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911A (Peacemaker) TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
3,105 ft-106 ft
AA AMPoway
3,979 ft-438 ft
Agua Dulce Creek TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1.9 miles-560 ft
Anne's DescentSan Elijo Hills
4,848 ft-412 ft
Awhee TrailBlack Mountain
3,911 ft-131 ft
Azalea Springs TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.3 miles-27 ft
Baby headWrights Field
2,526 ft-111 ft
backside connectorWrights Field
421 ft
Banner Toll RoadJulian
3.0 miles-107 ft
Bayshore BikewaySan Diego
16.2 miles-158 ft
Bell Bluff
2.9 miles-1,139 ft
Bernardo Bay TrailLake Hodges
1.7 miles-133 ft
Bernardo Mountain TrailLake Hodges
2.0 miles-915 ft
Big Laguna TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
5.7 miles-514 ft
Big MommaWrights Field
593 ft
Big Momma DHWrights Field
896 ft-142 ft
Big WaimeaLos Penasquitos Canyon
2,977 ft-310 ft
Black Oak TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
2.6 miles-588 ft
Black WidowBlack Mountain
3,199 ft-557 ft
Blazing BermsSycamore Canyon OSP
872 ft-76 ft
Bobcat TrailDaley Ranch
4,673 ft-253 ft
Bobcat TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
1.1 miles-422 ft
Bowtie RimLos Penasquitos Canyon
2,950 ft-33 ft
Bronco Peak ConnectorCorral Canyon OHV Area
4,724 ft-108 ft
Bronco Peak TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
1.9 miles-588 ft
Brookprinter LoopPoway
1.8 miles-314 ft
Burnt MountainDaley Ranch
1,924 ft-153 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Japatul
1.7 miles-640 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Loveland
3,642 ft-103 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Sloan Canyon
6.5 miles-1,269 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Spanish Bit Dr
1.0 miles-42 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Sweetwater
1.4 miles-271 ft
California Riding & Hiking Trail - Viejas Creek
1.6 miles-314 ft
Camino RuizLos Penasquitos Canyon
3,040 ft-248 ft
Canyon TrailSan Elijo Hills
4,365 ft-137 ft
Carmel Mountain Road pathLos Penasquitos Canyon
1.3 miles-133 ft
Carson's crossingLos Penasquitos Canyon
816 ft-5 ft
Carvacre access trail
1,158 ft-10 ft
Carvacre Truck Trail
2.6 miles-452 ft
Cerro de las Posas Ridgeline TrailSan Elijo Hills
1.9 miles-228 ft
Chaparral TrailElfin Forest Recreational Reserve
1,088 ft-60 ft
Chariot CanyonAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
1.2 miles-154 ft
Chariot Canyon (Mason to the 78)
5.4 miles-1,679 ft
Chico Ravine TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1.2 miles-374 ft
Chula Vista Golf Course TrailChula Vista
1.1 miles-9 ft
Cielo TrailElfin Forest Recreational Reserve
4,637 ft-461 ft
Circus CircusTed Williams
3,007 ft-336 ft
CobblesLos Penasquitos Canyon
1.0 miles-253 ft
Coldstream TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.1 miles-213 ft
Cols Spring TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
2.2 miles-233 ft
Copper Creek (SEH)San Elijo Hills
4,110 ft-10 ft
Copper Creek Raceway ConnectorRancho La Costa Preserve
608 ft-15 ft
Copper Creek Raceway EastRancho La Costa Preserve
1,094 ft-16 ft
Copper Creek Raceway WestRancho La Costa Preserve
2,255 ft-52 ft
Copper Creek to Water Tower ConnectorRancho La Costa Preserve
2,601 ft-4 ft
Corral Canyon TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
4,018 ft-226 ft
Cougar RidgeDaley Ranch
1.7 miles-209 ft
Cowles Mountain Backside (Big Rock DH)Cowles Mountain
5,253 ft-527 ft
Coyote RunDaley Ranch
3,752 ft-212 ft
Creek CrossingDaley Ranch
3,526 ft-100 ft
Crest AltDaley Ranch
476 ft-87 ft
Crest TrailDaley Ranch
1.3 miles-469 ft
Danger is My BuisnessBlack Mountain
1,458 ft-99 ft
Deerfield BMX Loop TrailMission Trails
4,137 ft-143 ft
Del Dios Gorge / Santa Fe Valley TrailLake Hodges
4.8 miles-982 ft
Demaca DropBlack Mountain
1,447 ft-7 ft
Diamondback TrailDaley Ranch
2,207 ft-41 ft
Drop Down (NASCAR)Rancho La Costa Preserve
3,341 ft-410 ft
E. Quarry AltSan Elijo Hills
1,652 ft-40 ft
E. Quarry TrailSan Elijo Hills
3,901 ft-89 ft
East Deer CanyonLos Penasquitos Canyon
3,149 ft-103 ft
East entranceWrights Field
2,783 ft-75 ft
East Mesa Fire RoadCuyamaca Rancho State Park
7.1 miles-764 ft
East RidgeDaley Ranch
1.2 miles-183 ft
East Side TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.8 miles-296 ft
El Prado Camp TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
2,829 ft-95 ft
Ellie LaneIron Mountain
3.4 miles-1,370 ft
Ellie Lane ShortcutIron Mountain
3,984 ft
Engelmann OakDaley Ranch
1.9 miles-627 ft
Engelmann Oak DHDaley Ranch
3,186 ft-156 ft
Equine InclineElfin Forest Recreational Reserve
2.4 miles-579 ft
Eucalyptus connectorWrights Field
363 ft-17 ft
Fern Flat TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
3.1 miles-1,245 ft
Finding NemoAnderson
2,223 ft-188 ft
Firestation LoopRancho La Costa Preserve
1.3 miles-146 ft
Florida Canyon downhillBalboa Park
1,263 ft-120 ft
Fortuna Saddle TrailMission Trails
3.1 miles-858 ft
Franks to Bowling AlleyRancho La Costa Preserve
1.6 miles-519 ft
Fry Kroegel Trail (Potato Chip Rock)Mount Woodson
2.4 miles-963 ft
Garden TrailSan Elijo Hills
3,619 ft-172 ft
Gators-Chico Ravine Spur ConnectorLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1,701 ft-77 ft
Gatos Ravine TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1.7 miles-445 ft
Gnatcatcher TrailManchester Preserve
2,478 ft-83 ft
Grapevine CanyonAnza-Borrego Desert State Park
13.7 miles-398 ft
Grassland Loop TrailMission Trails
1.2 miles-108 ft
Green Valley STCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.2 miles-8 ft
Greenhorn TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
1.5 miles-370 ft
Gunslinger TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
2.5 miles-506 ft
Heart loopWrights Field
736 ft-23 ft
Hidden SpringDaley Ranch
1.1 miles-41 ft
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