segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Helipad to Braille Ridge Trail2,325 ft102 ft107865684020
2Braille to Sulphur Springs Hihns Mill Road4,578 ft327 ft106625588419
3Sulphur Springs to Demo Parking lot Hihns Mill Road2 miles391 ft99004288817
4DH - Ridge to Corral Ridge Trail3,107 ft147 ft98284425430
5Home Run Hihns Mill Road3,084 ft54 ft97544256613
6Ridge to Benches Ridge Trail2,148 ft133 ft9624371238
7Hihn's Mill: Tractor to Braille Hihns Mill Road1,972 ft184 ft9575368885
8Flojito Ridge Trail4,587 ft360 ft93803697710
9DH Ridge: Corral to Sulphur Ridge Trail4,402 ft266 ft93603656613
10pogonip to the bench U-Con Trail3,077 ft323 ft9157899084
11Sign to sign U-Con Trail3,918 ft368 ft90948929210
12Pogonip U-Con Trail3,627 ft413 ft90738857863
13U-Con Trail U-Con Trail3,988 ft376 ft9049882323
14Demo Ridge to Braille DH Ridge Trail2 miles498 ft90333539225
15Flow segment 3 Flow Trail 32,265 ft158 ft84892814836
16Demo Flow Trail - Segment 5 Flow Trail 52,201 ft155 ft83922759935
17Flow Segment 5 - No Early Record Flow Trail 51,912 ft151 ft8328270254
18Flow 1 Flow Trail 14,802 ft393 ft77852279222
19Flow Segment 4 Flow Trail 41,580 ft118 ft77532270234
20Flow 2 Flow Trail 21,031 ft127 ft7706225662
21Flow segment #6 Flow Trail 62,673 ft254 ft73862086337
22Aptos Creek Road Climb Aptos Creek Road1,514 ft394 ft73372430015
23EMT last two bridges Emma McCrary Trail4,142 ft91 ft7121495292
24EMT 1st to 2nd Bridge Emma McCrary Trail1 mile310 ft71154964117
25Crack-A-Lackin Emma McCrary Trail4,066 ft280 ft70984948531
26Sprint Emma McCrary Trail1 mile232 ft7064487419
27EMT Speedway Emma McCrary Trail2 miles329 ft69864775353
28Enchanted Downhill Enchanted Loop2,927 ft283 ft6945228039
29Kicker to U-Con Rincon Connector Trail1,054 ft96 ft69156064210
30Rincon Connector Up Rincon Connector Trail1,562 ft78 ft66985602610
31EMT Emma McCrary Trail2 miles274 ft65454809454
3208/01/10 Santa Cruz, CA Englesman/Long Meadow1 mile345 ft6535265072
33Swing Dancing Emma McCrary Trail4,016 ft255 ft65074615921
34Hwy 9 to EMT Rincon Connector Trail3,400 ft134 ft6488516399
35Final climb to Twin Gates turnstile Chinquapin Road2,158 ft87 ft6319350252
36Definitely NOT hazardous Emma McCrary Trail2 miles336 ft62724376822
37Sulphur climb, braille to helipad Sulphur Spring Road1 mile635 ft5873209588
38Sulphur Springs to Ridge Sulphur Spring Road1 mile637 ft5866209345
39Sulphur Springs: Corral to Helipad Sulphur Spring Road1 mile660 ft5805203217
40Long Meadow Trail to Chinquapin Trail Englesman/Long Meadow2 miles517 ft5762185512
41Sulphur Springs Climb to Fork Sulphur Spring Road1,777 ft130 ft5719172413
42Sulphur Springs: Hihn's Mill to Corral Sulphur Spring Road1,907 ft147 ft5712171822
43Final Push! Sulphur Spring Road996 ft90 ft5686197230
44DH - Braille Trail Braille DH1 mile913 ft55101949568
45Lower Braile Braille DH4,803 ft551 ft5448189817
46Last Mile to Sand Point Aptos Creek Road1 mile183 ft52463068821
