segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Smith Crk (Seg#2) Holy Pail Up (Climb)2,589 ft222 ft113065956
2Reward DH Holy Pail Up (Climb)797 ft42 ft111960578
3Unnamed Rd Climb Holy Pail Up (Climb)1 miles351 ft105754254
4Lookout to Feel The Love Holy Pail Up (Climb)2 miles446 ft104752206
5Car door jump to the end of airtime alley Feel The Love2,829 ft310 ft98642720
6The Gully Finishing Under The Cross Bridge Feel The Love1,407 ft200 ft97839971
7Reward Descent Feel The Love3,713 ft552 ft94435717
8Actual Feel the Love Start Gate to Santa's Turn Off Feel The Love4,992 ft592 ft94140741
9Smith Crk (Final Push to Lookout) Holy Pail Up (Climb)1,952 ft145 ft87342253
10Soul Train top descent Soul Train Descent1,795 ft246 ft50913886
11Santas: Top half Santa's Revenge2,403 ft222 ft41118569
12Connector Feel the Love -> Santa's Traverse to Santa's872 ft20 ft39316641
13Smith Creek Jump Line Smith Creek Jump Line1,422 ft242 ft1973853
14More Cowbell More Cowbell2,414 ft325 ft1372751
15Traveling Man Ending at the Rock Crag Travellin' Man (Top)2 miles647 ft1172545
16Shoot out Gruel- Dump3,163 ft140 ft1136390
17Holy Pail, with all the gnar options. Don't be a strava loser, hit the cool stuff! Holy Pail Trail Descent2,411 ft515 ft641642
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