segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Final Big Climb to FBC Swamp Rabbit (South)880 ft49 ft1934831515Greenville
2Let's Get This Party Started Great Wall1,902 ft44 ft1740781814Clarks Hills
3AS Enduro Stage #5 Paradise Loop1,400 ft66 ft16391747613Fort Mill
4Kanuga (Steep/Left) down to lake Kanuga Trail1 miles415 ft1601891428Greenville
5450 Descender Prairie Loop3,339 ft80 ft15301580014Fort Mill
6Anne Springs School Loop West Descent Paradise Loop3,800 ft110 ft15191405021Fort Mill
7Top Sulpher Springs(new) down to Archery lot Sulphur Springs Trail3,811 ft295 ft14941263620Greenville
8Piss It Away! Pipsissewa Trail4,050 ft231 ft148081808Greenville
9New Section to Old Bridge Tunnel Trail959 ft30 ft14651541311Fort Mill
10AS Enduro Stage #1 Prairie Loop4,966 ft101 ft14121399110Fort Mill
11Archery lot up to Top Sulpher Springs(new) Sulphur Springs Trail3,229 ft314 ft13781256023Greenville
12Anne Springs CW Climb to Stumpy Pond Prairie Loop2,554 ft95 ft12991304315Fort Mill
13AS Enduro Stage #2 Paradise Loop1,936 ft73 ft1226127127Fort Mill
14FATS Skinny CW Final 2 climbs out (1.5m) Skinny1 miles126 ft120731105Clarks Hills
15Drop to the Lot SLW CCW Paradise Loop1 miles108 ft12001278812Fort Mill
16Paris Mountain State Park Climb Access Rd3,705 ft282 ft1114749110Greenville
17Kanuga (steep/climb/up) Kanuga Trail1 miles417 ft110342567Greenville
18Upper Sulphur Decent Sulphur Springs Trail1 miles164 ft108166467Greenville
19AJBW - A Deep Step T Up Deep Step-Skinny Connector994 ft41 ft107733976Clarks Hills
20Look ma, no brakes Deep Step396 ft22 ft106144904Clarks Hills
21Unnamed Rd Climb Brown Wave2,404 ft400 ft105927194Clarks Hills
22Turtle Jumps And Berms Turtle Trail1,368 ft24 ft105967534Greenville
23Great American Scream Machine Brown Wave2,469 ft116 ft105631047Clarks Hills
24BW Gravel To Gravel Sprint Brown Wave3,975 ft114 ft104630870Clarks Hills
25CW Pine Section Prairie Loop2,212 ft38 ft102995839Fort Mill
26south side from lizard to outlaw Southside Loop1,260 ft32 ft1018657415Spartanburg
27Anne Springs Grist Mill Climb Prairie Loop2,563 ft99 ft97275947Fort Mill
28Range to Creek descent. Southside Loop2,256 ft104 ft965602718Spartanburg
29Brown Clock Brown Wave5 miles149 ft96124629Clarks Hills
30FATS - Brown Wave - CCW Brown Wave5 miles147 ft959256013Clarks Hills
31Southside Flats Southside Loop2 miles31 ft933561216Spartanburg
32Kanuga Kanuga Trail1 miles425 ft92932233Greenville
33Full Clockwise DH Jorge F. Arango Trail1 miles146 ft92359393Slater-Marietta
34Roots to pavement Brissy Ridge Trail2,120 ft197 ft914605812Greenville
35Straight Rhythm CC Jorge F. Arango Trail1,481 ft24 ft90956024Slater-Marietta
36AS - End of Avery back to lot Paradise Loop1 miles74 ft90859791Fort Mill
37BW Gravel to Gravel Climb Brown Wave4,284 ft96 ft89323670Clarks Hills
38Brown CCW First Half Brown Wave3 miles121 ft86423046Clarks Hills
39Southside flats bridge to bridge Southside Loop1 miles34 ft85557558Spartanburg
40Anne Springs Prairie Loop Prairie Loop3 miles104 ft843645012Fort Mill
41Avery Avery Loop1,783 ft29 ft838736613Fort Mill
42Center line climb from fern gully to parking lot Southside Loop1,677 ft7 ft825686312Spartanburg
43Chicken Walker Climb Great Wall4,871 ft176 ft81321822Clarks Hills
