Mountain Bike
A&W Trail
2 miles-144 ft194 ft
Beaver Ponds Loop
4,834 ft-41 ft116 ft
Bridge 2 Connector
252 ft-1 ft5 ft
Bridge 3 Connector
753 ft-19 ft30 ft
Cache Creek Road to Sidewalk Connector
152 ft-5 ft
Cache Creek Trail
2 miles-87 ft539 ft
Cache Creek Trail
2 miles-423 ft64 ft
Deer Dr. Access Trail
1,386 ft-39 ft29 ft
3 miles-490 ft1,678 ft
Game Creek
4 miles-1,132 ft505 ft
Game Creek Trail
1,967 ft-24 ft90 ft
Gauging Station Trail
2,538 ft-42 ft218 ft
2 miles-335 ft681 ft
Hagen Highway
1 mile-600 ft193 ft
Henley Dr. Access Trail
835 ft109 ft
Jack's Trail
1,943 ft-4 ft246 ft
Josie's Ridge
2 miles-1,147 ft56 ft
Josie's Ridge Upper
2,629 ft-3 ft228 ft
1 mile-86 ft428 ft
Leek's Canyon
2 miles-847 ft254 ft
1,598 ft-188 ft15 ft
LLoyd's Cut
486 ft-49 ft7 ft
Nelson Knoll Loop
2,095 ft-77 ft178 ft
Putt Putt
1 mile-118 ft363 ft
Putt Putt
3 miles-631 ft936 ft
River Trail
2,274 ft-70 ft127 ft
Rodeo Dr. Access #1
241 ft10 ft
Rodeo Dr. Access #2
401 ft70 ft
Serengeti Connector West
421 ft39 ft
Serengeti Trail
1,582 ft-129 ft6 ft
Shade Monkey
4,313 ft-39 ft433 ft
Sidewalk Trail
1 mile-80 ft347 ft
Sink or Swim
2 miles-653 ft810 ft
6 miles-1,511 ft1,284 ft
Skyline Viewpoint Trail
418 ft-27 ft15 ft
Tanager Trail
2,040 ft-46 ft255 ft
Trailhead to Sidewalk Connector
736 ft-2 ft51 ft
Water Tank Road
1,596 ft-135 ft
West Game Creek
3 miles-1,042 ft312 ft
Wiggle Trail
1,642 ft-126 ft4 ft
Wildlife Lane Access
1,167 ft128 ft
Wilson Canyon
5 miles-209 ft1,710 ft
Woods Canyon Connector
2,298 ft-3 ft232 ft
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