segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Sacramento River Trail Climb Sacramento Rail Trail2,195 ft367 ft1120842511Redding
2The REAL Escalator The Escalator2 miles552 ft892911639Redding
3Escalator up The Escalator2 miles534 ft888904812Redding
4Super-D to the saddle The Escalator1,649 ft62 ft88391832Redding
5Ice Box Icebox1 miles508 ft809290213Redding
6BC Finish Icebox1 miles494 ft80328964Redding
7Middle Box Middle Ice Box1,609 ft180 ft76927272Redding
8Middle Gateway Gateway1 miles174 ft69622622Mt. Shasta
9Everett to gravel rd Gateway (North)3 miles469 ft68624719Mount Shasta
10River trail up to Sunflower 10 Bridges3,573 ft147 ft66384626Redding
1110 bridges dirt climb 10 Bridges3,469 ft146 ft660839620Redding
12Back 9 to Pig Gateway3,333 ft7 ft65228531Mt. Shasta
13Quick Grip N Rip Hornbeck769 ft107 ft62623142Redding
14Buckhollow Buck Hollow3,088 ft113 ft62224223Redding
15Buckhollow trail Buck Hollow4,948 ft173 ft62124126Redding
16Short DH Buck Hollow727 ft49 ft62024003Redding
17Terminator Mule Mountain (Terminator)1 miles454 ft610351323Redding
18Boom Boom son! Brandy Creek Falls Trail656 ft62 ft60319384Redding
19Top flow Mule Mountain (Terminator)1,408 ft96 ft60335031Redding
20bottom flow Mule Mountain (Terminator)1,692 ft231 ft60335001Redding
21Pig Farm Pig Farm2,743 ft132 ft601365719Mount Shasta
22Middletown Park Drive Climb Mule Ridge1,298 ft301 ft59344806Redding
23Pass to Table Mule Ridge4,204 ft174 ft59245779Redding
24Middle Creek Trail Upper Middle Creek1 miles264 ft58547025Redding
2510 Bridges Down 10 Bridges3,462 ft152 ft57544328Redding
26Mary Lake to Valparaiso Way Top Of The World Summit From Mary Lake2,217 ft151 ft553865012Redding
27Peltier Valley Rd Climb Peltier Valley Road North Side2,576 ft338 ft55117997Redding
28Walker Mine Switchbacks Upper Sacramento Ditch3,298 ft129 ft55021525Whiskeytown
29Upper salt creek Upper Salt Creek1 miles106 ft528489616Redding
30Kevin's trail on Middle creek to 299E Upper Middle Creek3,692 ft151 ft52542083Redding
31lower FB trail FB (Lower)2 miles242 ft522238812Redding
32Lower FB South to North FB (Lower)2 miles215 ft51931168Redding
33Brandy Creek Rd Climb Brandy Creek Road3,327 ft293 ft50615712Redding
34down escalator The Escalator2 miles569 ft48625912Redding
35Down Escalator The Escalator2 miles524 ft48226599Redding
36Lombard Snail Trail1 miles648 ft479302318Redding
37Salt Creek - 299 to Lower Springs Upper Salt Creek1 miles106 ft456357611Redding
38MC Connector Uphill Middle Creek Connector1,891 ft113 ft45435375Redding
39Heart Attack Down Heart Attack1 miles465 ft451366024Susanville
40Enduro Race Run D Heart Attack1 miles470 ft45036535Susanville
41Westside Blast Top Of The World Summit From Mary Lake1,368 ft146 ft45054396Redding
42Bottom Cosmos to Muletown connector Princess Ditch3 miles274 ft44019177Redding
43Chimney downhill Chimney1 miles179 ft439135110Redding
44The Ditch Princess Switchbacks Princess Ditch1 miles253 ft43519144Redding
45Snail Trail Upper Middle Creek1 miles255 ft43318983Redding
46MC Connector Down Middle Creek Connector2,096 ft111 ft42933581Redding
47Up Rob Otis Mule Mountail Loop2,828 ft118 ft41220142Redding
48Rust Bucket Hornbeck1,182 ft48 ft40916094Redding
49Hypermountain Mule Ridge2,142 ft171 ft40221454Redding
50Heart Attack UP Heart Attack1 miles463 ft396303126Susanville
51Table to Cosmos Mule Ridge2,736 ft151 ft38819055Redding
