statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
93 DHEastridge Woods
1,919 ft-192 ft
93 DH BottomEastridge Woods
675 ft-107 ft
98 DHEastridge Woods
2,251 ft-341 ft
ArkwrightEastridge Woods
1,525 ft-123 ft
Balls to the FloorLong Mynd
254 ft-41 ft
Big Log (Hang on!, Where's the Log?)Eastridge Woods
1,389 ft-155 ft
BiltongEastridge Woods
1,138 ft-137 ft
Bridle WayEastridge Woods
3,854 ft-36 ft
Bringewood Full DHMortimer Forest and Bringewood
2,798 ft-498 ft
Brown Clee lower trackMortimer Forest and Bringewood
873 ft-142 ft
Bucknell 1Hopton Woods
2,269 ft-513 ft
CallowLong Mynd
2.2 miles-947 ft
Caradoc ClimbLong Mynd
3,304 ft-12 ft
Caradoc NorthLong Mynd
3,902 ft-706 ft
Caradoc SouthLong Mynd
5,026 ft-666 ft
Carols ClimbHopton Woods
3,770 ft-36 ft
Castle ViewHopton Woods
2,879 ft-63 ft
CheekyMortimer Forest and Bringewood
908 ft-185 ft
Cheeky LinkEastridge Woods
1,582 ft-21 ft
Classic DH 96Shelve
1,657 ft-151 ft
CliffEastridge Woods
1,644 ft-241 ft
Cloud BurstEastridge Woods
2,497 ft-102 ft
CoatesLong Mynd
1.9 miles-543 ft
Cow RidgeLong Mynd
2,230 ft-514 ft
Cow Ridge ApproachLong Mynd
2,939 ft-151 ft
Cwms 2 BatchLong Mynd
2,327 ft-196 ft
Dances with SheepLong Mynd
2,516 ft-230 ft
DarksideEastridge Woods
539 ft-78 ft
Darkside BottomEastridge Woods
548 ft-88 ft
Darkside TopEastridge Woods
1,266 ft-112 ft
Daves StartHopton Woods
3,018 ft-263 ft
Deepwood XCMortimer Forest and Bringewood
732 ft-139 ft
Dickies DingleEastridge Woods
1,827 ft-20 ft
Down DownMortimer Forest and Bringewood
770 ft-117 ft
Dream LinesWigmore Rolls
1,528 ft-156 ft
DriftwoodWigmore Rolls
850 ft-83 ft
East RoadEastridge Woods
1,312 ft-41 ft
East To West LinkEastridge Woods
2,209 ft-157 ft
Extension LoopHopton Woods
2.5 miles-421 ft
Fast with Jumps to Car parkMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1,386 ft-98 ft
Fence LineEastridge Woods
600 ft-36 ft
Fire Road LinkEastridge Woods
1,208 ft
FOOT PATHEastridge Woods
2,064 ft-26 ft
Gaerstone ClimbLong Mynd
1.2 miles-120 ft
Golf Club ClimbLong Mynd
1.9 miles-93 ft
GoliathEastridge Woods
1,913 ft
Hidden GemMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1,794 ft-115 ft
Hob GoblinEastridge Woods
791 ft-72 ft
Hopton DH 5Hopton Woods
3,038 ft-726 ft
Horrendous ClimbMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1.1 miles-19 ft
Horse Shoe PassEastridge Woods
1,838 ft-67 ft
In To SteepEastridge Woods
1,425 ft-179 ft
Indigo IllusionEastridge Woods
808 ft-151 ft
Isla end sectionMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1,728 ft-158 ft
JinlyeLong Mynd
1.1 miles-3 ft
Joel's TrackEastridge Woods
819 ft-197 ft
Kiddi ClimbEastridge Woods
880 ft-13 ft
Left of the TreeLong Mynd
1,241 ft-106 ft
Link Section 4Eastridge Woods
1,895 ft-24 ft
Lords Hill ClimbEastridge Woods
2,925 ft-20 ft
Malcolm TuckerWigmore Rolls
862 ft-163 ft
MedlicottLong Mynd
4,796 ft-416 ft
Mere Oak RunHopton Woods
4,186 ft-253 ft
Milk RunEastridge Woods
1,134 ft-187 ft
Mini LlangollenLong Mynd
778 ft-111 ft
Minton BatchLong Mynd
1.8 miles-698 ft
Minton HillLong Mynd
1.8 miles-710 ft
MogulsMortimer Forest and Bringewood
725 ft-59 ft
Mortimer 90s Downhill Bottom sectionMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1.0 miles-256 ft
Mortimer 90s Downhill top sectionMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1,790 ft-246 ft
Motts RoadLong Mynd
4,535 ft-628 ft
New OneWigmore Rolls
1,051 ft-111 ft
No Pain, No GainzEastridge Woods
1,819 ft-12 ft
North Fire Road LinkEastridge Woods
2,523 ft-58 ft
North West Fire Road LinkEastridge Woods
2,182 ft-15 ft
Not for slick tiresMortimer Forest and Bringewood
930 ft-191 ft
Pontesbury TrailEastridge Woods
4,148 ft-212 ft
Prison BreakEastridge Woods
1.1 miles-3 ft
Prolly MoorLong Mynd
845 ft-83 ft
Prolly MoorLong Mynd
3,101 ft-359 ft
Pub RunEastridge Woods
1,570 ft-444 ft
QuarryHopton Woods
1,851 ft-73 ft
Quarry ClimbEastridge Woods
1,691 ft
Ridge 2Long Mynd
1,356 ft-279 ft
Sagleth SteepsLong Mynd
2,243 ft-412 ft
Shooting BoxLong Mynd
1.0 miles-378 ft
Short and sharpWigmore Rolls
739 ft-117 ft
Short CutHopton Woods
352 ft-9 ft
Son and Daughter of CliffEastridge Woods
1,873 ft-281 ft
Sorrell WoodWigmore Rolls
683 ft-78 ft
Spiders KenTelford
1,871 ft-406 ft
StanbatchLong Mynd
4,814 ft-572 ft
Steep South Fire Road LinkEastridge Woods
2,479 ft
Student ChampsEastridge Woods
1,769 ft-300 ft
Tarantino FullMortimer Forest and Bringewood
1.3 miles-572 ft
The back passageWigmore Rolls
352 ft-33 ft
The Full MontyMortimer Forest and Bringewood
3,546 ft-537 ft
The Greasy CrackMortimer Forest and Bringewood
634 ft-109 ft
The long and winding roadMortimer Forest and Bringewood
2,731 ft-359 ft
Toboggan RunLong Mynd
2,665 ft-511 ft
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