segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Burway start Burway3,028 ft387 ft545697643
2Engage LOW gear !! Burway1,138 ft182 ft532091699
3Burway steep Burway3,098 ft392 ft523997382
4North side pole bank Pole Bank856 ft47 ft4810139023
5Pole Bank Descent South Pole Bank1,033 ft58 ft4694127808
6Shooting box to pole bank trig Pole Bank3,082 ft83 ft4283114505
7hill2 Pole Bank3,300 ft107 ft4208114562
8The Port Way Climb The Portway Road2,404 ft270 ft3840103616
9Trig Triumph Pole Bank4,799 ft104 ft378389124
10Minton Batch from Fern Singletrack Minton Batch1 miles475 ft362273031
11Minton Batch (to Farm) Minton Batch2 miles614 ft3269665133
12down to streton from townbrook Burway1,425 ft138 ft310860175
13Hopton SS1 Daves Start2,346 ft182 ft2928882422
14Steep climb Carols Climb656 ft102 ft291682925
15Pole bank mtb climb south Pole Bank1,383 ft101 ft289797105
16NPS 2013 First Descent Tump Run1,740 ft204 ft283878806
17SS4, the best bit Mere Oak Run1,186 ft118 ft273470535
18Is anything left in the tank? Motts Road1,178 ft88 ft255148312
19Nut Batch Plateau to Gate Forestry Road3,773 ft281 ft254779293
20Minton Road Climb Minton Access Road1,038 ft146 ft225166823
21Lower thrash last bit after sharp left Son and Daughter of Cliff254 ft58 ft218988001
22VB pipe line lower thrash Son and Daughter of Cliff746 ft54 ft215279640
23take 2 Asterton Bank2,669 ft477 ft205128970
24MTB Portway Asterton Bank2,737 ft484 ft204328730
25glider climb Asterton Bank2,440 ft417 ft204128790
26The Port Way Rd Climb - Cattlegrid to Glider Asterton Bank3,292 ft510 ft202928675
27NT Cafe Cardingmill Valley Access Road3,517 ft118 ft197343294
28take 2 Asterton Bank2,669 ft477 ft194428950
29Dark Side Climb Quarry Climb882 ft69 ft185555722
30portway The Portway Road2 miles249 ft185223722
31Wrekin Climb First Section Climb to Wrekin summit1,177 ft158 ft1827125769
32White Rocks Darkside434 ft65 ft182255161
33Castle Hill Climb Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road2 miles437 ft178436937
34Eastridge final descent Indigo Illusion808 ft109 ft175849733
35Asterton Bank Asterton Bank3,293 ft563 ft17312392114
36Gravity Enduro 2011, stage 3 Son and Daughter of Cliff2,167 ft287 ft173051974
37Shooting box Road climb Bridges Road1 miles389 ft163736027
38Kiddi Climb Kiddi Climb783 ft89 ft163143353
39Longmynd steep Bridges Road5,001 ft451 ft161433699
40SNAKE IT or BRAKE IT Goliath1,850 ft206 ft160739623
41Climb to wrekin lodge Climb to Wrekin summit2,882 ft267 ft1547994611
42Singletrack climbing heaven Jinlye707 ft57 ft152341652
43OLD VERSION - Singletrack climbing heaven Jinlye629 ft57 ft151841820
44Asterton double double chevron Asterton Bank3,035 ft562 ft151119874
45Batch Single Track Climb Jinlye1,367 ft159 ft150940742
46Pole bank to post Cross Dyke Climb2,739 ft227 ft149736211
47Wizard Wizard1,275 ft61 ft149339551
48Topography Topograghy1,052 ft212 ft1483519610
49Climb to Wrekin summit Climb to Wrekin summit1 miles803 ft1472863961
50Wrekin up from lodge Climb to Wrekin summit4,427 ft408 ft145687654
51Keepy uppy Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road222 ft17 ft145127411
52Batch Single Track Descent Jinlye1,296 ft159 ft141832994
53Jesus Christ Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road482 ft88 ft138825844
54short coates Medlicott3,055 ft385 ft137923780
55Hell's road Medlicott1 miles596 ft136923622
56The Ginger Staircase To Heaven Medlicott1 miles566 ft136623590
57DH LH top 93 DH826 ft112 ft135063353
58Attack the gate Medlicott852 ft136 ft135023810
59test1 Medlicott1,725 ft267 ft134823910
60BRAKES! Castle Hill Access Road3,443 ft380 ft134123691
61Didn't see any donkeys here either Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road1,240 ft111 ft132423791
62New Red DH Milk Run1,244 ft251 ft1300359610
63Sandbatch slog Stanbatch4,344 ft556 ft124226228
64Grassy descent Grassy Descent To Inwood3,657 ft318 ft123632917
65Droids sprint Callow to Small Batch1,672 ft29 ft123529443