52Parking lot to top Top Of The World Summit From Mary Lake2,209 ft216 ft38636823Redding
53Shastice Advanced Line Shastice Connector850 ft86 ft37924796Mount Shasta
54Valparaiso to Top Of The World Westside Trails4,734 ft314 ft37738414Redding
55Roadhouse to Creek Snail Trail2 miles737 ft37720616Redding
56Cosmos Downhill Cosmos Way4,594 ft510 ft37113986Redding
57Crank yanker Dirt Road Connect1,048 ft79 ft36814361Redding
58Delano Dr climb Delano Dr.2,322 ft123 ft36721560Redding
59Cosmos Litespeed Cosmos Way3,738 ft503 ft36413863Redding
60Upper to Lower parking Delano Dr Delano Dr.3,843 ft160 ft36316141Redding
61Upper wintu jump line Wintu Loop924 ft111 ft35913464Redding
62Middle Gateway Descent Gateway1,390 ft116 ft3586911Mt. Shasta
63OLD VERSION - OLD VERSION - Middle Gateway Gateway2,259 ft126 ft3536531Mt. Shasta
64Falcons View Dr Climb The Escalator2,304 ft286 ft35311743Redding
65Lower Cliffhanger Cliffhanger2,679 ft370 ft33819968Mt. Shasta
66Special Sauce Special Sauce1,107 ft29 ft336151311My City
67Area 51, Tilton to Victoria Area 51 East Side1,229 ft49 ft32130905Redding
68The Dam Switchbacks Upper Sacramento Ditch2,568 ft119 ft3129893Whiskeytown
69Walker Mine Rd Climb Chamise Peak3,512 ft288 ft31113003Whiskeytown
70Trail 58 - Up Trail 582 miles174 ft31115234Redding
71"Up Trail 58" Trail 582 miles181 ft305138214Redding
7210 Cent Downhill Ten Cent Gulch Trail3,579 ft221 ft29017397Weaverville
73BTE Best Trail Ever4,472 ft331 ft28212785Susanville
74Up F.unny B.usiness Hornbeck (South Cutoff)955 ft63 ft27810866Redding
75Upper Ditch connector trail Flanagan1 miles337 ft27211394Whiskeytown
76Entertainer 40N88X894 ft47 ft2698265Mount Shasta
77Marley Trail Marley4,294 ft119 ft2676343Mount Shasta
78F.unny B.usiness Downhill Hornbeck (South Cutoff)797 ft67 ft2668966Redding
79S Fork Lookout Rd Climb Southfork4,848 ft271 ft2649864Whiskeytown
80salt creek to creek Lower Salt Creek1 miles131 ft25611052Redding
81Salt Creek - Below the Creek to River Trail Lower Salt Creek1 miles138 ft25610150Redding
82Lower Salt Creek - Creek to Trail Lower Salt Creek1 miles139 ft25610170Redding
83S Fork Lookout Rd Climb Southfork4,615 ft344 ft2549284Whiskeytown
84Down "Trail 58" Trail 582 miles167 ft2539749Redding
85Walker Mine Rd Climb Flanagan1 miles330 ft25110133Whiskeytown
86lower salt creek Lower Salt Creek1 miles180 ft2479598Redding
87Bottle Cap Bottle Cap2,318 ft182 ft24518307Redding
88Upper Tunnel Trail The Tunnel1,461 ft116 ft24414686Mount Shasta
89Chamise top half Chamise Peak4,307 ft213 ft2428962Whiskeytown
90Meiners Segment Meiner's Loop4,089 ft132 ft2355382Redding
91S Fork Lookout Rd Climb Southfork1 miles545 ft2317505Whiskeytown
92Flat Interval Lo Go2,366 ft107 ft2307797Susanville
93Nutter Butter downhill Nutter Butter Loop1,834 ft122 ft229161011Redding
94S Fork Lookout Rd Climb Southfork1 miles396 ft2288364Whiskeytown
95Middle West Climb Middle West4,124 ft313 ft2246276Susanville
96Twister Twister3,323 ft91 ft22213926Redding
97Chamise Climb to Bench Chamise Peak1 miles341 ft21510003Whiskeytown
98S Fork Lookout Rd Climb Southfork1 miles408 ft2107212Whiskeytown
99Goats Garden 8 Mile (Goats Garden)2,915 ft618 ft2069065Mount Shasta
100New Princess Ditch Princess Ditch3 miles85 ft2044843Redding
101Middle Hill Down Westside Trails1,332 ft129 ft2039313Redding
102The Real French Fry DH South Upper French Fry1 miles272 ft1955152Whiskeytown
103middle west dh Middle West4,511 ft300 ft195106310Susanville
