segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Party Wave (1st berm to 2nd jump) Party Wave1,559 ft174 ft4858537574
2Muscle Beach - Series of Dirt Jumps Muscle Beach358 ft44 ft4820556115
3Top Of Cruiser Party Wave3,151 ft299 ft48125355921
4Rattlesnake ridge Party Wave1,754 ft196 ft4806533082
5Step Downs Westridge324 ft23 ft44467607116
6Homeward bound! Westridge2,777 ft220 ft4356373569
7Westridge Westridge1 mile563 ft43393693547
8Jumpline Westridge1,808 ft133 ft42443644816
9Fastlane Miracle Mile1,819 ft228 ft38872478216
10Drops Berms And the Table Miracle Mile2,367 ft269 ft30651412211
11Cruiser - Just The Berms Before Step Up Party Wave1,779 ft121 ft3036145567
12Miracle Mile Miracle Mile2 miles1,007 ft26061047452
13Not miracle Turtle Trail1,974 ft159 ft94319951
14Small wonder dh Small Wonder1,901 ft100 ft3887911
15Chair 2 Going Green Connector Going Green1,794 ft104 ft3508422
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