segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1DH North Burma End Push North Burma1,502 ft102 ft78966119311
2Trail from gate to North Burma (not hazardous) Channel Drive1,498 ft20 ft5960633116
3N. Burma DH middle to map post pump section North Burma1,940 ft141 ft56833961520
4North Burma - Parking Channel Drive4,307 ft62 ft55826126412
5Taint Richardson1,075 ft37 ft55434192914
6upper n. burma DH to Louis North Burma1,496 ft81 ft55324345422
7Upper N.Burma - NO climb North Burma947 ft65 ft55294335611
8Channel Trail westbound Channel Drive1 miles49 ft5447464280
9DH North Burma to Map North Burma4,710 ft165 ft53913611316
10S Burma Climb (from Buick Bench to 1st table) South Burma3,312 ft121 ft53413988120
11Jack Rabbit Climb South Burma1,798 ft108 ft53283976111
12Channel drive Channel Drive1 miles54 ft53254566818
13South Burma 1st bench to new South Burma Dh South Burma4,031 ft283 ft52553574714
14New South Burma DH South Burma2,748 ft142 ft49723309128
15Richardson gate to first bench Richardson3,868 ft272 ft49673551010
16South Burma DH South Burma1 miles413 ft48783190050
17Full South Burma South Burma2 miles446 ft47313036222
18Money Shot Marsh Trail2,522 ft60 ft47253953410
19Marsh Trail to First Picnic Table Marsh Trail3,895 ft292 ft4684414119
20On The Rocks Marsh Trail706 ft35 ft46654138610
21Warren Richardson Trail Richardson4,396 ft266 ft46323045327
22N. Burma good DH North Burma3,319 ft328 ft45052315023
23Lower N. Burma DH North Burma2,389 ft238 ft4422227197
24N Burma - pump track and good DH North Burma1 miles513 ft41982117715
25Warren Richardson Crusher Richardson3,410 ft211 ft41113097122
26warren richardson gauntlet Richardson2,280 ft192 ft4110312320
27Ridge switchback finish Ridge Trail3,007 ft121 ft4096241157
28DH North Burma North Burma1 miles486 ft39711961118
29Lawndale KOM North to South Lawndale Road2,925 ft191 ft38932063510
30Rough Go DH (Live Oak to Lake Trail) Rough Go2,109 ft96 ft38691911713
31Ridge Rocker (from marsh to first bench) Ridge Trail1 miles196 ft3843200609
32rush rush to the meadow Marsh Trail1,193 ft71 ft3792212515
33Top of Marsh to outhouse on Two Quarry Marsh Trail4,560 ft130 ft37662033511
34Richardson Partial Richardson1 miles445 ft3739244558
35Canyon Climb Canyon Road1,892 ft168 ft37065339219
36Richardson Gate to North Burma Richardson2 miles566 ft36852339922
37Aggressive Climb After Bridge Canyon Road1,025 ft110 ft36775182111
38Lawndale Entrance DH Lawndale761 ft51 ft3671149004
39Canyon...Bobcat to Turkey Gulch Canyon Road3,799 ft144 ft36555138112
40Consistant Canyon Climb to Bench Canyon Road1 miles282 ft3611510277
41Lawndale to the picnic table Lawndale2 miles481 ft3563137729
42Lawndale Switchback to Lot Lawndale1 miles459 ft3548137153
43W.P.R. - Lake to South Burma Richardson1,617 ft160 ft3544242209
44Lawndale Descent (Full) Lawndale3 miles731 ft35031343132
45Upper Schultz-Horse tie up table to power line Schultz5,002 ft218 ft3498145337
46Schultz from dogleg after creek crosing to Ridge/Pig Flat Schultz1 miles437 ft3469143304
47Schultz to Picnic Table Schultz4,195 ft218 ft34441384010
48Schultz to Ridge Schultz2 miles457 ft34411390014
49YoU D!rty B!tch Marsh Trail1,058 ft87 ft3438145809
50Lawndale V3 Lawndale2 miles679 ft34081261715
51New South Burma South Burma2,783 ft130 ft34002295210
521st S. Burma climb South Burma1,505 ft101 ft3390228878
53creekside single track (short) Canyon Road1,650 ft33 ft3377254308
54Climb to a view Canyon Road1 miles359 ft3344484953
55New South Burma (Richardson to first picnic table) South Burma1 miles377 ft33272104116
56Live Oak Trail north to south Live Oak4,114 ft89 ft33171625412
57Marsh Redwood Springs to Canyon Marsh Trail1 miles420 ft3316185315
58channel trail wb Channel Drive1 miles51 ft3285291440
59bench to bench Marsh Trail4,332 ft108 ft3246124515
60Rough go to Cobblestone For Sho Rough Go1,990 ft78 ft3160154146
61Lower Cobblestone DH Cobblestone2,921 ft224 ft3106138348
62Jackrabbit DH South Burma1,522 ft72 ft3095164628
63South Burma DH (top bench to Buick) South Burma3,370 ft120 ft30751637111
64Chanel Dr-TT- West Channel Drive1 miles68 ft2968255016
65Canyon short DH Canyon Road1,683 ft154 ft2844251786
66Full South Burma (Richardson to Buick) South Burma2 miles468 ft28091455818
67Two Quarry official Technical Climb Two Quarry2,896 ft302 ft2765112160
68Two Quarry Steep Two Quarry2,901 ft321 ft2759111897
69Oh It Hurts More Pig Flat2,289 ft121 ft274298533
