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551 Kilt To Maddy's Madness ConnectorFitzpatrick Mountain
737 ft
A. MacLeod rdFitzpatrick Mountain
3,909 ft-7 ft
BlowdownFitzpatrick Mountain
4,860 ft-334 ft
Cape to Cape Trail - To The WindmillsFitzpatrick Mountain
5,067 ft-135 ft
Cape to Cape Trail - Windmills to MillsvilleFitzpatrick Mountain
1.5 miles-380 ft
Chalet ConectorFitzpatrick Mountain
176 ft
ConnectorFitzpatrick Mountain
198 ft-8 ft
ConnectorFitzpatrick Mountain
246 ft-28 ft
ConnectorFitzpatrick Mountain
98 ft
Dodgy Camp DoubletrackFitzpatrick Mountain
1.4 miles-27 ft
DreamFitzpatrick Mountain
2,623 ft-79 ft
Ella AwesomeFitzpatrick Mountain
2,115 ft-26 ft
Fat LipFitzpatrick Mountain
1,322 ft
Fitz to Freerider ConnectorFitzpatrick Mountain
1,237 ft-1 ft
FreeriderFitzpatrick Mountain
2,492 ft-193 ft
KiltFitzpatrick Mountain
2,326 ft-232 ft
Maddy's MadnessFitzpatrick Mountain
3,056 ft-173 ft
Original FItzFitzpatrick Mountain
2.4 miles-40 ft
Picnic table connectorFitzpatrick Mountain
712 ft
Porter Road to Grant Road DescentScotsburn
1.3 miles-209 ft
Reindeer RoadFitzpatrick Mountain
1,392 ft-11 ft
Rocket RobertFitzpatrick Mountain
2,451 ft-217 ft
Start fieldFitzpatrick Mountain
3,528 ft
Sweet SevernFitzpatrick Mountain
3,242 ft-87 ft
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