Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"Shore"Pentland Hills
2,449 ft-9 ft9 ft
"TSL" AndroidClydeside
1,012 ft-155 ft15 ft
#PlanB - (1)Caberston
1,010 ft-209 ft
#RokNroll - (3)Caberston
541 ft-66 ft
10 Under the BenNevis Range
5,157 ft-184 ft76 ft
10 Under the Ben (Lower)Nevis Range
1,235 ft-78 ft6 ft
10 Under the Ben AccessNevis Range
1,514 ft-11 ft34 ft
12.5 TurnzLynmacgregor Wood
726 ft-96 ft
17 Years in the FoundryCampsie Glen
3,504 ft-686 ft6 ft
1st DescentBadaguish
1,286 ft-165 ft
2 Hoes BroYair
1,752 ft-266 ft
2 Lochs TrailTaynuilt
16 miles-1,737 ft1,892 ft
22 BendsForest of Ae
5,076 ft-12 ft316 ft
28 InchesOld Kilpatrick
2,569 ft-438 ft
2nd BASE - (4)Caberston
1,572 ft-404 ft
2nd climb towards quarry gateDalgety Bay
1,989 ft-52 ft130 ft
2nd DateTraquair Trails
371 ft-109 ft
2nd Date (Lower)Traquair Trails
676 ft-123 ft
3 Lochs WayHelensburgh
3,058 ft-18 ft205 ft
39 stepsTraquair Trails
741 ft-122 ft
39 steps (Lower)Traquair Trails
230 ft
3G (Middle) - (3)Caberston
1,096 ft-139 ft
3G - (4)Caberston
2,664 ft-581 ft
3g EWS Exit - (4)Caberston
200 ft
3G LinkCaberston
177 ft
3LW Hill House Path To FruinHelensburgh
2 miles-270 ft200 ft
4 Lochs LinkTorridon
4 miles-93 ft1,309 ft
4 PeaksGlenmore
5 miles-1,775 ft1,897 ft
45 DegreesGleniffer Braes Country Park
180 ft-8 ft
4X / BMX TrackDundee
1,171 ft-3 ft
4X TrackNevis Range
1,267 ft-127 ft
5 loggerHigh Wood
1,207 ft-74 ft
50 Shades Of BeigeHeldon Hill
1,873 ft-448 ft
50 Shades of FlowPitmedden
1,224 ft-104 ft10 ft
5G Upgrade pCaberston
1,890 ft-120 ft
1,614 ft-330 ft37 ft
1,545 ft-229 ft
97 dhForest of Ae
1,487 ft-302 ft2 ft
97 Line (Lower)Forest of Ae
653 ft-154 ft
A (very small) LineCraiglug
607 ft-37 ft5 ft
A Bit Of Poo Came Out...Countesswells
1,161 ft-121 ft
A Bit Of SpackerTraquair Trails
659 ft-51 ft
A Fully Trimmed BushLearnie Red Rocks
1,579 ft-193 ft
A GameOrd Hill and Kilmuir Hill
1,532 ft-320 ft5 ft
A LineDH Farm
2,322 ft-260 ft
A Path Seldom Travelled.Dalbeattie Forest
1 mile-131 ft117 ft
A river runs through itPitmedden
2,671 ft-191 ft3 ft
A Salmon's JourneyTraquair Trails
1,886 ft-350 ft
A spot of GolfTillicoultry
751 ft-151 ft
A steep bit of overgrown singletrackCarron Valley
1,705 ft-167 ft2 ft
A Trail of John RossClydeside
299 ft-26 ft
A wee touch of CallanderBracklinn Falls
1,598 ft136 ft
1,020 ft-162 ft
A2 LineDH Farm
648 ft-70 ft
A96 my DeerBin Forest
650 ft-103 ft
Abbey DescentHeldon Hill
991 ft-216 ft
AC JointGlentress
472 ft-62 ft
1,742 ft127 ft
4,400 ft-65 ft3 ft
1,010 ft-24 ft2 ft
400 ft
1,188 ft179 ft
Access BridgeNevis Range
133 ft17 ft
Access PathBracklinn Falls
1 mile-140 ft288 ft
Access PathCraigvinean
1,289 ft-2 ft26 ft
Access PathCraigvinean
3,018 ft-66 ft70 ft
Access PathCraigvinean
1 mile-201 ft2 ft
Access PathDumyat
1,398 ft49 ft
Access PathAchray Forest
804 ft144 ft
Access PathCaberston
522 ft
Access PathAtholl Hill
817 ft-60 ft
Access PathAtholl Hill
771 ft13 ft
Access PathGlentress
358 ft-18 ft
Access PathGlentress
581 ft7 ft
Access Path (Sawmill Woods bottom)Pitmedden
1,093 ft30 ft
Access Path BAlexandra Park
3,166 ft-30 ft81 ft
Access RoadFalkirk
433 ft-2 ft
Access RoadAberfeldy
2 miles-421 ft
Access RoadBennachie
1,803 ft182 ft
Access To TrailsYair
4,452 ft-55 ft22 ft
Access to trailsGlen Devon
2,999 ft127 ft
Access TrackKemback Woods
269 ft
Access TrackDalmarnock
1 mile-103 ft43 ft
Access TrackCarron Valley
1,427 ft84 ft
Access TrackCarron Valley
1,207 ft-61 ft49 ft
Access TrackCarron Valley
164 ft
Access TrackWhite Hill Wood
581 ft58 ft
Access TrackGlen Devon
305 ft
Access TrailDalwhinnie
11 miles-1,224 ft1,434 ft
Access TrailBennachie
1,326 ft-30 ft68 ft
Access TrailNewcastleton Trails
643 ft77 ft
Access TrailBalloch
135 ft-3 ft
Access TrailBen Lawers
2,700 ft-181 ft6 ft
Access TrailWeem Wood
1,522 ft210 ft
Access TrailWeem Wood
2,717 ft-17 ft171 ft
Access TrailWeem Wood
249 ft26 ft
Access TrailDurris Forest
2,126 ft-8 ft119 ft
Access TrailDurris Forest
968 ft23 ft
Access TrailCaberston
5,246 ft856 ft
Access TrailGlen Devon
1,119 ft-116 ft
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