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The Luge - Intermediate/Advanced Routemtb
28 milesFoothill RanchCA1
6 Mile Whiting Ranch Loopmtb
66 milesFoothill RanchCA2
The East Endermtb
2321 milesSan DiegoCA3
Snake and Rice Canyon Loopmtb featured
45 milesChula VistaCA4
Wondering Where the Lions Aremtb featured
1418 milesMount LagunaCA5
Flow Equationmtb
118 milesSan DiegoCA6
Here's Looking at You, Kid (aka Noble Canyon for Intermediates)mtb featured
814 milesdescansoCA7
Every Inch is Packed with Dynamitemtb
47 milesCarlsbadCA8
Whiting Ranch - Beginner Route (DELETE)mtb
66 milesFoothill RanchCA9
The Odysseymtb featured
833 milesMount LagunaCA10
Los Penasquitos Canyon Loop aMTB-2mtb
412 milesSan DiegoCA11
Tour de Black Mountainmtb
1915 milesSan DiegoCA12
Enduro Recipemtb
113 milesMount LagunaCA13
Big PQ Loop w/Ocean Air and Shitsmtb
1818 milesSan DiegoCA14
Glendale Sports Complex Loopmtb
108 milesLa Canada FlintridgeCA15
Laguna - Advanced Route 1mtb
711 milesLaguna BeachCA16
Indian Creek/ Noble Canyon Loopmtb
317 milesMount LagunaCA17
Cuyamaca Loop (clockwise)mtb
218 milesdescansoCA18
Aliso Woods - Intermediate Route 2mtb
311 milesAliso ViejoCA19
Call Me Black Mountainmtb
159 milesSan DiegoCA20
Fullerton Loop (Primo Style)mtb
712 milesFullertonCA21
The Whole Laguna + Noble Canyon + Indian Creek -mtb
1146 milesMount LagunaCA22
NRMB Beginner Ridemtb
110 milesMalibuCA23
Sweet and Sourmtb
910 milesChula VistaCA24
Aliso Woods - Advanced Route 1mtb
616 milesAliso ViejoCA25
Black Mountain with East Ridge, Miner's Downhill and Lilacmtb
1413 milesCA26
Omission Trailsmtb
108 milesSan DiegoCA27
SM Enduro with Panicmtb
1421 milesSanta MonicaCA28
Whiting Ranch - Beginner Routemtb
66 milesFoothill RanchCA29
2022 SDMBA Archipelago Ride - Full Route Final Updatedmtb
3350 milesSan MarcosCA30
MBB Long Black Mountain RB Loopmtb
3614 milesSan DiegoCA31
Slow & Steadymtb
2427 milesAliso ViejoCA32
PQ Quick Runmtb
118 milesSan DiegoCA33
El Prietomtb
56 milesAltadenaCA34
Mt Liebremtb
116 milesCA35
Southern Pacific Surprisemtb
511 milesSan DiegoCA36
Lake Hodges: Highland Loopmtb
49 milesEscondidoCA37
Tunnels 4 to Cobblesmtb
47 milesSan DiegoCA38
Mt Laguna Blackout Pedal Sessionmtb
526 milesMount LagunaCA39
Toto, We're not in Moab Anymoremtb
2110 milesSan DiegoCA40
How Sweet It Ismtb
711 milesChula VistaCA41
Santiago Oaks - Advanced Route 1mtb
358 milesOrangeCA42
Fullerton Loop - Fullmtb
1815 milesFullertonCA43
Black Mountain 12mtb
1112 milesSan DiegoCA44
The Sweet Lifemtb
811 milesChula VistaCA45
Such a Spectaclemtb
1020 milesdescansoCA46
Aliso Woods - Intermediate Route 1mtb
310 milesAliso ViejoCA47
54 milesLadera RanchCA48
Los Penasquitos and Del Mar Mesa Intro Tourmtb
6123 milesSan DiegoCA49
Steep Colinas Ridgemtb
37 milesSan Juan CapistranoCA50
Tunnels and Ocean Air Loopmtb
4517 milesSan DiegoCA51
Scotties Single Track Blissmtb
732 milesEscondidoCA52
Ripper Routemtb
134 milesLas FloresCA53
Buy 2 Get 1 Freemtb
169 milesAliso ViejoCA54
Spinning Wheelmtb
