Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
007 (Fifth Tie In)Bass Lake
1,709 ft189 ft
007 (Fifth)Bass Lake
3,822 ft-328 ft
007 (First)Bass Lake
2 miles-917 ft2 ft
007 (Fourth Tie In)Bass Lake
656 ft91 ft
007 (Fourth)Bass Lake
2 miles-510 ft316 ft
007 (Second)Bass Lake
1 mile-429 ft
007 (Third)Bass Lake
1 mile-494 ft88 ft
1,404 ft-175 ft
06-08 East Moto TrailSawtooth
2,382 ft-143 ft64 ft
1-4Rock Creek
3 miles-615 ft311 ft
108 DropLyons Reservoir
4,826 ft-203 ft24 ft
11E35 Sellier (Tie 3-3)Foresthill OHV Area
1 mile-49 ft195 ft
11E41 Mountain Chief (Loop 3, Main branch)Foresthill OHV Area
3 miles-465 ft490 ft
11W41 Mountain Chief (Loop 3)Foresthill OHV Area
1 mile-263 ft258 ft
12N31A ConnectorTahoe Mountain
211 ft-9 ft5 ft
15th Street Public Bike PathFallen Leaf
4 miles-40 ft72 ft
16 Acre Forest Loop (East)16 Acre Forest
1,562 ft-3 ft66 ft
16 Acre Forest Loop (West)16 Acre Forest
1,634 ft-71 ft19 ft
16 Acre Forest Trailhead16 Acre Forest
1,243 ft-60 ft3 ft
18E37R Alternate IHartoonian Trails
1 mile-10 ft4 ft
18E37R Alternate IIHartoonian Trails
1 mile-30 ft2 ft
1FSalmon Falls Ranch
584 ft18 ft
2 Beavers & a BearSawtooth
4,126 ft-191 ft81 ft
2 BridgesSawtooth
1 mile-236 ft227 ft
2 Bridges ConnectorSawtooth
974 ft-10 ft30 ft
23E277 #23E277Bass Lake
3,862 ft-282 ft
32e305 (Aspen Drop)Bishop
7 miles-972 ft87 ft
2,602 ft-227 ft5 ft
1 mile-281 ft53 ft
5150 TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
1,001 ft-194 ft2 ft
6%Northstar California Resort
2,333 ft-173 ft7 ft
7.1Rock Creek
2 miles-1,030 ft225 ft
88 Bypass Climb 10N16Kirkwood
2,206 ft-157 ft214 ft
88 To Kirkwood Lake #17E53Kirkwood
1,903 ft-63 ft26 ft
1 mile-125 ft186 ft
1,168 ft-65 ft19 ft
AccessBoreal Mountain Resort
518 ft-21 ft
AccessNevada City
495 ft5 ft
Access TrailRock Creek
2,746 ft-88 ft17 ft
AcornPeoria Ridge
2 miles-541 ft86 ft
Acorn Creek TrailEl Dorado Hills
1 mile-334 ft86 ft
AdaptationExchequer Mountain Bike Park
2 miles-183 ft206 ft
Advanced Jump LinesGateway Bike Park
217 ft
Adventure PerimeterEverstoke
1 mile-488 ft196 ft
Adventure ScoutEverstoke
719 ft-105 ft
Adventure TrailMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1,515 ft-108 ft2 ft
AgatamTahoe Vista Neighborhood Trails
2,589 ft-6 ft69 ft
Air DHWoodward Mountain Bike Park
2,425 ft-30 ft5 ft
Airport Perimeter Trail (North)SLT Urban Trails
2 miles-111 ft82 ft
Airport Perimeter Trail (South)SLT Urban Trails
2 miles-113 ft120 ft
Al Tahoe Bike PathSLT Urban Trails
1 mile-44 ft92 ft
Alabama Hills TrailLone Pine
1 mile-89 ft356 ft
Alabama Hills TrailLone Pine
3 miles-79 ft255 ft
Alan's/Nose Dive ConnectorRoyal Gorge
112 ft-4 ft
Albanita Trail (Beach Mdw to Jackass Pk) #35E06Kern Plateau
7 miles-728 ft1,680 ft
