statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
618 ft-34 ft
Bramble PatchSouth Seatac
1,171 ft-7 ft
BulldozerSouth Seatac
753 ft-70 ft
Carpet SampleSeatac
320 ft-7 ft
Cracker JackSouth Seatac
1,314 ft-130 ft
DaytonaSouth Seatac
432 ft-25 ft
Dirt JumpsSeatac
435 ft-23 ft
DMC EntrySouth Seatac
321 ft
Doin' TimeSouth Seatac
391 ft-17 ft
Drop on inSouth Seatac
126 ft-21 ft
Field MouseSouth Seatac
771 ft-66 ft
Fields of IvySouth Seatac
322 ft-25 ft
Fraggle RockSouth Seatac
186 ft-37 ft
Goal PostSouth Seatac
458 ft-7 ft
Green AcresSouth Seatac
289 ft-6 ft
HR PufnstufSouth Seatac
282 ft-15 ft
HR Pufnstuf's B LineSouth Seatac
141 ft
Ivy LeagueSouth Seatac
275 ft
Little Hobo ExtensionSouth Seatac
519 ft-72 ft
NST TwistySeatac
465 ft-17 ft
Old School Cemetery Hill AccessSouth Seatac
1,190 ft-10 ft
S 204th ConnectorSouth Seatac
414 ft-41 ft
Smoker's PointSouth Seatac
295 ft-39 ft
Space Mountain - Left SideSouth Seatac
291 ft-44 ft
Space Mountain Uphill AccessSouth Seatac
462 ft
Space Mountain's RevengeSouth Seatac
853 ft-43 ft
SST Jump LineSouth Seatac
1,183 ft-180 ft
SST RidgelineSouth Seatac
524 ft-32 ft
Step Down/Step UpSouth Seatac
380 ft-3 ft
The Littlest HoboSouth Seatac
690 ft-67 ft
The remains of cemetery hillSouth Seatac
1,236 ft-135 ft
The Triple DoubleSouth Seatac
485 ft-63 ft
Tree ShrewSouth Seatac
415 ft-57 ft
Tub LakeSeatac
1,136 ft-16 ft
Turns and BermsSouth Seatac
626 ft-46 ft
TwistySouth Seatac
222 ft-34 ft
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