66Barristers Batch Drop Callow to Small Batch1,502 ft147 ft123229222
67Steep dig Stanbatch To Ratlinghope832 ft116 ft119018453
68Up n Over Callow Over The Top2,375 ft136 ft118121071
69Have You Got The Need... Carding Mill to Batch Valley1,045 ft83 ft117819352
70I Can See The Car Carding Mill to Batch Valley1,806 ft202 ft114219011
71Short Par 3 Carding Mill to Batch Valley1,699 ft194 ft113723170
72DH LH middle 93 DH605 ft95 ft109440412
73Castle Hill Climb Castle Hill Access Road4,814 ft439 ft1034173715
74Carding Mill to Bur Way Sprint Burway to Cardingmill Ramp1,560 ft44 ft99422083
75Gogbatch Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road1 miles453 ft97716032
76Through The Forest Decent Round The Wrekin1,753 ft135 ft96144704
77Lords hill Lords Hill Climb1,729 ft208 ft95352494
7898 DH top 98 DH756 ft213 ft95228591
79Stretton sadist Inwood to Ratlinghope Access Road3,469 ft133 ft94013203
8098 DH bottom 98 DH953 ft171 ft93026584
81Jollie's Home Sprint Minton Access Road1,945 ft30 ft92416191
82Stanbach Stanbatch2,702 ft443 ft86313523
83pinches lane to corner gate Eastern Climb776 ft100 ft85316611
84stdnts top to road Student Champs746 ft85 ft85132811
85Burway cattle grid to cardingmill valley descent Burway to Cardingmill Ramp1,986 ft47 ft83413580
86Portway Descent Stanbatch3,680 ft493 ft83213361
87hill3 Coates3,580 ft194 ft78123041
88hill1 Coates1 miles230 ft78022500
89hill1 Coates1 miles229 ft77922500
90Student Champs Student Champs1,337 ft249 ft772267911
91Reservoir to summit Reservoir Climb3,485 ft177 ft75829653
92VB Coates to hut gate Coates3,303 ft235 ft75122542
93Pylon ascent Abbey Run1,805 ft62 ft73541378
94The gate to the coates farm Coates1,107 ft109 ft70514531
95Flippin' Fast Ridgeline Down To The Batch Woppys Flying Ridge Descent2,804 ft435 ft68715307
96Medlicott climb Stanbatch To Ratlinghope1,245 ft97 ft6609421
97Into the steep In To Steep1,105 ft185 ft64819742
98Shooters climb Round The Wrekin1,969 ft150 ft64541798
99knuckle smasher Abbey Run385 ft3 ft63235612
100Uffington Flow Abbey Run1,700 ft43 ft60332336
101Middle gate to water spout VB Prison Break2,090 ft115 ft59620770
102Gate to gate up hill VB Prison Break1,860 ft158 ft58420190
103Top of Ridgeline to the Batch Woppys Flying Ridge Descent1,844 ft366 ft58010722
104The spine downhill Woppys Flying Ridge Descent3,627 ft553 ft57012200
105Endurotron Woody's953 ft86 ft55218012
106woppy's big dipper Blue Clockwise Summit Loop1,378 ft71 ft54120344
107WTF have you done Forestry Commission? Blue Clockwise Summit Loop2,378 ft42 ft53418143
108Spout shoulder drop Round The Wrekin2,477 ft218 ft51722055
109Shooting box decent only Shooting Box2,068 ft202 ft49815202
110Dropping In Blue Clockwise Summit Loop567 ft30 ft49028467
111No-Brakes Jump Descent Bottom Of The Hill686 ft22 ft46919370
112Fire Road Climb to Flying wood Descent Split Criftins towards Summit Viewpoint Fire Road1,864 ft131 ft46938541
113Southern Descent Southern Descent2,749 ft473 ft46613213
114One of the best shortcuts on the mynd mon Callow Left Hand1,363 ft45 ft4599242
115Dazzlers ascent mtb Bottom Of The Hill3,278 ft104 ft45824091
116Oil Drum Jump Descent Bottom Of The Hill1,808 ft73 ft44819127
117VB Rim runner Horse Shoe Pass1,404 ft70 ft43613801
118Old Downhill (Wrekin Wheelers) Old Downhill1,803 ft325 ft43318246
119Halfway McPerkins Beach1,245 ft237 ft43210802
120Inwood Descent Grassy Descent To Inwood3,975 ft361 ft43018575
121Log Hop Fast with Jumps to Car park548 ft66 ft42530602
122The Dark Side Blue Clockwise Summit Loop2,203 ft41 ft42218883
123The Esses Climb Way Up1,036 ft132 ft41922990
124Climb to Glider Club split Prolly Moor1,551 ft230 ft4135260
125High Park Grass Climb Cross Dyke Climb4,616 ft346 ft40010101
126ski jump downhill Ski Direct787 ft119 ft39919777
127fire rd climb Criftins towards Summit Viewpoint Fire Road2,986 ft147 ft39326493
128Shooting box Descent Shooting Box5,255 ft357 ft39311560
129Through the wood Through the Wood738 ft50 ft38225461