44Ewok Cemetary DH 1 Great Wall1,966 ft97 ft80421670Clarks Hills
45FATS - Great Wall - CCW Great Wall6 miles216 ft803211211Clarks Hills
46Hulk: Speed & Flow Roller Coaster1,732 ft13 ft795804710Myrtle Beach
47Hulk: Tabletop Road Table Tops839 ft21 ft79186549Myrtle Beach
48FATS Great Wall CW Climb out (0.6miles) Great Wall3,144 ft148 ft78919022Clarks Hills
49Ewok Cemetery Great Wall4,131 ft161 ft78520912Clarks Hills
50Southside West Climb Southside Loop2,071 ft84 ft785364511Spartanburg
51AJBW - Up a Wall - Final Mile, Great Wall CW Great Wall1 miles181 ft78218602Clarks Hills
52The Side Walk Path2,463 ft7 ft776733910North Charleston
53Hulk: Ups-n-Downs Hulk Island503 ft7 ft76875777Myrtle Beach
54F.A.T.S. Great Wall CW Great Wall7 miles213 ft76717937Clarks Hills
55Brown Wave CCW Enduro Brown Wave1,420 ft67 ft76219665Clarks Hills
56Hulk: Bubble Roots Tarzan1,031 ft1 ft757738410Myrtle Beach
57Robert M Grissom Parkway Climb North Field1,565 ft341 ft755716011Myrtle Beach
58Da Swamp Marrington Loop4,077 ft2 ft731717112North Charleston
59Hulk: Crop Circles Crop Circles3,659 ft8 ft720649810Myrtle Beach
60Great Wall Down Hill Great Wall4,332 ft193 ft71318633Clarks Hills
61Hulk: Green Monster Unknown799 ft12 ft711867910Myrtle Beach
62Fruit Loops Loopty Connector1,335 ft127 ft70630581Clemson
63Pump Baby Pump North Field980 ft5 ft69861802Myrtle Beach
64AJBW - Ewok Village - Great Wall, CW Great Wall1,188 ft59 ft68316475Clarks Hills
65Southside East Climb Southside Loop2 miles135 ft682218510Spartanburg
66Deep Step CCW Enduro Deep Step3 miles179 ft68020106Clarks Hills
67Avery CCW Avery Loop1,574 ft22 ft67734027Fort Mill
68Brave or Stupid? Deep Step4,842 ft154 ft66019316Clarks Hills
69CCW Pine Section Prairie Loop2,151 ft34 ft61054836Fort Mill
70Sidewalk MTB Marrington Loop3,120 ft12 ft60957550North Charleston
71Southside West Decent Southside Loop1,187 ft96 ft59423383Spartanburg
72Spider Woman Rock Garden Climb Spiderwoman II643 ft52 ft59125013Columbia
73Loopty Loop Trail (connector to connector) Loopty Loop2,015 ft69 ft58323400Clemson
74Bridge Bypass Marrington Loop4,892 ft15 ft58152359North Charleston
75Vamonos Vetr Marrington Loop1,680 ft20 ft58050872North Charleston
764.6 DH Jorge F. Arango Trail2,385 ft148 ft57931006Slater-Marietta
77Finishing Sprint Marrington Loop893 ft1 ft579521210North Charleston
78GO GO GO!! Marrington Loop923 ft22 ft57851648North Charleston
79Gnarly Downhill !!! Marrington Loop2,895 ft21 ft576526210North Charleston
80Speedy flats Marrington Loop4,310 ft6 ft57251187North Charleston
81The BOOT!! Marrington Loop1 miles28 ft56851757North Charleston
82TR DH Flow Track Gateway Park Loop521 ft19 ft55866603Travelers Rest
83The Amazon Marrington Loop1 miles16 ft542409310North Charleston
84Lawrence Trail to Rocky Lawrence5,038 ft32 ft54022661Clemson
85hulk parking lot climb Great Wall of China78 ft2 ft52329623Myrtle Beach
86Riverwalk trail inbound from bridge Piedmont Medical Center Trail2 miles51 ft51922631Rock Hill
87FATS Great Wall CCW Bench to the end Great Wall3 miles208 ft51610142Clarks Hills
88The Drops! Marrington Loop1,220 ft26 ft505443611North Charleston
89Fast Fast1,538 ft84 ft50323762Clemson
90FATS Brown Wave CW Brown Wave5 miles141 ft5039946Clarks Hills
91Broskey race Loopty Connector4,514 ft149 ft50121921Clemson
