Mountain Bike
2,370 ft-173 ft48 ft
Anne's Descent
4,839 ft-375 ft
Beck's flow trail
1,300 ft-108 ft
Canyon Trail
4,360 ft-106 ft219 ft
Copper Creek (SEH)
4,110 ft-10 ft178 ft
E. Quarry Alt
1,650 ft-21 ft88 ft
E. Quarry Trail
3,901 ft-89 ft146 ft
Frank's Peak Descent
3,159 ft-225 ft3 ft
Franks to Bowling Alley
2 miles-464 ft201 ft
Garden Trail
3,619 ft-128 ft23 ft
Kessel Run
1,253 ft-50 ft29 ft
Lakeview Trail
1 mile-161 ft342 ft
Make a Wish
4,987 ft-353 ft104 ft
Oceanview Trail
4,019 ft-73 ft322 ft
Poison Oak
1 mile-343 ft135 ft
San Elijo waterfall
3,306 ft-337 ft35 ft
Secret Trail
2,894 ft-185 ft25 ft
Sidewinder Loop
1 mile-264 ft108 ft
Sunset Trail
1,083 ft165 ft
Sunset Trail
953 ft116 ft
W. Quarry Trail
2,126 ft-10 ft201 ft
Way Up Harmony Grove Connector
2,001 ft172 ft
Yellow Truck + Preparation (d)H
5,043 ft-309 ft67 ft
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