47Sulphur Springs Climb to Helipad Sulphur Spring Road2 miles812 ft51871538621
48Dark Times U-Con Trail3,903 ft351 ft50882468623
49Old Log Cabin Full down - up Old Cabin4,964 ft255 ft48641891619
50Log Cabin Down E to W Old Cabin1,709 ft166 ft4753180895
51Upper Cusacks Trail John Cusack's3,007 ft73 ft4621185572
52High Fidelity (John Cusack's) John Cusack's1 mile185 ft46211853714
53Lower Cusacks Trail John Cusack's1,327 ft121 ft4596182022
54Aptos Creek FR Aptos Creek Road3,432 ft325 ft44441567911
55Chinquapin Trail (N) to Long Meadow Chinquapin Road4,777 ft107 ft4242188662
56Last Bridge to Bottom of Incline Aptos Creek Road1 mile123 ft4158250367
57Interval Hill, Top of Incline Aptos Creek Road2,042 ft214 ft4135255476
58Englesman Singletrack DH ( reroute) Engelsman Reroute4,312 ft159 ft40751688716
59incline only Aptos Creek Road1 mile612 ft40662448026
60Eucalyptus singletrack Rodrigo2,814 ft89 ft40541406013
61Long Medow Englesman/Long Meadow2 miles478 ft39861544114
62DH - Lower Sawpit after Mid-Climb Sawpit Trail1 mile727 ft3891135170
63Sawpit DH Sawpit Trail1 mile762 ft38491310829
64Chinquapin dip to twin gate Chinquapin Road3,627 ft156 ft3839163324
65DH - Lower SawPit Sawpit Trail1 mile755 ft3830129895
66Englesman Singletrack Climb (new reroute) Engelsman Reroute4,249 ft156 ft37941595711
67DH - Upper Sawpit Ridge Trail (Tractor to SawPit)4,004 ft460 ft37661248318
68Enchanted-DH only Enchanted Loop2,416 ft231 ft3758106667
69Chinquapin Climb Chinquapin Road1 mile191 ft3742158069
70Twin Oaks Downhill Twin Oaks3,738 ft118 ft37161254512
71Enchanted Forest DH Enchanted Loop3,983 ft292 ft36641041420
72Lower Sawpit DH Sawpit Trail1 mile796 ft3640117803
73Lower Sawpit D.H. Sawpit Trail5,008 ft688 ft3597114791
74Hammer Climb! Chinquapin Road3,043 ft67 ft3453131654
75Wild Boar Wild Boar2,395 ft80 ft3383131957
76Aptos Creek FR Lower Bacon to Ridge Aptos Creek Road2 miles657 ft3353112526
77UC Bike Path- woodchips to music building Great Meadow Bike Path (Uphill)2,915 ft181 ft3338373297
78Wilder Ridge Descent Wilder Ridge Loop1 mile302 ft3325121938
79Enchanted Loop connector Enchanted Loop925 ft17 ft331992094
80UC Bike Path to farm road Great Meadow Bike Path (Uphill)1,866 ft64 ft3270382491
81flow section 5 climb Tractor Trail1,097 ft168 ft324877570
82Don't Pause! Aptos Creek Road4,992 ft323 ft3188106302
83Cusacks Trail John Cusack's1 mile176 ft313193642
84Loma Railroad Descent Westridge Trail4,193 ft444 ft3121124582
85Z & B Downhill Aptos Creek Road1,994 ft129 ft3062109663
86Loma Prieta Railroad Grade Climb Westridge Trail1,638 ft316 ft3050120166
87Sideshow Aptos Creek Road743 ft38 ft301670463
88The Wall Baldwin/Enchanted/Eucalyptus543 ft56 ft282991750
89Farm Bump Great Meadow Bike Path (Uphill)728 ft29 ft2795254760
90Zane Gray DH Zane Gray Cutoff3,864 ft276 ft2623740723
91First Part of Twin Oaks Twin Oaks1,808 ft96 ft245673831