92Full Lizard - from centerline to ss loop Lizard1 miles49 ft49930804Spartanburg
93Full DH JFA CCW Jorge F. Arango Trail2 miles302 ft49527096Slater-Marietta
94Almost back-JFA CW Jorge F. Arango Trail689 ft46 ft49129371Slater-Marietta
95Short original entry trail Blue Alt 3576 ft31 ft49126010Rock Hill
96High and Dry - West to East High and Dry2 miles92 ft480255118Spartanburg
97downward we go Jorge F. Arango Trail3,236 ft161 ft47427504Slater-Marietta
98JFA CW 1st hill Jorge F. Arango Trail2,386 ft131 ft47028032Slater-Marietta
99The REAL SpiderWoman Spiderwoman II2 miles96 ft466147311Columbia
100Green Forest Park Green Forest Park1,798 ft72 ft4649731Greenville
101JFA climb after Sally Pass CW Jorge F. Arango Trail1,663 ft89 ft45823971Slater-Marietta
102Big Rock CW Descent Big Rock1 miles217 ft45613186Clarks Hills
103Tower CW Tower2 miles231 ft45511486Clarks Hills
104Big Rock CW DH Big Rock1 miles218 ft45313010Clarks Hills
105rock creek trail Rock Creek1 miles77 ft446244510Spartanburg
106Whippoorwill CW Whippoorwill5 miles58 ft44317964Sumter
107Blue Entry to Split Blue Alt 33,670 ft62 ft44219721Rock Hill
108Entry past Mansion Blue Alt 31,974 ft46 ft43919701Rock Hill
109New section CW Cowasee2 miles95 ft43020844Sumter
110Just Skinny Loop CW Skinny6 miles213 ft4258748Clarks Hills
111Dub step CW- road-road Deep Step2 miles183 ft4166862Clarks Hills
112Big Rock CCW to Tower Big Rock2 miles229 ft40614694Clarks Hills
113Deep Step CCW Deep Step5 miles211 ft3828015Clarks Hills
114Blue section 3 up and down to new trails Rockhill MTB Trail714 ft39 ft38217480Rock Hill
115Wannamaker Ridge Clockwise Wannamaker North Trail2,234 ft14 ft37813635North Charleston
116Prairie Loop CCW Prairie Loop2 miles117 ft37629144Fort Mill
117Wannamaker Ridge Counter Clockwise Wannamaker North Trail2,207 ft25 ft37210814North Charleston
118Coming out of the Amazon Marrington Loop4,566 ft21 ft37224842North Charleston
119First blue section climb Rockhill MTB Trail651 ft49 ft36417592Rock Hill
120Tower LOOP CCW Tower4 miles212 ft36311037Clarks Hills
121Pinetree loop Pine Tree Loop2,597 ft72 ft35117970Clemson
122South side to centerline from idaho Southside Loop4,834 ft32 ft34512719Spartanburg
123Black Climb Rockhill Green Trail538 ft37 ft33915570Rock Hill
124Rocky Logging Rd to Lake Rd Rocky Logging Road DH2,394 ft46 ft33914421Clemson
125Hunting Arrow last downhill Hunting Arrow1,111 ft70 ft33715913Clemson
126creek to range ascent Southside Loop2,353 ft101 ft33215865Spartanburg
127Leg Burner Rockhill Green Trail2,032 ft58 ft32712700Rock Hill
128Climb JFA CCW Jorge F. Arango Trail2 miles338 ft32514293Slater-Marietta
129Idaho trail Idaho Trail2,754 ft68 ft322133013Spartanburg
130south side power lines to fern gulley Southside Loop2,266 ft69 ft32111728Spartanburg
131Hunting Arrow from Trailhead Hunting Arrow5 miles196 ft31814440Clemson
132Around the lake (CCW) North Lake Trail1 miles41 ft31714273Greenville
133First blue section to gravel road crossover Rockhill MTB Trail2,512 ft72 ft31713350Rock Hill
134JFA Trail CW Jorge F. Arango Trail4 miles328 ft31614074Slater-Marietta
135Top Section of 2017 Super-D Jorge F. Arango Trail2,844 ft130 ft3147660Slater-Marietta
136Knot Climb Yeti001 Coquina1,964 ft110 ft31312981Sumter
