segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Temescal FR climb up to Mulholland Temescal Fire Rd3,127 ft148 ft39153560517
2BB ST DH Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge2,388 ft150 ft34521539112
3Rogers Bomb Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge2,955 ft296 ft27331212914
4Oak Tree to J-Drop Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge1 miles426 ft2682116389
5MG Singletrack MG Trail3,131 ft333 ft26122148832
6Temescal to J Drop Via BB Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge5 miles902 ft24071059620
7Last climb on BB DH by J-drop (fixed) Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge1,519 ft89 ft223685432
8Just Overlook Paseo Miramar Overlook Trail2,661 ft57 ft174268743
9detour de view Paseo Miramar Overlook Trail2,528 ft56 ft161960940
10Back from the overlook Paseo Miramar Overlook Trail2,495 ft54 ft159153452
111st DH single track Gape Sale2,867 ft372 ft1377892121
12JEDI /JUMPS Jedi Jumps4,587 ft537 ft1366965630
13E Topanga Fire Rd Climb Paseo Miramar Fire Road1,670 ft284 ft114051712
14Final Climb Paseo Miramar Fire Road1,916 ft113 ft109636232
15Is this climb really necessary? Paseo Miramar Fire Road1,865 ft143 ft106138742
16Kick off Paseo Miramar Fire Road383 ft44 ft101446001
17Paseo dirt descent Paseo Miramar Fire Road1 miles805 ft99632572
18Steep part of paseo miramar Paseo Miramar Fire Road1 miles831 ft94742991
19Paseo Dirt to over first hump Paseo Miramar Fire Road1 miles833 ft94642841
20Mountain Lion Highway (down) Horse Drop1,137 ft172 ft93585581
21Backbone (Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge) Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge6 miles1,337 ft930295040
22Garden Land Climb to Westridge Gardenland Fire Road1 miles462 ft919536124
23joe jr drop Nicholas Cage2,096 ft254 ft628459511
24Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cage1 miles363 ft594401014
25Upper Hectic Upper Hectic927 ft157 ft36817675
26Bryan's Climb. Yes he can clean the whole thing. Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge217 ft46 ft3336181
27Tasty Treats DH Tasty Treats1,198 ft179 ft3149087
28Steep MF Scorpion Hike Out1,200 ft243 ft30817196
29Scorpion Stinger Scorpion Hike Out2,048 ft321 ft30617343
30Horse Trail up from Old Ranch to QF Horse Drop2,593 ft184 ft26614310
31spanked Horse Drop1,571 ft195 ft26514281
32ONLY UP horse creek without a paddle Horse Drop1,073 ft162 ft26314251
33El Medio beginning part El Medio Down Hill787 ft147 ft363370
34El Medio Trail (DH) El Medio Down Hill1,833 ft266 ft353355
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