92Wasboard connector to bench@top of reroute Wild Boar1,039 ft24 ft244064973
93Can you hold it? Aptos Creek Road1 mile387 ft243775885
94Westridge waterbars to Hoffmans post Westridge Trail3,790 ft394 ft2338910311
95Wilder Ranch Loop to Zane Gray Cutoff Wilder Ridge Loop3,524 ft85 ft228964275
96Sand Point to Santa Rosalia Aptos Creek Road2 miles803 ft2257706410
97Westridge Speed Trap Westridge Trail1,140 ft106 ft225480004
98Old Cabin DH Old Cabin3,298 ft266 ft224157698
99Twin Oaks ( Road to Road) Twin Oaks4,771 ft194 ft219461482
100BearMtnClimb (track xing to trail head) Bear Mountain Trail3,226 ft281 ft21892767432
101Green Gate Bypass Aptos Creek Road714 ft38 ft215756541
102Tractor Climb from Flow Tractor Trail1 mile793 ft212939252
103Long Meadow Downhill Only Englesman/Long Meadow2 miles440 ft197278534
104Bottom of West Ridge to Top of SDF Aptos Creek Road10 miles2,451 ft1886549519
105Log Cabin climb Old Cabin1,715 ft175 ft184842415
106Woodcutter Trail Woodcutter's Trail5,173 ft338 ft179966231
107New Enchanted Climb Enchanted Loop3,919 ft240 ft1789469412
108Bear Mt xing to fork Bear Mountain Trail2,286 ft182 ft1768209604
109Lower Westridge DH Westridge Trail1 mile402 ft1741614713
110shale hill Zane Gray Cutoff2,433 ft240 ft174148821
111Carl Clutchminz Westridge Trail2 miles525 ft171860946
112Zane Gray Cutoff (2) Zane Gray Cutoff4,945 ft385 ft170546700
113THE WALL Aptos Creek Road3,012 ft330 ft170342393
114Red Hill Ascent Red Hill Road3,148 ft198 ft169296167
115Sawpit Lower DH Sawpit Trail4,261 ft591 ft158332446
116Westridge From Hoffman Westridge Trail3 miles894 ft157252939
117Pig S W A M P Piggy Trail1,863 ft193 ft146458755
118Twin Oaks Singletrack Climb fireroad to fireroad Twin Oaks1 mile227 ft142934133
119down to the creek Westridge Trail1 mile540 ft124133824
120Enchanted Loop Forest Climb Enchanted Loop3,901 ft279 ft81010011
121De Laveaga - fire road uphill Old Road (Enchanted)1,349 ft134 ft76634931
122Ouch Connector Old Road (Enchanted)456 ft87 ft74030661
123DLV Top option DH La Corona Trail1,744 ft170 ft63823254
124Vienna Woods Trail Descent Vienna Woods Trail2,420 ft219 ft39212162
125Rincon Fire Road Rincon Road1,795 ft202 ft3767371
126Hinckley-DH Hinckley Basin Fire Road2 miles764 ft3567721
127Bam! Powder Mill Fire Road1,574 ft134 ft3489651
128Pipeline Wall to GH Pipeline Road1,164 ft100 ft3329420
129Loma Prieta Railroad Grade Climb Westridge Trail4,265 ft448 ft2667700
130You kidding me! Hinckley Basin Fire Road2,077 ft226 ft2185961
131Bridge to Aptos Rancho Road Aptos Rancho Trail2 miles136 ft2026210
132Pain is weakness leaving the body Wilder Ridge Loop1,941 ft196 ft1712090
133Cuzacks South John Cusack's1 mile155 ft961440
134Blue Ball HC Anna Jean Loop599 ft124 ft471091
135Blue Ball Ridge Anna Jean Loop1,248 ft104 ft42900
136La Corona Dash La Corona Trail1 mile281 ft000
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