Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"A" GameCrestridge
4,177 ft-25 ft170 ft
04'sDog Park
4,085 ft-19 ft212 ft
12 StepDog Park
2,336 ft-302 ft
3M TrailChino Hills State Park
2 miles-580 ft56 ft
4 PalmsChula Vista Canyon Trails
1 mile-150 ft64 ft
4s Ranch Trail CutBlack Mountain
636 ft-10 ft16 ft
5 BridgesChula Vista Canyon Trails
4,393 ft-68 ft
5 OaksAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
4,180 ft-585 ft
5 Oaks ClimbAliso Viejo
1,663 ft195 ft
500 FootSanta Margarita River Trails
2 miles-159 ft124 ft
57Frank G. Bonelli Park
1 mile-117 ft215 ft
6 Kids No BrainsDog Park
1,568 ft-303 ft
765San Elijo Hills
2,370 ft-173 ft48 ft
911A (Peacemaker) TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
3,105 ft-106 ft139 ft
Acadia Boulevard ConnectorTri-Canyons
216 ft-26 ft13 ft
Access Trail to Rock House TrailheadSweetwater Reservoir
2,408 ft-85 ft15 ft
ACUDana Point
925 ft-264 ft
2,142 ft103 ft
Adobe Bluffs - MalerBlack Mountain
3,867 ft-15 ft178 ft
Agua Dulce Spur Se22Laguna Mountain Recreation Area
3,503 ft-28 ft114 ft
Ahwee TrailBlack Mountain
3,914 ft-95 ft92 ft
AhwingnaTurnbull Canyon
1 mile-679 ft23 ft
Albertsons Hill Climb/SwitchbacksChino Hills State Park
2,523 ft162 ft
Alex's CutOtay Reservoir
807 ft-4 ft
Aliso Canyon RunLos Angeles County
2 miles-349 ft
Aliso CreekLake Forest
3 miles-359 ft124 ft
Aliso Creek BikewayLake Forest
13 miles-332 ft1,268 ft
Aliso Creek ConnectorWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
1,644 ft-23 ft11 ft
Aliso Creek TrailAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
3 miles-263 ft181 ft
Aliso SummitAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
2 miles-144 ft417 ft
All's Well If It Ends WellBalboa Park
515 ft16 ft
Allen TrailEast Walker Ranch
1 mile-67 ft444 ft
Alluvial Fence LineChino Hills State Park
1 mile-139 ft147 ft
Alter-gnatSweetwater Reservoir
2,136 ft-90 ft134 ft
Alternate EndingLos Robles
2,385 ft247 ft
Alternate singletrackRose Canyon
584 ft5 ft
Alwut TrailAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
1,014 ft119 ft
Ammo CanStokes Canyon
1,010 ft-42 ft87 ft
Amson Farm TrailTijuana River Valley Regional Park
5,138 ft-8 ft
Anaheim Coves TrailAnaheim
1 mile-45 ft70 ft
Anaheim Hills TrailSantiago Oaks
2,333 ft-173 ft147 ft
Anderson Ridge ClimbLos Peñasquitos Canyon
3,396 ft-7 ft186 ft
Anne's DescentSan Elijo Hills
4,839 ft-375 ft
AntonovichFrank G. Bonelli Park
3 miles-552 ft235 ft
Antonovich ConnectorSan Dimas
485 ft-15 ft29 ft
Antonovich Oak LoopSan Dimas
1,648 ft-34 ft31 ft
Antonovich South SpurFrank G. Bonelli Park
1,652 ft-76 ft64 ft
Anza Loop (E)Stokes Canyon
1 mile-446 ft70 ft
Aqua ChinonIrvine Ranch Open Space
3 miles-669 ft100 ft
Aqua Hedionda Creekside NorthBuena Creek Park
1,276 ft-3 ft3 ft
Aqua Hedionda Trail (NE)Buena Creek Park
4,636 ft-5 ft
Aqua Hedionda West Bridge TrailBuena Creek Park
180 ft
Aquaduct CutoffMission Trails Regional Park
965 ft-177 ft