130Chris Durham shaves his left leg on a Wednesday and his right armpit every other Sunday Bluebells1,074 ft85 ft36119472
131Moguls Moguls726 ft59 ft35319103
132Full Mohican decent Full Mohican4,147 ft443 ft352200913
133The Esses descent Way Up1,056 ft114 ft34515283
134Jims Out to Lunch anti-clockwise Blue Clockwise Summit Loop670 ft50 ft34415170
135pulp fiction Tarantino Full2,197 ft118 ft33817231
136Leg Killer Horrendous Climb1,626 ft143 ft33311382
137Drop to needles eye Spiders Ken236 ft48 ft32414661
138Old Dog New Tricks Bottom Steep South Fire Road Link1,870 ft239 ft3219422
139abbey to gate Abbey Run1 miles156 ft31912180
140Wrekin Course Climb Round The Wrekin1,087 ft295 ft3188463
141VB End of rim to stone gate gully Perkins Beach2,053 ft372 ft3177271
142Stapeley bog trotting to gate Corndon and Mitchells Fold2,275 ft145 ft30610024
143The fast bit The long and winding road1,436 ft198 ft30212571
144The Long and Winding Road The long and winding road2,735 ft348 ft29712419
145Fun, flying descent to bottom path Boing811 ft130 ft29614634
146Shelve DH 1996 Classic DH 961,225 ft122 ft29315000
147Enduro Mag 2 Blue Clockwise Summit Loop2,360 ft42 ft2809491
148Reservoir Logs Tarantino Full671 ft46 ft27910902
149Johnathans Hollow Decent Jonathans Hollow2,085 ft341 ft2733822
150Trig point drop Blue Clockwise Summit Loop1,130 ft58 ft26512041
151Spout Shoulder Climb Round The Wrekin4,417 ft158 ft2647612
152Shelve DH 2015 Classic DH 961,691 ft138 ft25413460
153Down to the cottage from the port way Medlicott3,366 ft252 ft2543861
154Blue Belles Bluebelles1,576 ft94 ft24313761
155The genuine oil barrel descent Oil Barrel Descent728 ft62 ft2228663
156Cheeky One! Cheeky909 ft185 ft2146973
157Ken to new forest road Spiders Ken1,657 ft287 ft2116413
158flying wood descent Flying Wood Descent1,260 ft97 ft2088761
159Get you in the mood Get you in the Mood2,182 ft242 ft2085194
160The Rocky Muddy Puddle Show Blue Anticlockwise2,668 ft82 ft2075891
161Ridge Line Decent to pub 2 Pub Run1,405 ft358 ft2064505
162Django down Tarantino Full1,352 ft222 ft2068212
163Middle Section to wall Leaky Pants676 ft92 ft2054560
164Minton batch climb Minton Batch1 miles583 ft2054041
165Alternative To Ridge Descent Back To Pub Leaky Pants2,256 ft443 ft1844530
166hole in the hedge Forestry Road559 ft92 ft1642980
167Short golf decent Hole in One2,260 ft236 ft1587222
168Off the straight and narrow Summit to Chute1,919 ft77 ft1555831
169if in doubt flat out !!!!! Criftins towards Summit Viewpoint Fire Road1,135 ft109 ft1522911
170Abbey loop Colin's Rough Loop2,261 ft18 ft1483680
171The Biggy The Biggy Part 1489 ft64 ft1476991
172Mini Llangollen Mini Llangollen667 ft105 ft1463931
173Bucknell DH Bucknell 11,949 ft502 ft1456204
174Technical Rocky Descent Down the Chute711 ft149 ft1444582
175Through the Trees Forestry Road454 ft43 ft1392520
176The Cheese Grater Chicken Run357 ft26 ft1392880
177Wild Moor Pull Shooting Box5,244 ft353 ft1312820
178Donkey Highland Fling1,491 ft294 ft1213243
179Beanie Descent The Biggy Part 2561 ft125 ft1107104
180Cow & Gate Stanbatch To Ratlinghope4,972 ft138 ft1051610
181Folly down the chute Down the Chute1,174 ft152 ft1043150
182Rock View Descent 2 Rock View Descent1,043 ft106 ft992181
183Carding Mill Valley Climb Golf Club Climb4,642 ft406 ft981040
184Eastridge Bypass Bridle Way2,812 ft261 ft951720
185Wayne's world The Biggy Part 2923 ft102 ft946331
186The sting in the tail Adstone Hill685 ft101 ft931410
187return to the dark Bluebelles1,441 ft56 ft902410
188Shelve Uphill Classic DH 961,493 ft156 ft873270
189Spiller climb Boing1,370 ft156 ft831500
190Pony rings climb Grassy Descent To Inwood4,079 ft373 ft731091
191Church Moor Cottages Climb Churchmoor Descent1,993 ft365 ft28280
192Bur Way Climb Yearlet Flying Descent2,885 ft463 ft23230
193Watch out for caravans Through the Ebury Hill Caravan Park1,820 ft55 ft20700
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