137Orange to TH CCW Wannamaker North Trail4,857 ft19 ft3129081North Charleston
138Tight Blue Climb Blue Alt 2647 ft29 ft30711931Rock Hill
139Whippoorwill CCW Whippoorwill5 miles73 ft30011175Sumter
140Croft State Park - Lizard Trail (East to West) Lizard1 miles47 ft287153310Spartanburg
141Sesqui Second Climb Sesqui MTB Trail1 miles93 ft280243610Columbia
142Wannamaker Ridge Section CW Wannamaker North Trail4,533 ft14 ft2698274North Charleston
143Outlaw Trail Descent Outlaw2,568 ft78 ft2639653Spartanburg
144Wannamaker Green Clockwise Wannamaker North Trail2 miles13 ft2628893North Charleston
145Green back flow section Rockhill Loop 21,845 ft23 ft24912921Rock Hill
146Lizard - River to Centerline Lizard1 miles49 ft24813042Spartanburg
147Ridge loop CCW Wannamaker North Trail2 miles14 ft2456922North Charleston
148Long CW loop climb Sesqui MTB Trail1 miles75 ft24517097Columbia
149Fosters Creek CCW Section 1 Fosters Loop1 miles14 ft2447482North Charleston
150Short Cut Holston Creek Park2,691 ft27 ft24230241Greer
151Start to Tabletop Jump Holston Creek Park2,606 ft27 ft24230151Greer
152Blue section 3 downhill to stream crossing Rockhill Loop 2827 ft29 ft23910700Rock Hill
153Orchard Pass Holston Creek Park1,883 ft37 ft23923163Greer
154JFA CW 2 SP Peak2 Sassy's Pass2,027 ft59 ft2385951Slater-Marietta
155Climb Out Holston Creek Park1,489 ft37 ft23822893Greer
156Homerun Holston Creek Park1,056 ft21 ft23723354Greer
157Singletrack full loop CW Sesqui MTB Trail4 miles115 ft23615362Columbia
158Hardwood Forest Downhill from fork to lawrence Hardwood Forest Loop1,903 ft122 ft2356941Clemson
159Back 40 Holston Creek Park2,516 ft55 ft23522653Greer
160Sesqi CW off main trail Sesqui MTB Trail4 miles129 ft23515479Columbia
161Deer Run Holston Creek Park1 miles76 ft23421543Greer
162Johnson Loop cw Holston Creek Park3 miles109 ft23422383Greer
163Bridge to Flat Palmetto Trail2,554 ft140 ft225199710Spartanburg
164High and Dry - East to West High and Dry2 miles94 ft2237977Spartanburg
165Humpty DH Palmetto Trail3,348 ft135 ft221210310Spartanburg
166Foster's Creek CCW section 5 Fosters Loop3,747 ft24 ft2147613North Charleston
167Short Loop Trail Short Loop2,716 ft52 ft2146850Slater-Marietta
168Up Vomit Sidewinder1,030 ft56 ft21212023Clemson
169Right Turn to Bridge DH Palmetto Trail3,365 ft141 ft2109496Spartanburg
170Climb to FG Rd. Red Loop1,438 ft108 ft20910712Clemson
171Climb out of blue section 2 Rockhill Loop 21,387 ft76 ft2069150Rock Hill
172Foster's Creek CCW section 4 Fosters Loop4,244 ft19 ft2065993North Charleston
173Palmetto Trail Hill Jam Palmetto Trail2,841 ft153 ft20311565Spartanburg
174Low Knot Lo Knot East3,305 ft40 ft2003721Sumter
175Sallys Pass CCW Sassy's Pass1,962 ft34 ft1994670Slater-Marietta
176Foster's Creek CCW section 2 Fosters Loop3,939 ft18 ft1995882North Charleston
177Hennigston to Bridge DH Palmetto Trail3,010 ft153 ft19914811Spartanburg
178Foster's Creek CCW section 3 Fosters Loop4,798 ft13 ft1986903North Charleston
179Outlaw to Outlaw via Southside Loop Southside Loop2 miles97 ft1975745Spartanburg
180CCW Spider Women "without" inner segment Spiderwoman II2 miles156 ft1974041Columbia
181TH to Orange Wannamaker North Trail3 miles24 ft1944520North Charleston