1511 milesEscondidoCA55
Sycamore Cyn Loopmtb
318 milesMalibuCA56
Sycamore Cny Loop for Shawnmtb
318 milesMalibuCA57
Mt Lowe, Sam Merril, sunset, EPmtb
1213 milesAltadenaCA58
Santiago Oaks - Advanced Route 2mtb
3610 milesOrangeCA59
Mt. Laguna 25mtb
825 milesCA60
Laguna - Intermediate Route 1mtb
137 milesLaguna BeachCA61
East Raptor to Hodges OABmtb
420 milesEscondidoCA62
Hodges N&S Intermediate Loopmtb
616 milesCA63
San Clemente - Intermediate Routemtb
47 milesSan ClementeCA64
Point Mugu Loopmtb
317 milesMalibuCA65
Santiago Oaks: Intermediate Dad Bod Loopmtb
118 milesOrangeCA66
Black Mountain: Santa Luz, Miners, Lilac & Ahweemtb
299 milesSan DiegoCA67
Sycamore Canyon Routemtb
218 milesMalibuCA68
Penasquitos Canyon Valley Loopmtb
36 milesSan DiegoCA69
Water Flows Uphillmtb
1122 milesEscondidoCA70
Eaton Saddle Shuttlemtb
78 milesCA71
Raging Machete from Fire Station 58mtb
1310 milesLas FloresCA72
These Modern Timesmtb
155 milesSan DiegoCA73
San Clemente - Advanced Routemtb
78 milesSan ClementeCA74
Santiago Oaks - Beginner Route 1mtb
255 milesOrangeCA75
Whiting East (when West is Closed)mtb
66 milesFoothill RanchCA76
A PQ Beach Loopmtb
3724 milesSan DiegoCA77
Looping Hi'r Line and Diamtb
197 milesSan ClementeCA78
Easy Encinitasmtb
910 milesEncinitasCA79
Black Mtn 8 Mile Loopmtb
78 milesSan DiegoCA80
Fullerton Loop - Intermediate/Beginner Routemtb
1211 milesFullertonCA81
Temescal to Sullivanmtb
426 milesSanta MonicaCA82
South and North Lake Hodgesmtb
415 milesEscondidoCA83
El Prieto Loopmtb
45 milesAltadenaCA84
315 milesEscondidoCA85
Tour De Powaymtb
321 milesPowayCA86
PQ Canyon to Black Mountainmtb
229 milesSan DiegoCA87
PQ to Gravity Heights Beer Missionmtb
55 milesSan DiegoCA88
Whiting Ranch 7.3 Mile Loopmtb
87 milesFoothill RanchCA89
Bonita Valley to Tiki Hut Loopmtb
512 milesChula VistaCA90
Aliso Woods - Advanced Route 2mtb
613 milesAliso ViejoCA91
PQ Canyon to Black Mountainmtb
48 milesSan DiegoCA92
Wildwood Canyon Double Loopmtb
13 milesSanta ClaritaCA93
Hodges South Side and Bernardo Mountainmtb
716 milesCA94
Los Penasquitos & Del Mar Mesa Loopmtb
1318 milesSan DiegoCA95
Harding-Joplin-Luge - Advanced Routemtb
525 milesCA96
25 Mile Ride for Rwanda 2016 Routemtb
1825 milesRancho Santa MargaritaCA97
Mt. Wilson Megamtb
3125 milesAltadenaCA98
Laguna - Intermediate Route 2mtb
1011 milesAliso ViejoCA99
Los Penasquitos Canyon Loop aMTB-2 from CVRmtb
912 milesSan DiegoCA100
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SageBrush Safari XC 2020mtb race
327 milesCampoCA1
2020 SageBrush Safari Short coursemtb race
320 milesCampoCA2
Malibu enduro1mtb race
2326 milesAgoura HillsCA3
Let's Privateer: San Diego FKTmtb race
257 milesEscondidoCA4
2017 Wrightwood 50mtb race
049 milesWrightwoodCA5
GoldState Series Bonelli Park #2 Cat 2/3 coursemtb race
011 milesSan DimasCA6
Aliso Intermediate Enduromtb race
4324 milesAliso ViejoCA7
2020 Full Archipelago Routemtb race
2242 milesSan MarcosCA8
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