Albinita Trail (segment) #35E06Kern Plateau
1 mile-108 ft241 ft
Alder Creek Spur West ConnectorProsser Hill
869 ft-52 ft
Alder Creek Trail (Campground to Fjord)Tahoe Donner
1 mile229 ft
Alder Creek Trail (Fjord to Adventure Center)Tahoe Donner
2,480 ft70 ft
Alder Creek Trail (Northern Terminus)Tahoe Donner
1,913 ft51 ft
Alma ConnectorHartoonian Trails
1,900 ft-16 ft13 ft
Alpha and Omega ConnectorBurlington Ridge
4,085 ft-219 ft67 ft
Alpine Crags/Chalet ConnectorAlpine Meadows
4,873 ft-114 ft283 ft
Alpine Peaks Trail (Lower Section)Alpine Meadows
1 mile-3 ft178 ft
Alpine Peaks Trail (Upper Section)Alpine Meadows
4,117 ft-374 ft18 ft
Alta Trail ConnectorCase Mountain
2,831 ft-34 ft92 ft
Alternative to PickleballBishop Area Trails
1 mile-106 ft52 ft
Amargosa River TrailTecopa
2 miles-116 ft34 ft
American Canyon TrailAuburn State Recreation Area
4,245 ft-426 ft
American River Trail #13E25NFA Upper Gorge
7 miles-1,171 ft1,807 ft
Ana's ChuteDonner Summit
3,637 ft-147 ft113 ft
Ana's ConnectorSugar Bowl
377 ft-19 ft
AndershetTahoe Vista Neighborhood Trails
1,611 ft-81 ft
Angels CreekGlory Hole Recreation Area
3 miles-355 ft360 ft
Angels Creek AccessGlory Hole Recreation Area
1,644 ft-51 ft27 ft
Angels Creek AccessGlory Hole Recreation Area
584 ft-6 ft12 ft
Angels Creek CutoffGlory Hole Recreation Area
1,193 ft-84 ft8 ft
AnglerOlmstead Loop
3,136 ft-44 ft59 ft
Angry BearTahoe City Neighborhood Trails
1 mile-429 ft
Angry Bear (Upper)Tahoe City Neighborhood Trails
2,034 ft-84 ft10 ft
Animal (16E50)Prosser Hill
1 mile-635 ft111 ft
Animal CrossoverProsser Hill
1,058 ft-66 ft13 ft
Another 1Georgetown
2 miles-1,047 ft208 ft
Antelope ConnectorSugar Pine
668 ft53 ft
Antelope Creek TrailRoseville
1 mile-69 ft66 ft
Antelope Taylor LakesQuincy
10 miles-2,773 ft993 ft
Antone Meadows ConnectorTahoe Cross Country
890 ft70 ft
Antone Meadows ConnectorTahoe Cross Country
4,295 ft-32 ft67 ft
Antone Meadows Trail (North)Tahoe Cross Country
1 mile-88 ft150 ft
Antone Meadows Trail (South)Tahoe Cross Country
1 mile-176 ft192 ft
Apache Trail #18E03Meyers Urban Trails
4,903 ft-246 ft270 ft
Apache Trail to Lost Lane ConnectorMeyers Urban Trails
305 ft
Appian Creek 420G69El Dorado Hills
2,466 ft-193 ft24 ft
Arapahoe ConnectorMeyers Urban Trails
331 ft
Arikara Street ConnectorMeyers Urban Trails
3,767 ft-63 ft166 ft
Armstrong Connector (East)Armstrong Urban Trails
1,909 ft-90 ft109 ft
Armstrong Connector (Lower)Armstrong Urban Trails
1,467 ft-18 ft158 ft
Armstrong Connector (West)Armstrong Urban Trails
1,949 ft-69 ft
Armstrong Connector Trail 18E09ACorral
2 miles-616 ft
Armstrong Pass Trail #18E09Freel High Country
4 miles-1,272 ft254 ft
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