182Reverse Speedy Flats Marrington Loop4,370 ft9 ft1938222North Charleston
183Double Track to Bridge Palmetto Trail3,238 ft153 ft19213559Spartanburg
184Double Tree Fork Double Fork Tree2 miles224 ft1915663Clemson
185Sprint back to your car! (Palmetto Trail) Palmetto Trail2 miles153 ft190122110Spartanburg
186Part 2 CCW Biggin Creek Loop1 miles40 ft18920984Moncks Corner
187Poinsett Park Rd Climb Splice1,575 ft452 ft1853830Sumter
188TH to Bypass CCW Wannamaker North Trail4 miles25 ft1854713North Charleston
189Rock Creek from Centerline Rock Creek1 miles75 ft1858125Spartanburg
190big rock to T Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop3,835 ft85 ft18412349Greenwood
191flat pass High and Dry1,274 ft31 ft1826396Spartanburg
192south side flat pass to power lines High and Dry1,757 ft51 ft1826364Spartanburg
193Juice High and Dry4,769 ft47 ft1816450Spartanburg
194TH to Natural Resources Marrington Loop1 miles29 ft1817393North Charleston
195high and dry west to east High and Dry1 miles64 ft1806395Spartanburg
196A Race to the Ridge! Wannamaker North Trail5 miles24 ft1804552North Charleston
197Big Hole Waterfall Area1 miles91 ft1794230Clemson
198seans mile Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop4,591 ft126 ft17711528Greenwood
199Twin Lakes Bomb Red Loop1,849 ft110 ft1778172Clemson
200Weed Eater Weedeater3,884 ft51 ft17410740Clemson
201Wannamaker CW Ridge End to End Wannamaker North Trail4 miles25 ft1735720North Charleston
202Da Swamp CW Marrington Loop1 miles7 ft1716731North Charleston
203Da Swamp CW Marrington Loop1 miles7 ft1716730North Charleston
204Wannamaker Blue Clockwise Wannamaker North Trail5 miles48 ft1704682North Charleston
205I think I can, I think I can! Boyd Pond Loop - East3,197 ft71 ft16912342Aiken
206memorial bridge to Y Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop2 miles132 ft16710738Greenwood
207B25/B27 Descent Red Loop2,498 ft92 ft1666980Clemson
208Foster Creek Loop Fosters Loop5 miles36 ft1655563North Charleston
209Part 3 CCW Biggin Creek Loop3,251 ft28 ft16412384Moncks Corner
210Part 4 CCW Biggin Creek Loop3,399 ft38 ft16412572Moncks Corner
211Twin Lakes descent to B10 Red Loop5,101 ft149 ft1627411Clemson
212Part 1 CCW Biggin Creek Loop1 miles24 ft15912032Moncks Corner
213Monks Corner Biggin Creek Loop4 miles43 ft157115711Moncks Corner
214Monks Corner Biggin Creek Loop4 miles43 ft15711571Moncks Corner
215Biggin Creek Trail - All Smiles - CCW Biggin Creek Loop5 miles42 ft15611443Moncks Corner
2161st 1/8th Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop3,885 ft111 ft1556755Greenwood
217Reverse sidewalk MTB Marrington Loop3,236 ft12 ft1546430North Charleston
218Climb up from the lake Saddlers Creek North Loop2,890 ft74 ft1507344Anderson
219Fire road grunt Red Loop3,152 ft120 ft1506040Clemson
220Climb 1 on NA New Addition 42,076 ft97 ft14515536Spartanburg
221New Addition to Park Road Bailout New Addition 41 miles98 ft14515564Spartanburg
222Amazon to Power Line CW Marrington Loop2 miles11 ft1435401North Charleston
223The 4 Peaks Boyd Pond Loop - East1 miles61 ft1429112Aiken
224Sean's Mile Climb Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop4,085 ft127 ft142116610Greenwood
225Saddlers Creek Middle Section Saddlers Creek North Loop2 miles75 ft1406254Anderson