104Chamise Downhill-Bottom Chamise Peak1 miles355 ft1888654Whiskeytown
105low-go dh Lo Go2,414 ft97 ft1869397Susanville
106Kevin's trail - down Kevin's3,991 ft147 ft1838483Redding
107Up Terminator Mule Mountain (Terminator)1 miles524 ft1834754Redding
108S. Fork Climb: Final Push Southfork2 miles558 ft1795952Whiskeytown
109Cosmos Way Climb Cosmos Way4,051 ft511 ft1724754Redding
110Flanagan to Chamise Peak Chamise Peak2 miles710 ft1716474Whiskeytown
111Chamise Peak Climb Chamise Peak2 miles680 ft1716452Whiskeytown
112Westside Trails - Middle Hill Westside Trails1,384 ft157 ft1709888Redding
113Boulder Downhill Boulder DH2,289 ft492 ft1674335Mt. Shasta
114Clikapudi South Climb Road to Summit Clikapudi1,364 ft135 ft1604011Redding
115Mule Mountain Summit Mule Mountain Summit5,271 ft449 ft1594914Redding
116South Fork Up & Down Southfork13 miles2,048 ft1514864Whiskeytown
117Clikapudi South Climb Junction to Road Clikapudi757 ft76 ft1493871Redding
118Clikapudi Climb Clikapudi1,874 ft132 ft1483721Redding
119Full Chamise Downhill Chamise Peak2 miles681 ft1454265Whiskeytown
120The Real Chamise Down Chamise Peak4,781 ft294 ft1313773Whiskeytown
121Horse Head - Down Scrap Iron1,535 ft50 ft13075310Susanville
122Upper Ditch trail Humbug Trail2 miles407 ft1304193Yreka
123Bonecrusher Bonecrusher1,442 ft277 ft1222735Mt. Shasta
124Dirty Dancing Mule Mountain Summit4,725 ft409 ft1202856Redding
12510 cent uphill Ten Cent Gulch Trail3,505 ft208 ft1173170Weaverville
126Down trail 76 Shasta OHV Trail 762 miles727 ft1161734Redding
127Peltier Valley Road Climb Icebox4,780 ft314 ft1131671Redding
128Buck Hollow Backwards Buck Hollow3,987 ft146 ft1132231Redding
129Filthy Dirty Dance Mule Mountain Summit5,210 ft449 ft1062383Redding
130Up Brandy Creek single tract Icebox1 miles482 ft931383Redding
131Lava Flow DH Lava Flow3,604 ft397 ft924568Susanville
132Teacher Rock DH East Garden Gulch Trail2,593 ft201 ft913601Weaverville
133Road House up Snail Trail1 miles651 ft902003Redding
134Clikapudi Quick Downhill Clikapudi1,829 ft141 ft871530Redding
135Clikapudi clockwise final climb Clikapudi971 ft88 ft851490Redding
136Chamise Up N Down Chamise Peak5 miles684 ft842011Whiskeytown
137climb to ditch East Garden Gulch Trail2,529 ft191 ft842630Weaverville
138Waterfall Bypass FB Waterfall2,447 ft85 ft821360Redding
139Up Lava Flow* Lava Flow3,379 ft391 ft711864Susanville
1408Mile 2 5Mile 8 Mile (Goats Garden)4,999 ft849 ft703092Mount Shasta
141Kevin's trail backwards Kevin's4,783 ft150 ft661972Redding
142Area 51- Abduction Area 514,787 ft89 ft532832Redding
143Nutter Butter Up Nutter Butter Loop1,375 ft138 ft522772Redding
144Head Banger Headbanger1,139 ft265 ft48871Redding
145Not sure where climb Best Trail Ever3,678 ft320 ft45694Susanville
146Up Bottle Cap Bottle Cap2,291 ft182 ft37520Redding
147Trail of Doom Climb Out Dry Creek Trail1,847 ft130 ft36462Redding
148CLIKAPUDI LOOP CCW Clikapudi7 miles245 ft30480Redding
149FB - East Shore Loop Upper FB Trail6 miles127 ft25631Redding
150Clikapudi Loop Clikapudi7 miles234 ft21381Redding
151Area 51- Abduction Reversed Area 514,791 ft87 ft172442Redding
152Trail 16 Down Trail 164,310 ft489 ft17363Redding
153Clikapudi Clockwise Loop Clikapudi7 miles245 ft16210Redding
154Trail 14 West Trail 141 miles184 ft11140Redding
155Coram Road Climb Trail 761 miles478 ft6110Redding
156UP 76 Trail 762 miles740 ft6110Redding
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