft100825025
131Climb to No Brains Lookout Road1 miles546 ft98118893
132CBD Scenic route to REDWOODS Te Ara Ari - Thermal along Puarenga1 miles13 ft87617001
133Fern Drive Climb (Steep section only) Fern Drive1,776 ft123 ft86730851
134New Uphill from Pipeline toHot X Apumoana (Climb Track)1 miles466 ft86626663
135kung fu top section Kung Fu Walrus1,884 ft272 ft85415464
136Frankenfurter Frank n' Furter793 ft132 ft84618202
137Kakapiko climb Lookout Road1 miles596 ft84214620
138Branch Road Branch Road981 ft62 ft80020920
139Tukonohi - Top Tukonohi2,954 ft335 ft76715393
140Moerangi Road Climb Chestnut Link 12,406 ft448 ft76213100
141Ten Fifty One Ten Fifty One1,384 ft199 ft75316663
142Water Tower Link from Pipeline (Uphill) Lynmore Link1,145 ft105 ft73918350
143Tumeke Tumeke1,660 ft336 ft72214896
144Nat DH 24 Carrot 24 Carat634 ft146 ft62915750
145Rock Drop Rockdrop3,235 ft171 ft45412081
146Froude Street Climb Te Ara Ahi - Sala Street to Hemo Gorge1,611 ft386 ft2202790
147Chinamans to Split Endz Chinamans Road2,406 ft158 ft2002740
148Sneaky cut through Scion's back door981 ft172 ft1694900
149Te Huanui Mossy Baja Grade 3 Extension4,234 ft201 ft1413382
1502015 National DH Champs - Middle forest Section The Fuzz2,145 ft332 ft1342771
151Wairua Huanui Baja Grade 3 Extension3,835 ft188 ft17310
152Tarawera Rd Climb Pipeline / Windy Road2,189 ft355 ft000
153Old Chevy Old Chevy2 miles133 ft000
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