226Sliding Rock CCW Sliding Rock Creek1 miles91 ft14048410Greenville
227Chase the Fox Swamp Fox2 miles43 ft1382950Sumter
228Saddlers Creek First Section Saddlers Creek North Loop4,468 ft51 ft1367043Anderson
229DH to the creek New Addition #21,600 ft118 ft1349537Spartanburg
230zip zoom New Addition #21,437 ft101 ft1349532Spartanburg
231Brissy Ridge climb from road Brissy Ridge Trail2,178 ft195 ft1324765Greenville
232Riverwalk Bike Trail Piedmont Medical Center Trail4 miles51 ft1326273Rock Hill
233Down Vomit Sidewinder984 ft73 ft1303362Clemson
234Biggin Creek Trail - All Smiles - CW Biggin Creek Loop5 miles44 ft1277854Moncks Corner
235Race to Foster lower Marrington Loop3,967 ft25 ft1224362North Charleston
236Steel bridge to Y Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail Southern Loop2 miles115 ft1208869Greenwood
237Peninsula Trail to Boy Scout Trail clockwise New Addition #24,875 ft109 ft1169917Spartanburg
238zipping along New Addition #21,499 ft72 ft1169883Spartanburg
239Swamp Fox Flow Swamp Fox2 miles41 ft1165473Sumter
2402nd addition from McFadden to Grassy road New Addition #21 miles122 ft1147991Spartanburg
241Down into the Amazon Marrington Loop1 miles29 ft1094011North Charleston
242B27/B25 Climb Red Loop2,263 ft59 ft1093342Clemson
2431st and 2nd Addition New Addition #22 miles121 ft1077484Spartanburg
244zip line New Addition 4985 ft96 ft1047875Spartanburg
245Peninsula from boy scout intersection to powerline New Addition #21 miles105 ft1037393Spartanburg
246Lake Loop CW Lakeview Loop7 miles89 ft1031514McCormick
247Chapters Climb 1 Chapters1,382 ft128 ft1016905Spartanburg
248Creek to Twin Lakes Rd. climb Red Loop2,304 ft125 ft1013042Clemson
249Y to Steel bridge Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail Southern Loop2 miles112 ft1015939Greenwood
250TC's from top of short cut to lake johnson rd T C Trail2 miles130 ft1007113Spartanburg
251Climbing up the little Rock Hill Rockhill Green Trail1,413 ft100 ft982270Rock Hill
252Chapters Climb 2 Chapters1,648 ft134 ft975735Spartanburg
253CCW Entire Swamp Fox Swamp Fox3 miles59 ft972960Sumter
254Wannamaker Wannamaker North Trail7 miles25 ft962782North Charleston
25512 Mile Creek Waterfall Area2 miles95 ft962931Clemson
256TC Trail - CW T C Trail2 miles148 ft956307Spartanburg
257Kari Ln Loop Colckwise (cm) Sadlers Creek South Loop4,713 ft37 ft944421Anderson
258Hardwood Forest Climb Hardwood Forest Loop1,279 ft104 ft931800Clemson
259Lake Johnson Downhill CW Lake Johnson Connector3,295 ft82 ft933493Spartanburg
260Chapters - E2W Chapters2 miles145 ft915125Spartanburg
261Saddlers Creek New Section Saddlers Creek North Loop4,230 ft41 ft913282Anderson
2622nd addition - grassy to McPherson New Addition #25,240 ft122 ft903443Spartanburg
263Green back flow backwards Rockhill Loop 21,810 ft20 ft872850Rock Hill
264NA from Park Rd. New Addition 42 miles136 ft866191Spartanburg
265Tc's Shortcut climb Johnson road to Tc's intersection Old Fire Road2,069 ft124 ft844990Spartanburg
266Chapters - W2E Chapters3 miles132 ft825682Spartanburg
267TC Shortcut Old Fire Road2,408 ft126 ft814793Spartanburg
268Cheraw DH Sprint to Parking Lot Cheraw MTB Trail4,066 ft30 ft795042Cheraw
269Blue loop to Soccer fields Sesqui MTB Trail4 miles125 ft763620Columbia
