segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Get it Up Creeks Black3,903 ft67 ft78639226
2Up n' Out Creeks Black1 mile152 ft48215861
3Black E-D SCMBC FatBike Loop #22,934 ft106 ft36917383
4Walsh Black WB Walsh Tract Black1 mile68 ft33311133
5Sweet Ride Down Strachan Tract Green B-C1,502 ft68 ft32213828
6end of steamwistle Strachan Tract Green B-C2,177 ft21 ft32214615
7Grunt Strachan Tract Red B-C664 ft47 ft32012663 - STEAMWHISTLE Start left (red) Strachan Tract Red B-C2,836 ft87 ft31612468
9Rabbit Hole Strachan Tract Red B-C2,250 ft17 ft31312300
106th Line Spike Hutch-Brown Red634 ft61 ft3129621
11Rock'N'Roll Hutch-Brown Red2 miles155 ft3068112
12Fade2Black Strachan Tract Black A-B2 miles103 ft2826010
13Grunt too Strachan Tract Black B-C1,051 ft75 ft2808791
14Charge the parking lot Strachan Tract Black B-C4,134 ft64 ft2628094
15Sweet Ride Up Strachan Tract Green B-C1,508 ft67 ft2407153
16Crawford West Red - South SCMBC FatBike Loop #24,011 ft74 ft2376592
17Black H-I Crawford Tract Black H-I2,917 ft48 ft2274892
18Red I-H Crawford Tract Red H-I1,818 ft49 ft2246942
19Fast Red Johnson Tract Red D-E3,319 ft110 ft2168190 - Red Rock-it up (to Steamwhistle) Creeks Red3,165 ft92 ft2156106
21Strachan Red B-A Strachan Tract Red A-B2,458 ft22 ft2096172
22Red H to I Crawford Tract Red H-I2,074 ft47 ft2067072 - Red Quarry run Strachan Tract Red B-C2,844 ft44 ft1984931
24SCMBC-Red Rock-It Down Creeks Red3,516 ft104 ft1955727
25Bring it home Breedon Tract Red2,799 ft14 ft1946502
26Black G-F Arbour Tract Black F-G1 mile77 ft1614783
27Green E-D Johnson Tract Green D-E2,296 ft74 ft1433485
28Twisty Turny like a twisty turny thing Schumacher Red1,110 ft110 ft1373760
29Double Barrel Flow SCMBC A Line Lower Flow Climb Trail1,484 ft48 ft1354102 - Short Flow Track A Line Lower Flow Climb Trail1,220 ft43 ft1354311
31G-Rant Crawford Tract Green H-I3,767 ft64 ft1306337
32Red Walsh Westbound Walsh Tract Red4,975 ft42 ft1294204
33Red F-G Arbour Tract Red F-G2,202 ft57 ft1282481 - Trash Panda Strachan Tract Black A-B2 miles107 ft1282630
35Green H-I Crawford Tract Green H-I2,639 ft41 ft1264843
36Green F-G Arbour Tract Green F-G4,167 ft66 ft1182552
37Black Walsh East Bound Walsh Tract Black1 mile57 ft1173675
38mountain climbers Schumacher Red918 ft77 ft1164354
39Black D-E Johnson Tract Black D-E2,951 ft51 ft1162344
40Runaway Freight Train Schumacher Tract Black5,093 ft153 ft1154235 - Schumacher Connector Walkers Private Property Connector - Line 94,414 ft63 ft1083163
42the Link Walkers Private Property Connector - Line 94,136 ft66 ft1083161
43Green G-F Arbour Tract Green F-G4,255 ft65 ft1062084
44CW short loop Breedon Tract Black3 miles133 ft942050 - Schumacher to Walsh connecter Walkers Private Property Connector - Line 94,542 ft66 ft922622
46Crawford West Black Crawford Tract West Black3,627 ft22 ft842263
47Red G to F Arbour Tract Red F-G2,195 ft58 ft831811
48Black F to G Arbour Tract Black F-G1 mile79 ft791642
49Ed Sutherland Clockwise SCMBC FatBike Loop #22 miles37 ft761162 - GO VEGAN Black Tustin Tract Black J-K2,757 ft30 ft64952
51Ed Sutherland Tract Red Fast Eddies Kids Loop Red (Ed Sutherland Tract)5,009 ft31 ft571052
52H/I to Ed sutherland clockwise Crawford Tract West Red - South2,918 ft55 ft531250 - GO VEGAN Green Tustin Tract Green J-K2,761 ft63 ft51862
54Ed sutherland to black H/I Crawford Tract West Red - South2,969 ft61 ft43960
55Hutch Fat CCW 18/19 Hutch-Brown Red2 miles63 ft32481
56Red j to k Tustin Tract Red J-K2,688 ft80 ft32740
57Run Bike Loop 6th Line Trail Connector294 ft4 ft29910
58The wall Strachan Tract Red B-C111 ft2 ft18270
59Hutch Fat CW 18/19 Hutch-Brown Red2 miles63 ft17221
60Mountain Schumacher Red1,201 ft116 ft17750
61Sutherland Loop black/red from BLS SCMBC FatBike Loop #22 miles27 ft16181
62sutherland Loop Red/Black from BLS SCMBC FatBike Loop #22 miles27 ft15210
63Black k to j Tustin Tract Black J-K4,551 ft87 ft10130
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