ARC IO'Neill Regional Park
2,034 ft-12 ft35 ft
ARnaudeauYorba Linda
1 mile-786 ft16 ft
Arroyo - BeebeO'Neill Regional Park
5,275 ft-56 ft412 ft
Arroyo ConejoLos Robles
2 miles-442 ft110 ft
Arroyo CrossingO'Neill Regional Park
1,914 ft-86 ft48 ft
Arroyo Ridge DHO'Neill Regional Park
461 ft-19 ft
Arroyo Seco TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1 mile-375 ft
Arroyo South - High Side TrailO'Neill Regional Park
1 mile-161 ft59 ft
Arroyo Trabuco (Parking to Gate)O'Neill Regional Park
887 ft-21 ft2 ft
Arroyo Trabuco South (GC to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
2 miles-85 ft168 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Creek Crossings)O'Neill Regional Park
1,049 ft30 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Lookout to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
1,813 ft-33 ft45 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Oso to O'Neill)O'Neill Regional Park
5 miles-190 ft599 ft
Art'sPoint Mugu State Park
4,039 ft-185 ft2 ft
Artesian TrailBlack Mountain
1 mile-22 ft253 ft
Aunt RitaEast Walker Ranch
5,210 ft-455 ft109 ft
Avocado TrailPoway
3,406 ft-20 ft94 ft
Azalea Springs TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1 mile-12 ft314 ft
B LopesSan Juan Hills (Mansions)
2,124 ft-253 ft2 ft
B.F.I.Crystal Cove State Park
1,627 ft-152 ft2 ft
Baby headWrights Field
2,526 ft-111 ft
Back Door to Oak Ridge TrailBrea
1,004 ft114 ft
Back to School (Climb)Chula Vista Canyon Trails
1,909 ft-9 ft57 ft
Back to school (Descent)Chula Vista Canyon Trails
2,080 ft-56 ft23 ft
Backbone - Kanan T1 to Encinal Parking LotStokes Canyon
5 miles-1,287 ft1,128 ft
Backbone - Yerba Buena to Mishe Mokwa Trailhead Parking LotEncinal Canyon
5 miles-1,206 ft1,233 ft
Backbone ConnectorEncinal Canyon
2,277 ft199 ft
Backbone OverlookEncinal Canyon
2,060 ft-229 ft
Backbone TrailEncinal Canyon
5 miles-163 ft1,050 ft
Backbone Trail - Will Rogers to Temescal RidgeTopanga State Park
6 miles-184 ft1,530 ft
Backbone Trail - Wood Canyon Vista TrailPoint Mugu State Park
2 miles-793 ft53 ft
Backbone Trail: Corral Canyon to SycamoreCorral Canyon
6 miles-872 ft1,297 ft
BackdraftLadera Ranch
4,973 ft-405 ft137 ft
BackdropParamount Ranch
4,592 ft-106 ft185 ft
backside connectorWrights Field
421 ft31 ft
Bailey TrailLos Angeles
3 miles-2,287 ft174 ft
Baker CreekIrvine Ranch Open Space
5,062 ft-13 ft95 ft
Balls SteepO'Neill Regional Park
354 ft-79 ft
Bane RidgeChino Hills State Park
2 miles-458 ft215 ft
Banner Toll RoadCuyamaca Rancho State Park
3 miles-107 ft1,411 ft
Barbed WireOrange County
2,976 ft-309 ft35 ft
Barham RidgeSantiago Oaks
4,729 ft-308 ft113 ft
Barham Ridge ST (South)Irvine Regional Park
1,266 ft-13 ft20 ft
Bark ParkStokes Canyon
1 mile-427 ft6 ft
Barking DogSan Juan Hills (Mansions)
3,565 ft-71 ft
Barn Owl TrailRolling Hills
709 ft68 ft
Barrel RollLos Peñasquitos Canyon
1,916 ft-3 ft70 ft
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