Mountain Bike
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!Khwa ttu Trail!Khwa ttu Nature Reserve
6 miles-620 ft621 ft
394 ft-12 ft
1,660 ft-124 ft10 ft
*POMP*- StasieSaasveld
2,014 ft-56 ft48 ft
001Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
1,847 ft-51 ft
002Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
876 ft-17 ft6 ft
003Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
738 ft75 ft
004Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
846 ft54 ft
005Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
397 ft-3 ft10 ft
006Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
1,624 ft-2 ft111 ft
007Botriver Kleinmond
1,037 ft25 ft
007 ConnectorKarkloof Country Club
561 ft-5 ft17 ft
008Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
561 ft
009Emerald Vale Craft Brewery & MTB Trail Network
108 ft
1000Poot #028Moorddrift Trails
853 ft-16 ft
11 Karkloof to le Petit France coffee shopKarkloof Country Club
2,325 ft-94 ft19 ft
11km ShortcutRocky Bay Resort Trails
4,831 ft-178 ft140 ft
14 Km ConnectorB'sorah Trails
823 ft-19 ft5 ft
14km Loop Turnoff to RiverMpenjati Trails
1,512 ft-179 ft3 ft
1st friuts #222Paarl Trails - Rhebokskloof
499 ft20 ft
2 BridgesGarden Route National Park - Harkerville MTB Routes
1 mile-306 ft41 ft
2 StoogeKarkloof Country Club
1,514 ft-82 ft3 ft
2 Zig ZagKarkloof Country Club
2,129 ft173 ft
2023 SA Champs DHYork Adventure Club Trails
1 mile-777 ft
2nd Ave Drop DownBaakens Valley
476 ft-84 ft
2nd Bench 004Greyton MTB Trails
1,214 ft-21 ft9 ft
2nd Bench The RIPGreyton MTB Trails
1 mile-395 ft11 ft
2nd Bench The ShockwaveGreyton MTB Trails
2,221 ft-69 ft33 ft
2nd Bench Zippisat TrailGreyton MTB Trails
2 miles-203 ft359 ft
2nd BlueRietvlei Trails
361 ft-3 ft3 ft
3 Amps CLindani Game & Lodges
6 miles-902 ft408 ft
3 Amps Blue CLindani Game & Lodges
3 miles-114 ft367 ft
3 Amps Link I CLindani Game & Lodges
4,564 ft-3 ft150 ft
3 amps Link II CLindani Game & Lodges
584 ft20 ft
3 Amps ShortcutLindani Game & Lodges
207 ft-3 ft
3 BRIDGESGiba Gorge MTB Park
3,018 ft-70 ft148 ft
3rd BearMTO Concordia Contours
721 ft-32 ft
3Sil ST 0023Silos MTB Adventure Park
3,619 ft-142 ft77 ft
3Silo ST 0013Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,920 ft-180 ft12 ft
3Silo ST 0063Silos MTB Adventure Park
1,644 ft-57 ft3 ft
3Silos ST 0033Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,927 ft-117 ft57 ft
3Silos ST 0043Silos MTB Adventure Park
600 ft-37 ft
3Silos ST 0063Silos MTB Adventure Park
1,535 ft-73 ft8 ft
3Silos: Hogsback Alley3Silos MTB Adventure Park
1 mile-159 ft51 ft
3Silos: Quarry Trail3Silos MTB Adventure Park
2 miles-89 ft336 ft
3Silos: Shooting Range Trail3Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,218 ft-44 ft36 ft
3Silos: ST 0083Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,838 ft-48 ft13 ft
3Silos: ST 0093Silos MTB Adventure Park
856 ft-13 ft
3Silos: ST 0093Silos MTB Adventure Park
1 mile-219 ft189 ft
3Silos: Twisty Indigenous Forest3Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,559 ft-28 ft57 ft
3Silos: Wild Fig3Silos MTB Adventure Park
2,303 ft-20 ft75 ft
3Silos: Wild Olive Alley3Silos MTB Adventure Park
4,275 ft-37 ft97 ft
2,398 ft-44 ft74 ft
417MTO Lowveld
3,835 ft-227 ft14 ft
4th Street LinkBraamfontein Spruit
889 ft-21 ft
4X Jump trackTranquilitas Adventure Farm
1,253 ft-92 ft
4x4Augrabies Falls National Park
5 miles-106 ft406 ft
4X4Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
971 ft-21 ft
4X4 001Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
3 miles-201 ft195 ft
4X4 003Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
2 miles-173 ft202 ft
4X4 005Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
2 miles-323 ft330 ft
4X4 005Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
4,055 ft-148 ft220 ft
4X4 006Berakah Quad & MTB Trails
2 miles-399 ft398 ft
4x4 trail descentMoolmanshoek
1 mile-381 ft47 ft
60 km/hWitfontein
1,450 ft-140 ft
60MoM Link to Gap JumpBaakens Valley
390 ft-8 ft18 ft
60MoM StartBaakens Valley
4,459 ft-55 ft18 ft
60MoM to Gap Jump Cut AcrossBaakens Valley
253 ft-15 ft
69W 008R44 West - Raithby Farms
3,350 ft-17 ft24 ft
69W 009R44 West - Raithby Farms
1,358 ft-8 ft15 ft
69W 011R44 West - Raithby Farms
1,168 ft8 ft
69W 012R44 West - Raithby Farms
620 ft18 ft
69W Singletrack 004R44 West - Raithby Farms
1,020 ft-22 ft6 ft
7 Km ReturnB'sorah Trails
1,142 ft-33 ft
725MTO Lowveld
919 ft-81 ft12 ft
7Dams0017 Dams Conservancy
1 mile-20 ft84 ft
7Dams0027 Dams Conservancy
1,932 ft-60 ft4 ft
7Dams0047 Dams Conservancy
1,516 ft-4 ft14 ft
7Dams0057 Dams Conservancy
4,531 ft93 ft
7Dams0067 Dams Conservancy
2,201 ft-37 ft56 ft
7Dams0117 Dams Conservancy
591 ft-20 ft
7Dams0127 Dams Conservancy
846 ft11 ft
7Dams0137 Dams Conservancy
1,033 ft-34 ft5 ft
7Dams0147 Dams Conservancy
1,329 ft-15 ft
7Dams0157 Dams Conservancy
4,304 ft-73 ft60 ft
7Dams0187 Dams Conservancy
2,087 ft-55 ft
7Dams0197 Dams Conservancy
1,089 ft18 ft
7Dams0207 Dams Conservancy
2,448 ft-34 ft
7Dams0217 Dams Conservancy
1,742 ft-2 ft5 ft
7Dams0217 Dams Conservancy
1,257 ft-5 ft10 ft
7Dams021 Connector7 Dams Conservancy
892 ft-38 ft
7Dams0237 Dams Conservancy
2,441 ft-45 ft80 ft
7Dams023 Connector7 Dams Conservancy
358 ft
7Dams0247 Dams Conservancy
351 ft-3 ft
7Dams0407 Dams Conservancy
1,673 ft
7Dams0417 Dams Conservancy
1,322 ft14 ft
7Dams0417 Dams Conservancy
2,070 ft-52 ft17 ft
7Dams0507 Dams Conservancy
1,280 ft-11 ft24 ft
7Dams0517 Dams Conservancy
755 ft32 ft
7Dams0527 Dams Conservancy
548 ft-8 ft5 ft
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