270Cheraw Big Climb Cheraw MTB Trail2,775 ft96 ft753582Cheraw
271Rest Stop In Cheraw MTB Trail2 miles83 ft744821Cheraw
272Cheraw Long Climb Cheraw MTB Trail2 miles113 ft744832Cheraw
273Boy Scout Hut Trail CCW dam to Lake Johnson New Addition #31 miles13 ft725616Spartanburg
274Cheraw DH Run Cheraw MTB Trail3,269 ft81 ft693492Cheraw
275Bunker Hill DH Jerry Perry2,355 ft148 ft654953Spartanburg
276Cheraw State Park mtn bike loop Cheraw MTB Trail6 miles121 ft633063Cheraw
277To the Rest Stop Cheraw MTB Trail4 miles119 ft633131Cheraw
278Cheraw Loop (2017 Corrected) Cheraw MTB Trail6 miles115 ft633051Cheraw
279Short run to FGBC Grey Loop969 ft26 ft621050Clemson
280Cheraw Trail (Corrected) Cheraw MTB Trail7 miles115 ft623033Cheraw
281Duncan Park short track course! Northern4,322 ft65 ft613322Spartanburg
282Seed Orchard CW Green Loop2 miles85 ft611250Clemson
283Fun Part Of Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Trail1,858 ft56 ft581021Greenville
284Sliding Rock Reverse Reverse Sliding Rock Creek5,206 ft86 ft531151Greenville
285Foster Creek CW Fosters Loop5 miles29 ft50931North Charleston
286Up Hunting Arrow Hunting Arrow5 miles191 ft45752Clemson
287Biggin Creek CW - 2 Laps Biggin Creek Loop9 miles95 ft441510Moncks Corner
288Long Cane loop CCW Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop15 miles207 ft431468Greenwood
289The First Climb CW Boyd Pond Loop - East925 ft84 ft41840Aiken
290Turkey Creek Out and Back from Key bridge. Turkey Creek15 miles72 ft40852Clarks Hills
291King of Marington Marrington Loop13 miles41 ft401231North Charleston
292Northern Trail Loop Northern4,710 ft81 ft381891Spartanburg
293Hero Boyd Pond Loop - East2,927 ft71 ft381611Aiken
294Turkey Loop CW Turkey Ridge Loop2 miles77 ft37452McCormick
295AJBW - "Warm Up" Climb - Boyd Pond Boyd Pond Loop - East573 ft64 ft36810Aiken
296Boyd Pond CCW loop Boyd Pond Loop - East5 miles86 ft361530Aiken
297Deer Run CCW Holston Creek Park1 miles76 ft36521Greer
298Jerry Perry extension to SS bridge Fairforest Loop1 miles81 ft351593Spartanburg
299FOSTER CREEK Fosters Loop5 miles29 ft32551North Charleston
300Johnson Loop cow Holston Creek Park3 miles107 ft32461Greer
301Sesqui bike loop CCW off main trail Sesqui MTB Trail4 miles128 ft322864Columbia
302Wine Creek - Out and Back from Key Rd Wine Creek10 miles113 ft30740Clarks Hills
303Xterra Loop CW Lakeview Loop5 miles90 ft27451McCormick
304Biggin Creek CW - 3 Laps Biggin Creek Loop13 miles92 ft26540Moncks Corner
305LC MTB Trail CW Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop16 miles195 ft26660Greenwood
306Broskey Loopty Connector4,667 ft163 ft22370Clemson
307Long Cane Horse Trail North Loop Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop16 miles213 ft22514Greenwood
308Beaver Run There Beaver Run Trail2 miles77 ft19251McCormick
309Wannamaker County Park Wannamaker Loop1 miles27 ft18271North Charleston
310Saddlers new loop clockwise Saddlers Creek North Loop3 miles77 ft17433Anderson
311Long Cane Loop from the Y Long Cane Horse and Bike Trail North Loop15 miles213 ft17241Greenwood
312Orange CW Fosters Loop3 miles25 ft14182North Charleston
3132 Laps Red Loop+Bridge Bypass+Amazon Marrington Loop26 miles43 ft14230North Charleston
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