segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pod Racer Moore Creek2,742 ft234 ft51316152
2No Moore Climb Moore Creek1,650 ft223 ft38310560
3Eagle's Tail DH Sam Eagle Trail3,398 ft172 ft2449471
4Fireroad Challenge Shoreline3 miles78 ft2024821
5Moore Creek's First Trail to Fire Road Chiles Creek Trail2,857 ft68 ft1835921
6Moore Creek's First Trail ~ In Return Chiles Creek Trail2,786 ft63 ft1705351
7Old Mans Beard Southeast bound Old Man's Beard1 miles195 ft1614364
8Fire road in Moore Creek1 miles140 ft1534070
9Whiskey Crossing Modified Shoreline3 miles92 ft1513780
10Dirty Old Man DH Old Man's Beard1,238 ft165 ft1453581
11Old Mans Chopped Beard DH South Old Man's Beard4,549 ft171 ft1423402
12VVT DH south blund Valentine Vista2 miles576 ft1294460
13Bearded DH Old Man's Beard3,858 ft216 ft1283651
14Old Man's Chopped Beard DH North Old Man's Beard1 miles238 ft1273633
15Leave the gate stuff out of it! Moore Creek1 miles148 ft1252390
16valentine-vista southbound Valentine Vista3 miles588 ft1234223
17Old Mans Beard Northwest bound Old Man's Beard1 miles206 ft1193474
18Climb to Old Mans Beard Old Man's Beard984 ft156 ft1172651
19The Whole Beard Old Man's Beard2 miles262 ft1102531
20Hennessey shoreline trail climb (east) Alta Hennessy4,833 ft510 ft911971
21Moore creek fire rd out Moore Creek1 miles145 ft781371
22Whiskey Crossing - The Other Way Shoreline4 miles103 ft761320
23Hennessey shoreline trail climb - 1st section Alta Hennessy2,564 ft281 ft661512
24Hennessey shoreline trail climb - 2nd section Alta Hennessy3,072 ft260 ft611192
25Alta Vista CW DH Alta Hennessy5,026 ft487 ft611161
26Upper Valentine vista DH Valentine Vista5,247 ft438 ft502061
27Slip Sliding Away Alta Hennessy3,044 ft310 ft48830
28Valentine Vista northbound Valentine Vista3 miles578 ft461772
29Conn Peak DH Conn Peak Trail4,065 ft369 ft20340
30Greenfield Rd Climb Valentine Vista5,000 ft434 ft000
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