segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1ssst Simon Says1 miles161 ft26528773
2Ski Hill Climb Ski Hill Road981 ft43 ft18220641
3Simon Says (Descent) Simon Says1 miles157 ft18221132
4Sweetness (It's Gotta Go to Zoo Trail) Sweetness1,938 ft33 ft18020051
5Carnage (Deer Trax to Carnage Intro) Carnage1,122 ft70 ft15514132
6Our Compliments Our Compliments4,252 ft131 ft1438941
7Carnage WOT Carnage2,329 ft83 ft14210142
8Our Compliments (Descent) Our Compliments3,684 ft140 ft1428920
9Ninth Hole 9th Hole1,434 ft41 ft12712731
10heart rate hill-owens lake Zoo Trail1,007 ft73 ft12611581
11Sasquatch (Descent) Sasquatch Run1,070 ft39 ft12610814
12Wit's End (Descent) Wit's End863 ft59 ft12610763
13Rooty Sweetness Sweetness1,829 ft61 ft1239690
14Long Lake (Moose Trax to Zoo Trail) Long Lake1,645 ft39 ft1215431
15Sweetness Rockwood Sweetness3,861 ft70 ft1218381
16It's Gotta Go (Reverse) It's Gotta Go2,713 ft51 ft1208690
17My Sweetness (Barking Dog to It's Gotta Go) Sweetness1,625 ft45 ft1157701
18My Sweetness Sweetness3,747 ft70 ft1066731
19Nine hole backwards 9th Hole1,434 ft28 ft1025950
20Rockwood: Triple Bypass Carriage Road2,177 ft163 ft1025240
21Our Compliments Trimmed Our Compliments3,454 ft57 ft998352
22Moose Trax Moose Trax1 miles65 ft989685
23Sponge Bob Sponge Bob1,464 ft20 ft955750
24Carnage (Carnage Intro to Corduroy) Carnage3,699 ft66 ft923210
25Deer Trax (Moose Trax to Carnage) Deer Trax1,312 ft81 ft896951
26Lower Corduroy Corduroy907 ft53 ft892342
27Long Lake to Shyzer Long Lake2,788 ft48 ft843441
28McKay Skyway MacKay Skyway4,031 ft112 ft803292
29MacKay Skyway (South to North) MacKay Skyway4,033 ft184 ft803280
30Corduroy (Carnage to Zoo Trail) Corduroy2,563 ft46 ft772441
31Frying Pan Lake Frying Pan Lake1,423 ft7 ft772840
32Long Lake (South to North) Long Lake3,931 ft46 ft752563
33Monster Hill Crystal Lake548 ft93 ft734781
34Moose Trax (Clockwise) Moose Trax1 miles91 ft723411
35Newfoundtrail (Descent) Newfoundtrail1,674 ft73 ft712980
3618th Hole 18th Hole1,294 ft33 ft652580
37Sasquatch (Climb) Sasquatch Run1,067 ft39 ft654191
38Mama I'm Coming Home Mama I'm Comin Home2,033 ft107 ft561471
39Hemlock Hill Hemlock Hill2,018 ft57 ft533802
40Water Tower Climb Water Tower1,413 ft53 ft52990
41Sponge Bob Reverse Sponge Bob1,214 ft21 ft512140
42Golf Trek Golf Trek5,210 ft82 ft511532
43Carnage Backwards Carnage1 miles115 ft491110
44Moose Trax in Reverse Moose Trax1 miles93 ft461201
45Golf Trek Backwards Golf Trek4,742 ft82 ft411140
46Zoo Trail to Widow Maker Crystal Lake2,744 ft125 ft381070
47Clean Air (Counterclockwise) Clean Air2,035 ft41 ft37890
48Corduroy (Descent) Corduroy3,617 ft114 ft35660
49Horse - Corduroy to Shyzer Horse750 ft36 ft341020
50Sky Walker Skywalker798 ft74 ft34623
51Tall Grass (Climb) Tall Grass1,561 ft43 ft29570
52Deer Trax Reverse Deer Trax1,292 ft57 ft27660
53Clean Air (Clockwise) Clean Air2,010 ft45 ft24460
54MacKay Skyway (North to South) MacKay Skyway4,105 ft174 ft24300
55Tall Grass (Descent) Tall Grass1,526 ft36 ft13150
56It's Gotta Go! It's Gotta Go2,541 ft54 ft000
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