segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Urban Trail Segment The Urban Trail3,929 ft64 ft40671379916
2High Speed Bridge xing North Bentonville738 ft14 ft3438231085
3MMR Sprint North Bentonville2,066 ft18 ft29871495218
4Three Bridges Incline Sprint North Bentonville4,362 ft27 ft29321670814
5Armadillo's Last Stand Armadillo's Last Stand2,259 ft52 ft2913853715
6Urban Assault The Urban Trail1,483 ft44 ft29041655212
7Cruise to the hues The Urban Trail4,079 ft63 ft2747818413
8flight of the armadillo The Return568 ft43 ft25321703222
9Eric's SS Hill Challenge Creek Trail429 ft55 ft2289125534
10New SP Downhill Slaughter Pen DH Flow2,600 ft163 ft191266899
11Rollin' with my Homies Creek Trail1,649 ft49 ft1889896310
12Master Plan Master Plan685 ft38 ft157686434
13Armadillo from Tatamagotch Armadillo's Last Stand3,150 ft79 ft1367922311
14Bush Push Angus Chute335 ft70 ft1228562912
15Up to Medusa! Tatamagouche1,762 ft106 ft117737179
16Armadillo's Last Stand North Armadillo's Last Stand4,201 ft76 ft1054599410
17Hold on Tatamagouche1,477 ft70 ft104728603
18Stinkn' Climb! Razorback Ridge2,561 ft124 ft966484812
19Angus Chute - Downhill Sprint Upper Angus Chute830 ft91 ft83120884
20Seed Tick Shuffle Seed Tick Shuffle3,525 ft39 ft57013265
21Tatamagouche Climb North Bentonville1 miles29 ft2113112
22Rocky Ridge South Freetime Cutoff1,755 ft70 ft0134320
23Berkeley's Trail DH Freetime Cutoff1,188 ft37 ft016550
24Slaughter Pen North Downhill Slaughter Pen DH Flow2,550 ft160 ft050220
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