70from rocky tech/steep section to outhouse at the top (2quarry up) Two Quarry1 miles458 ft2728108823
712 Quarry (Richardson to the Fire Road) Two Quarry1 miles392 ft27271081713
72Canyon DH (marsh to sping creek) Canyon Road1 miles394 ft27192225911
73Botom of Spring Creek DH Spring Creek3,753 ft159 ft26531864712
74CANYON - RIDGE CLIMB Canyon Road2 miles530 ft26483383735
75Rough Go - Lake to Live Oak Rough Go2,048 ft92 ft2636117703
76upper spring creek downhill Spring Creek2,302 ft249 ft26361823013
77Rough Go UH, Orchard to Top Rough Go1,625 ft80 ft2609104733
78Full Spring Creek DH Spring Creek1 miles347 ft25931766322
79Yellow Gate-2nd Bridge Canyon Road1 miles43 ft25242576810
80Little - Ridge Marsh To Marsh Ridge Trail5,257 ft158 ft2518147398
81Creek sprint (2nd bridge to gate) Canyon Road1 miles51 ft2481166707
82Cobblestone Climb Part 2 Cobblestone2,147 ft207 ft246181098
83Ridge (Marsh to Area 51 Exit) Ridge Trail1 miles217 ft2352110881
84Cobblestone Climb Part 1 Cobblestone2,870 ft225 ft2245668012
85Ridge N2S: Bench to Marsh Ridge Trail1 miles169 ft219888483
86Orchard Trail - Rough Go to Orchard Loop Orchard Trail1,902 ft93 ft215186309
87Ridge N2S: cutoff to Marsh Ridge Trail2 miles223 ft214686081
88Ridge, Marsh to Picnic Bench Ridge Trail2 miles222 ft209282445
89Ridge from Top of Shultz to Ridge/Marsh Ridge Trail4,062 ft166 ft208558723
90Lake Loop Left Lake Trail2,671 ft29 ft2041130337
91East Ledson Marsh N to S (Buick to Ridge/Marsh) Marsh Trail1 miles70 ft202194953
92Cobblestone Climb Cobblestone1 miles436 ft201656974
93Orchard DH, Loop to Rough Go Orchard Trail1,998 ft104 ft179757484
94Take it on the back side Lake Trail1,992 ft29 ft1760120269
95Lower Rough Go DH (from Cobblestone) Rough Go4,264 ft297 ft1750669810
96Orchard Trail S to N Orchard Trail1 miles110 ft172953961
97East Ledson Marsh S to N (Ridge/Marsh to Buick) Marsh Trail1 miles60 ft172564034
98Lower Spring Creek Up Spring Creek3,793 ft131 ft168770039
99Upper Upper Spring Creek Spring Creek1,776 ft224 ft163169225
100Live Oak Trail south to north Live Oak4,196 ft95 ft143144564
101Two Quarry Fireroad DH Two Quarry3,001 ft178 ft141964932
102DH-Two Quarry Two Quarry1 miles459 ft139762539
103Two Quarry DH Only Two Quarry4,407 ft418 ft138861198
104louis trail dh (n.burma to end) Lewis Trail3,419 ft118 ft130665997
105Rough Go UH from Bench to Short-Cut Rough Go878 ft70 ft128961312
106up from the picnic bench Lawndale2 miles517 ft128543601
107Rough Go Mini UH - Canyon to right fork Rough Go1,456 ft125 ft125066291
108Rough Go UH (Cobblestone to Live Oak) Rough Go2,977 ft115 ft117543412
109Rough Go UH to Bench Rough Go4,276 ft354 ft115263216
110Lawndale Gate to First Bench Lawndale3,159 ft194 ft111034671
111Rough Go DH Rough Go2 miles492 ft108738685
112North Burma UH - Live Oak to W.P.R. North Burma4,654 ft175 ft106837693
113uptown Marsh Trail224 ft57 ft99932450
114Ridge DH Boundry to Pig Ridge Trail3,815 ft165 ft94621100
115Squealing Down Pig Flat Pig Flat2,301 ft126 ft86624682
116north berma climb North Burma1 miles520 ft86220895
117Full Lawndale Lawndale3 miles753 ft830216313
118Rough Go UH Rough Go1 miles475 ft81836568
119East Ridge DH Ridge Trail4,055 ft165 ft80816043
120Schultz Top Section Schultz4,264 ft204 ft73020563
121Schultz Mid to Creek Schultz1,877 ft156 ft70419192
122Full Schulz DH (correct) Schultz2 miles459 ft70119814
123squirrel in the hand Up & Over813 ft67 ft65425336
124Squirrel Complete Up & Over2,798 ft108 ft62623426
125Sonoma Mountain Rd Climb Sonoma Ridge2 miles599 ft51116912
126Mountain DH Ridge to Bridge Mountain Trail4,594 ft427 ft43615282
127lazy squirrel Smokin' Aces1,645 ft315 ft42916915
128Ridge after switchbacks Sonoma Ridge4,474 ft209 ft42614901
129Ridge Switchbacks Sonoma Ridge1 miles374 ft41314361
130sonoma mt ridge dh Sonoma Ridge2 miles596 ft38713263
131Sonoma Mountain Rd Climb Mountain Trail4,222 ft532 ft3747911
132New fallen bridge upper DH New Fallen Bridge1,096 ft104 ft33921804
133Fern Lake Flow Fern Lake993 ft135 ft21713493
134Lower Coon Trap DH Coon Trap3,053 ft346 ft1553150
135Plum Trail Pear Tree1,571 ft47 ft1182530
136Quarry Trail Quarry2,099 ft151 ft1156992
137Angry Orchard Apricot Tree494 ft89 ft833330
138Cobblestone DH Cobblestone1 miles459 ft000
139North Berma to Live Oak UH North Burma3,497 ft375 ft000
140Shults Trail - gate to top Schultz2 miles464 ft000
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