Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
93 DHEastridge Woods
1,919 ft-192 ft2 ft
93 DH BottomEastridge Woods
675 ft-107 ft
98 DHEastridge Woods
2,251 ft-341 ft2 ft
Abbey RunHaughmond Hill
1 mile-26 ft169 ft
Abbey Run (Alternative)Haughmond Hill
1,911 ft-24 ft16 ft
Across the Field to Bottom of the HillHaughmond Hill
1,391 ft96 ft
Across to the GateHaughmond Hill
667 ft-8 ft11 ft
Acton Burnell BridlewayLong Mynd
2 miles-178 ft
Acton Burnell Roman RoadLong Mynd
4,774 ft-91 ft15 ft
Adstone HillLong Mynd
2 miles-314 ft327 ft
Anaheim BottomShelve
583 ft-115 ft4 ft
Anaheim TopShelve
1,058 ft-111 ft10 ft
ArkwrightEastridge Woods
1,525 ft-123 ft38 ft
ArmadilloHaughmond Hill
732 ft-88 ft
Asterton Wet BridlewayLong Mynd
2,477 ft-28 ft97 ft
Avoid Rocks LoopStiperstones
2,030 ft-68 ft57 ft
BailoutHaughmond Hill
494 ft-8 ft38 ft
Balls to the FloorLong Mynd
254 ft-41 ft
Bentley Ford Farm BridlewayLong Mynd
1 mile188 ft
Big Log (Hang on!, Where's the Log?)Eastridge Woods
1,389 ft-155 ft
Biggy Part 1Haughmond Hill
351 ft-33 ft
Biggy Part 2Haughmond Hill
764 ft-78 ft
BiltongEastridge Woods
869 ft-103 ft
Bing ClimbHaughmond Hill
706 ft76 ft
Black Ditches to BogStiperstones
1,046 ft-110 ft
Black Ditches to ReservoirStiperstones
2 miles-133 ft146 ft
Black Marsh TrailStiperstones
3,166 ft-6 ft183 ft
Black Radley Bottom TrackStiperstones
2,028 ft26 ft
Black Radley DownhillStiperstones
1,086 ft-176 ft
Black Radley To The TopStiperstones
2,113 ft148 ft
Blue AnticlockwiseHaughmond Hill
1 mile-68 ft79 ft
Blue Clockwise Summit LoopHaughmond Hill
1,505 ft-57 ft
Blue ConnectorHaughmond Hill
1,830 ft-10 ft17 ft
Blue LinkHaughmond Hill
463 ft-24 ft
BluebellesHaughmond Hill
1,768 ft-88 ft15 ft
BobrunHaughmond Hill
637 ft-47 ft
Bog Hill to Pennerley BOATStiperstones
4,646 ft-138 ft7 ft
Boiling Well ClimbLong Mynd
1,328 ft74 ft
BoingHaughmond Hill
895 ft-130 ft
Boing Left Hand StartHaughmond Hill
110 ft-3 ft
Boing Right Hand FinishHaughmond Hill
184 ft-36 ft
BoneyardHaughmond Hill
574 ft-76 ft2 ft
Bottom DiversionHaughmond Hill
292 ft-9 ft
Bottom Of The HillHaughmond Hill
1 mile-85 ft189 ft
Boundary TrackLong Mynd
761 ft26 ft
BreadcrumbsHaughmond Hill
374 ft-21 ft
Bridle WayEastridge Woods
3,854 ft-36 ft317 ft
Brook Vessons BridlewayStiperstones
1 mile-301 ft43 ft
1,234 ft-145 ft
Burway RighthandLong Mynd
1,640 ft-234 ft
Burway to Cardingmill RampLong Mynd
1,971 ft-38 ft34 ft
Callow Left HandLong Mynd
1,498 ft45 ft
Callow Over The TopLong Mynd
2,613 ft-156 ft20 ft
Callow to Small BatchLong Mynd
2 miles-975 ft60 ft
Can I go down the Chute?Haughmond Hill
461 ft-29 ft17 ft
Caradoc ClimbLong Mynd
3,304 ft-12 ft407 ft
Caradoc NorthLong Mynd
4,224 ft-760 ft3 ft
Caradoc SouthLong Mynd
4,156 ft-606 ft6 ft
Carding Mill to Batch ValleyLong Mynd
1 mile-335 ft279 ft
Cardington BridlewayLong Mynd
1 mile-119 ft274 ft
Cathy Go HomeHaughmond Hill
420 ft-38 ft
Causeway Wood BridlewayLong Mynd
3,343 ft-89 ft22 ft
Cheeky LinkEastridge Woods
1,582 ft-21 ft100 ft
Chicken RunHaughmond Hill
379 ft-31 ft
Church Pulverbatch BOATLong Mynd
3,225 ft-92 ft48 ft
Churchmoor Cross TrailLong Mynd
1,342 ft-135 ft
Churchmoor DescentLong Mynd
4,044 ft-584 ft
Churchmoor ForestLong Mynd
1 mile-518 ft
Churchmoor Wood LinkLong Mynd
4,437 ft-175 ft84 ft
Churchmoor Wood TrailLong Mynd
2,501 ft-75 ft
Chute LinkHaughmond Hill
101 ft-11 ft
Classic DH 96Shelve
1,656 ft-148 ft12 ft
CliffEastridge Woods
1,644 ft-241 ft
CoatesLong Mynd
2 miles-543 ft40 ft
CoathookLong Mynd
3,239 ft-266 ft
Colin's Rough LoopHaughmond Hill
1,995 ft-15 ft23 ft
Coondog DescentHaughmond Hill
1,037 ft-93 ft
Corndon and Mitchells FoldStiperstones
4 miles-381 ft681 ft
Corndon Summit DirectStiperstones
2,769 ft347 ft
Corndon Summit IndirectStiperstones
1 mile255 ft
Cow RidgeLong Mynd
2,285 ft-519 ft
Cow Ridge ApproachLong Mynd
2,939 ft-151 ft12 ft
Cresta RunLong Mynd
2,576 ft-508 ft12 ft
Cross Dyke ClimbLong Mynd
4,709 ft352 ft
Cut AcrossHaughmond Hill
378 ft-28 ft17 ft
Cwms RoadLong Mynd
1 mile-4 ft382 ft
Cwms to BatchLong Mynd
2,203 ft-181 ft87 ft
Dances with SheepLong Mynd
991 ft-145 ft
Dark SideHaughmond Hill
3,776 ft-10 ft43 ft
DarksideEastridge Woods
539 ft-78 ft
Darkside BottomEastridge Woods
548 ft-88 ft
Darkside TopEastridge Woods
1,266 ft-112 ft
Darwins DropHaughmond Hill
725 ft-128 ft
Dickies DingleEastridge Woods
1,827 ft-20 ft142 ft
DingDongHaughmond Hill
1,046 ft-27 ft
DirectHaughmond Hill
943 ft-144 ft7 ft
Ditch VariantHaughmond Hill
590 ft18 ft
Down the ChuteHaughmond Hill
706 ft-158 ft
Down the Hatch to BatchLong Mynd
2,305 ft-509 ft
Downhills Access LoopHaughmond Hill
2,231 ft-19 ft46 ft
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