Mountain Bike
6th Line Trail Connector
978 ft-24 ft
9th line Connector
3,140 ft-62 ft153 ft
Arbour to Hutch Connector
699 ft
Arbour Tract Black F-G
1 mile-118 ft156 ft
Arbour Tract Green F-G
4,678 ft-98 ft112 ft
Arbour Tract Red F-G
2,503 ft-51 ft63 ft
Bass Lake Rd Spur
642 ft-42 ft
Breedon Tract Black
3 miles-609 ft676 ft
Breedon Tract Red
2,726 ft-62 ft
Common Connector
1,355 ft-54 ft
328 ft-11 ft
535 ft14 ft
Crawford Private Property - Ganaraska Trail Connector
2,818 ft-50 ft73 ft
Crawford to Tustin Connector
1,762 ft-69 ft
Crawford Tract Black H-I
3,442 ft-91 ft61 ft
Crawford Tract Green H-I
3,258 ft-69 ft44 ft
Crawford Tract Red H-I
1,941 ft-72 ft55 ft
Crawford Tract West Black
3,629 ft-43 ft17 ft
Crawford Tract West Red - North
3,235 ft-24 ft50 ft
Crawford Tract West Red - South
4,186 ft-40 ft99 ft
Creeks Black
4 miles-368 ft286 ft
Creeks Red
4,094 ft-10 ft114 ft
Fast Eddies Kids Loop Black (Ed Sutherland Tract)
3,402 ft-23 ft13 ft
Fast Eddies Kids Loop Red (Ed Sutherland Tract)
1 mile-38 ft43 ft
Ganaraska - Strachan Connector
1,375 ft-20 ft3 ft
Hutch-Brown Black
2 miles-192 ft150 ft
Hutch-Brown Red
2 miles-199 ft253 ft
Johnson Tract Black D-E
3,025 ft-118 ft26 ft
Johnson Tract Connector
361 ft15 ft
Johnson Tract Green D-E
2,717 ft-111 ft16 ft
Johnson Tract Red D-E
3,894 ft-151 ft58 ft
Kids Loop Cut off
554 ft8 ft
Lower Creeks Black
1 mile-95 ft97 ft
2 miles-129 ft135 ft
Schumacher Red
1 mile-43 ft154 ft
Schumacher Tract Black
1 mile-163 ft59 ft
Strachan Tract - Kids Loop
518 ft5 ft
Strachan Tract Black A-B
2 miles-191 ft124 ft
Strachan Tract Black B-C
2 miles-112 ft124 ft
Strachan Tract Green A-B
1 mile-156 ft92 ft
Strachan Tract Green B-C
2 miles-62 ft52 ft
Strachan Tract Red A-B
2,457 ft-29 ft16 ft
Strachan Tract Red B-C
3 miles-214 ft212 ft
Sugarbush Connector K
804 ft-19 ft
Tustin Tract Black J-K
4,908 ft-140 ft50 ft
Tustin Tract Green J-K
2,949 ft-88 ft3 ft
Tustin Tract Red J-K
2,966 ft96 ft
Valley Trail Private Property Connector
2,971 ft-30 ft59 ft
Walkers Private Property Connector - Line 9
2,972 ft-55 ft45 ft
Walsh Spur
801 ft-3 ft11 ft
Walsh Tract Black
1 mile-75 ft78 ft
Walsh Tract Red
4,423 ft-96 ft94 ft
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